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How would you feel if one plugin could reduce a major strain on your website? Say, your website has plenty of reviews here and there and you want to keep them in one place. WP Social Ninja will do exactly that, all you need is to grab the plugin.

Let’s see how WP Social Ninja will boost up your business fetching Zomato Reviews on your website.

Zomato Configuration #

To add Zomato Reviews on your site, it is obvious that you need to somehow  connect with the Zomato server to fetch the reviews from their repositories; but that is not easy if you are not a developer.

We have created the easiest way to get the reviews within a few clicks. To add the Reviews on your site, you need to obtain an API key and Place ID.

zomato reviews zomato configuration
Zomato Configuration

Get an API Key  #

As you have already seen that you will need the API Key to configure Zomato Place to your site using WP Social Ninja. In this section, we will guide you through the easiest way to obtain your Zomato Places API Key precisely.

Obtaining the API Keys #

To get the Zomato Places API, follow this URL as stated on the very first pop up you have seen while clicking the gear icon on Zomato Reviews on our map. Confused?

See the screenshots below:

zomato reviews zomato api key
Obtaining Zomato API Key

To get your API Key, hit the Click Here button.

Generate API Key

Next, Click on the pointed green button at the bottom of the page to Generate API Key.

API Key | Terms and Conditions

To get the API Key you need to provide your credentials like your Name, email address, Phone number and website.

However, you don’t have to worry about your personal information. Your credentials are absolutely safe.

API Key Generated

And that’s it! You have now got your API Key.

Copy and Paste to insert the key on the Zomato Configuration WP Social Ninja form on your WordPress Dashboard.

Obtaining Zomato Place ID #

Getting the API Key was smooth, right? Now, you need to know how you can obtain the Zomato Place ID.

Obtaining Place ID

To get your Zomato Place ID, login to Zomato.

Click Share

After you have selected your restaurant you can see there is a Share button. Click on this.

URL Copied to Clipboard

Once you have clicked on the Share button, your URL has automatically been copied to Clipboard. Now you can paste it anywhere to get the Place ID.

Place ID

To insert the Place ID, simply Paste the URL inside the box. In this case, don’t keep the whole URL, for instance, http://zoma.to/r/16994939 from this URL just take the digits after the last slash. This is your Place ID.

Please contact our Support team in case of any further queries.