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With the most exclusive “Notification Streams” available in WP Social Ninja PRO, you can show off your social reviews in the most stylish way without any hassle and coding.

Notification Streams #

Let’s see how we can configure a new Notification Stream in just a few minutes.

To design a template, you need to go to the “Notification Streams” tab first. 

Notification Stream

Then, add a new stream to start designing a new Notification Stream.

Add New Stream
Add New Stream

Source #

Select a Source from where you want to display your social reviews.

Source of Reviews
Select a Source

Notification Settings #

Go to the “Notification” tab from the sidebar and configure “Notification Positions”.

Notification Positions
Choose the Notification Position

If you want your customers to see all the reviews when they click on the pop-up, enable the “Display Reviews on Click” button. In case, if you don’t want to show reviews on click, then disable the option. 

Display Reviews on Click
Enable Display Reviews on Click

You need to select the pages from the dropdown of the “Include Pages to Display Notifications” option if you want to display reviews on specific pages.

Include Pages to Display Notifications
Choose the pages to include

If you don’t want to show reviews on a specific page, then simply select the pages from the dropdown list of “Exclude Pages to Hide Notification” options.

Exclude Pages to Hide Notification
Select the Pages to exclude

Again, if you want to show reviews by different post types, then choose from the dropdown of the “Display by Post Types” option.

Display by Post Types
Choose Post Type

If you don’t want to show reviews either on desktop or mobile devices or both, then just enable the options “Hide Notifications on Desktop” or “Hide Notifications on Mobile”. In case, you want to show reviews either on desktop or mobile devices or both, then just disable the option.

Hide Notifications on Desktop or Mobile
Hide Notification on Desktop or Mobile

Set the time interval according to your taste to show reviews on the pop-up through the “Notification Delay” options. The minimum time interval will be 2 milliseconds. You always change it to your likings.

Notification Delay
Set Notification Delay Time

Now you can set up your “Filters”, “Settings”, “Header”, “Pagination”, and “Schema Snippet” settings just like you will do with any other template style.

Other Settings
Other Settings

And your new “Notification Stream” is all good to go.

Notification Stream
Notification Stream

Simple, right?

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