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Have you thought about adding Messenger Chat on your WordPress site? This will definitely speed up the connection with the customers in the fastest way possible.

WP Social Ninja has an amazing feature to connect your messenger so you can communicate with the world in a minute. This process is extremely safe and doesn’t hamper your privacy in any way. Let’s take a look at how you can attach Messenger on your Page.

Messenger Configuration #

messenger configuration
Messenger Configuration

To begin with, Connect with Messenger or your business Messenger to your Website.

Next, you need a Facebook Page/User ID to insert in the box. Let’s check how you can obtain the Facebook Page/User ID.

Login to your Facebook account. Suppose you need a User ID. The first thing you need to do is click on the profile. Go straight to the URL.

User ID #

Obtaining User ID

Here, you can see the URL, In order to get the user’s id copy after the slash and paste it on the Messenger Configuration. For instance, gutend3v.

User ID Configuration

Now, click on the Save button and you will get a Success notification.

Page ID #

Similarly, you need Page ID or Group ID to configure. However, some IDs may vary but the process is just the same. Let’s dive in.

messenger configuration obtaining page id
Obtaining Page ID

Similar to User ID, you can click on the URL and after the last slash, copy the ID. Now, you can paste it in Messenger Configuration and click on the Save button.

As we have already mentioned, some IDs may vary. For example, if you go to the AuthLab page then the ID will look different.

Page ID

If your Page URL structure is like then your Page ID is authLab/.

Group ID #

Now, you can copy the Page ID and insert it on the Messenger Configuration. Along with User ID and Page ID, you may need the Group ID.

Obtaining Group ID

Now, you can copy and paste the Group ID to configure on Messenger. Click on Save and you are ready to use the Plugin for chatting!

If you find any difficulties obtaining your User/Page ID, then you can open a support ticket. Our Support team will help you out immediately.