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Airbnb reviews help to rank high in search engines, improving the brand reputation and building trust among the audience.

Improve online presence & SEO

The Internet is evolving every day. With a strong online appearance, Airbnb reviews pave the way to rank high in search results.

Excels click-through rates

Google lets reviews appear on the search results automatically. And this will lead to an improved click-through rate with increased traffic for the site.

Helps to build brand trust

Trust is the foundation of a business. Consumers tend to look for real social proof before buying anything, and what better than Airbnb reviews.

Influence potential customers

Turn your site visitors into potential customers. Airbnb reviews have the power to improve the conversion rate and sales single-handedly.

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Improve your user experience with Airbnb reviews

Show off your no code Airbnb reviews on your website with the most versatile editor panel in seconds!

Number of Reviews

Take control of your displayed reviews

WP Social Ninja gives you the full command of your website. With this option, you can select the exact number of Airbnb reviews that you want to exhibit.

Airbnb reviews numbers
Airbnb reviews filters by minimum rating

Filters by Minimum Rating

Show only the best reviews

Not every rating is a 5 star! WP Social Ninja lets you customize the ratings. And select the best ones that you would want to display on your website for the users.

Filter by reviews title

Include or exclude specific Airbnb reviews

From the thousand reviews, your business needs a few that can be highlighted. Some reviews are not meant to be displayed. So adjust your Airbnb reviews and include/exclude any!

Airbnb reviews filter by reviews title
Display write a review

Display Write a Review

Call to Action button for the website users

WP Social Ninja always takes extra care of its audiences. Hence it has designed this CTA button to encourage the site visitors to give an instant review.

Airbnb reviews advanced feature

Layout Variation

Display your Airbnb reviews with stylish layout types; Grid/Slider/Masonry for a stunning customizable outlook.

Multiple Templates

Show off your Airbnb reviews from a variety of templates to make your website look even more appealing.

Advanced Filter Settings

With various settings options, WP Social Ninja lets you control reviews & ratings with an advanced filter.

Rating Style

Pick your reviews/rating styles from no minimum rating to 5 stars. Also, include/exclude specific reviews.

Uniform Dimension

WP Social Ninja has the option to adjust your reviews’ text height according to the design of your website.

Content Length

You can customize the content length button to display the reviews perfectly aligned in the front end.

Display Reviewer Name & Image

Now control the visibility of your reviewers’ identity. Show/hide the display reviewer’s name on your site.

Auto Syncing

Auto-sync your reviews to your site, so after an interval, all the reviews will be updated automatically.

Header Settings

Get multiple options for displaying your business name, reviews, and ratings at the front end of your site.

Add Airbnb reviews in 3 simple steps without any coding!

Leverage Airbnb reviews to your website to strengthen buyer’s confidence

Handy integration for anyone

WP Social Ninja is a diverse social media plugin with a seamless outlook. Unlike other plugins, it has the most effortless configuration process for the users. You can easily set up Airbnb reviews on your website in just a few minutes!

Airbnb reviews configuration

Create a mind-blowing Airbnb reviews template

Once you are done with the configuration, you can create a template with just a click. This versatile plugin has everything custom-made for you. So, decorate your Template from a variety of layout types and filters to exhibit your website.

Airbnb reviews settings panel

Personalize Airbnb reviews to blend with your brand

WP Social Ninja is an incredibly flexible social media plugin with tons of features for its users. The unique style and eye-catching design will make your brands look way more attractive. Display Airbnb reviews to flourish on your website.

Airbnb reviews settings panel

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All the features you need to build a solid social media presence

  • ​​Layout variation
  • Notification pop-up
  • Rating style
  • Hide reviews without text
  • Uniform dimension
  • Multiple templates
  • Filters by minimum rating
  • Number of reviews
  • Include/exclude specific reviews
  • Multiple template option
  • Advanced filter settings
  • Content-length
  • Display reviewer details
  • Display reviewer name & image
  • Advanced filter settings

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Airbnb reviews FAQ

Top questions that you ask before buying WP Social Ninja

To embed Airbnb reviews on your site you need the Airbnb business URL. Remember, in this part you need two types of URLs. For locations, you need a room URL and for experiences, you need an experience URL. For better understanding please check out our User Guidelines.

For both the room URL and experience URL visit the Airbnb website. Select the URL as for room: rooms/business_id and for experience: experiences/business_id. Now copy the URL and insert it for the Airbnb URL.

WP Social Ninja is specially made for the user’s interest. Airbnb reviews are an essential part of any business, and customer reviews and recommendations can influence visitors. These reviews can be displayed on the homepage or any other page to be visible for the visitors.

Yes, WP Social Ninja has multiple amazing filter options; Number of Reviews, Filters by Minimum Rating, and Order by. Moreover,  you can also Include or Exclude reviews by reviews title on your website. So you can hide all the negative reviews, or you can choose to show positive reviews only.

You can use the CTA button to invite website visitors to leave their reviews on the Airbnb page. The button will redirect the visitors to the right place.

Turn your customer-generated content into sales by collecting and adding Airbnb reviews with WP Social Ninja