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Social Reviews feature

Add your social reviews, proofs and recommendations on your website to get more traffic and user trusts for your brand.

Number of social reviews

Number of Reviews

WP Social Ninja gives you the full command of your website. With this option, you can select the exact number of social media reviews that you want to exhibit.

Filters by Minimum Rating

Not every rating is a 5 star one! Customize the ratings with WP Social Ninja. And select the best ones that you would want to display to your users on your website.

WP social ninja features by minimum rating
WP Social Ninja social reviews title

Filter by Reviews Title

From the thousand reviews you receive, your business needs the few. Moreover, some reviews are not meant to be displayed. So adjust your reviews and include or exclude any!

Ask for More Reviews

Let your users know about the individual social sites. WP Social Ninja has designed this CTA button to encourage website visitors to give an instant review.

WP Social Ninja features ask for reviews

Advanced social review features to manage your platforms in one place

Layout Variation

Display your social reviews with stylish layout types; Grid/Slider/Masonry for a stunning customizable outlook.

Multiple Templates

Show off your social reviews from a variety of templates to make your website look even more appealing.

Advanced Filter Settings

With various settings options, WP Social Ninja lets you control reviews & ratings with an advanced filter.

Rating Style

Pick your reviews/rating styles from no minimum rating to 5 stars. Also, include/exclude specific reviews.

Uniform Dimension

WP Social Ninja has the option to adjust your reviews’ text height according to the design of your website.

Content Length

You can customize the content length button to display the reviews perfectly aligned in the front end.

Display Reviewer Name & Image

Now control the visibility of your reviewers’ identity. Show/hide the display reviewer’s name on your site.

Auto Syncing

Auto-sync your reviews to your site, so after an interval, all the reviews will be updated automatically.

Header Settings

Get multiple options for displaying your business name, reviews, and ratings at the front end of your site.

Social Feeds feature

Import your social media feeds, posts, images and videos on your WordPress website to strengthen your brand reputation.

WP Social Ninja features auto sync

Auto Sync

Manually fetching social posts can be tedious. So WP Social Ninja lets your social feeds be updated in real-time and fetches the latest posts automatically on your site.

ShortCode Supported

With WP Social Ninja, never worry about efficiency. It’s completely Shortcodes supported and lets you put your feeds platform anywhere, any page, and edit accordingly.

WP Social Ninja features shortcode support
Responsive features

100% Responsive

WP Social Ninja makes your feeds look accurate on any other device. The designs and layouts come in the exact shape the way you wanted for your website.

Hashtag or Searchterm

WP Social Ninja lets you filter your feeds with specific hashtags or words. Now show or hide your posts and display them automatically on your site.

WP Social Ninja features hashtag or searchterm

Deeply customize your social feed platforms with one sturdy tool

Feed Settings

With more than 10 social feeds settings options, you can change your website’s outlook to match your brand.

Layout Variation

Customize your layouts from the settings and show off your social media posts with the most stylish outlook.

Video Settings

Now, you can completely customize each of your site’s settings to show off the feed. Even the videos too!


Select the filters to display your posts. Also, show/hide the posts containing search terms or hashtags.


Open your feed posts on popup lightbox, customize the display caption & words, display likes & comments count.

Follow Button

WP Social Ninja has the most detailed settings panel. It lets you display a follow button, customize its text and position.

Header Settings

Customize display business name; display write a review, display ratings, and reviews to adjust the front end.

Cache Settings

Feed cache time lets you cache different parts of your social feeds with a time duration option on your site.

Auto Syncing

If you auto-sync social feeds to your site, all the feeds will be updated automatically at regular intervals.

Social Chat features

Customize social chat widgets to provide support and get prompt feedback from your users to take your business to another level.

WP Social Ninja features live chat

Multiple chat widgets

WP Social Ninja is a quick fix for users. It lets you reach out to a larger community and uplift your conversion rates through live chat.

Personalize chatbox

WP Social Ninja lets you customize your social chat box to suit your brand perfectly. And you’ll have fun playing with the editor panel!

Personalized chatbox
WP Social Ninja features show prompt

Show prompt

Remind your website visitors that you are just one click away. Enable your custom pop-up chat box to appear on any page of your website.

Schedule time

Don’t leave your customer wondering when your team is offline. Let your visitors know that you are offline now and when to catch up!

WP Social Ninja schedule time

Personalize your social chat widget with upgraded features on your site

Template Types

Decorate your social chat widget with multiple stylish template types to suit your brand with WP Social Ninja.

Chat Header

Have full control of your chat box to adjust your caption, profile/page name, picture, and logo on your site.

Chat Body

WP Social Ninja lets you set your own customized greeting messages for the website visitors and connect more.

Start Chat Button

Personalize your chat box’s smallest details, such as adjusting the display chat icon and chat button text.

Chat Bubble Button & Position

Set your customized bubble text with various bubble icons. And change the position to any corner of your site.

Caption Text When Offline

WP Social Ninja welcomes your website audiences even when you are offline with the preset caption text.

Chatbox Style

Decorate your chat box from a variety of styling options and make it match with your brand’s style and color.

Where To Display Chat

Pick the pages where you’d like to offer a chat option or hide the chat box from specific pages on your site.

On-Page Chat Widget

Now connect with your audiences on any page or a specific page on your website to get in touch instantly.

Improve brand recognition through Notification Popup

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Frequently Asked Question

Top questions you need to ask before buying WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is a compact social media plugin for entrepreneurs, business agencies, marketers, bloggers, and influencers. To be precise, anyone who has a WordPress website can import all the social media content to show off their activities. This social plugin supports thriving businesses by automatically fetching social reviews on the website. Moreover, It also integrates social feeds and creates a bridge between the brand and the followers. Lastly, social chat fires up conversion rates and reaches out to a bigger audience.

Yes absolutely. WP Social Ninja is a wholesome plugin with multiple social platforms. You can fetch social reviews and social feeds from multiple social sites on your website.

Yes! Your Shortcodes will allow you to put your reviews and feeds platform anywhere, any page, and edit accordingly. You can keep your Shortcode in any place like any page, page builder, post, or maybe on the sidebar.

WP Social Ninja doesn’t need any coding, just add the Shortcode, and you are good to go.

NO. WP Social Ninja helps you embed your social feeds and reviews, and connects with your website users immediately via chat widget.

We have a 24/7 dedicated Support team. Contact our Support ASAP. We want to hear about any bugs and/or problems so that we can fix them to improve the experience for all users.