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To connect Facebook Reviews on your website you need to know how to authorize the Facebook Configuration. WP Social Ninja has an amazing feature to fetch Facebook Reviews without creating any Facebook app.

Let’s check how WP Social Ninja will uplift your business collecting Facebook Reviews on your website.

Facebook Configuration #

To add the Facebook Reviews on your site, you need to obtain an Access Token and ID.

Facebook reviews configuration

To authorize Facebook Pages Configuration, Click on Continue with Facebook and a box will pop up on your screen. While connecting with your Facebook Account, Click on Continue as {Your Username} to complete the steps.

However, Log in to Facebook Account if are not logged in. 

After completion of Account Verification, you need to select your Page/Pages. However, it is possible to select all the Pages by clicking Select All. Now click on the Next button to go further.

Keep all permissions as they are (these are required for WP Social Ninja to work) and click on Done.

Facebook reviews linked with WP Social Ninja

You have linked with WP Social Ninja! Click OK to complete the Authorization.

Facebook reviews Access Token and ID

Select your Page and you will see your Access Token and ID on the Facebook Configuration page.

Facebook reviews configuration

Don’t forget to click on the Save button to fetch reviews on your website.