About Us

WP Social Ninja is a team of Ninjas with the goal of bringing changes to your brand’s marketing strategies. Over the years, we found that social media is a goldmine, and businesses can expand better if they utilize the digital world properly.

So we work together to make a powerful social media plugin that can assist your label in embedding your social proof to the WordPress website in real-time. We started with a vision to create a robust all-rounder tool to help businesses get the best out of their social engagement potential and grow their social networking and communication.

The team of Ninjas believes that we provide better business growth, so we are here to make changes! Be a part of the journey now!

Meet the Ninjas

WP Social Ninja about us Shahjahan jewel

Shahjahan Jewel

Founder & Head of Ideas

WP Social Ninja about us Faizus Saleheen

Faizus Saleheen

Chief Marketing Officer

WP social Ninja about us Utpol Deb Nath

Utpol Deb Nath

Software Developer

WP Social Ninja about Us Maithili Choudhury

Maithili Choudhury

Digital Marketer

WP Social Ninja about Us Suvro Datta

Suvro Datta

Software Developer

Sheuly Akter

Sheuly Akter

Web Developer

WP Social Ninja about Us Kawsar Chowdhury

Kawsar Chowdhury

Product Designer

Minhajul Arifin Shovon

Minhajul Arifin Shovon

Motion Graphics Designer

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