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Thinking about expanding your business? Ever considered adding WhatsApp Chat on your WordPress site? This will increase your business and open a network to connect with the customers easily. 

WP Social Ninja has an amazing feature to connect your WhatsApp so you can communicate with the world in a minute. This is the safest process and doesn’t access your personal data.

Let’s take a look at how you can attach WhatsApp on your Page. 

WhatsApp Configuration #

WhatsApp Configuration

Here, you need to provide your phone number and Click Save.

whatsapp configuration layout change
WhatsApp Template

This will go straight to the WhatsApp Template where you can change your layout.

However, here you can Reset Configuration or Edit Template.

Reset Configuration

Click on the blue button to Reset Configuration. After this, your previous settings will be changed.

Moreover, you can add a new number if you want.

Edit Template

Now you can Edit Template. To change a few settings you don’t have to create a whole new Template. Just Click on the Edit Template and you can change your settings the way you want.