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Reflect your brand’s visual uniqueness with WP Social Ninja Instagram feeds

Tell your stories to your users and make the best use of Instagram feeds. Moreover, control your brand’s online presence to boost sales!

Get more followers

Increase your Instagram followers by fetching Instagram feeds on your website. Moreover, increased followers allow you to share your business updates faster.

Tell stories about your brand

Showcase your Instagram feeds with the power of visuals. Attract your clients with the help of your functional Instagram features.

Manage your online reputation

Increase your search engine optimization rate through Instagram followers and increase your brand’s credibility among the audiences.

Uplift conversion rate

Boost your website’s conversion rates through your Instagram feeds to reach out to a bigger audience and get closer with them to interact more.

This is not just an Instagram plugin; it’s your entire feeds solution too!

Responsive no-code Instagram feeds

Show off your Instagram feeds on your website with the most versatile editor panel in seconds!

Number of posts to display

Multiple Instagram posts without any limitations

Showcase unlimited Instagram feeds from different users’ accounts or hashtags. Display it either on the same page or throughout your website, and personalize it to match your brand.

Instagram feed number of posts to display
Instagram feed detailed editor panel

Detailed editor panel

Stand out with complete customization features

WP Social Ninja allows you to decorate your website the way you want. Give your Instagram feeds a brightening look with tons of built-in stylish customization options.

Feed cache time

Experience a lightweight website

WP Social Ninja lets you cache the data it receives from Instagram to speed up the website. And it minimizes requests to reduce the feeds’ loading time.

Instagram feed cache time
Instagram feed caption or hashtag filtering

Caption or hashtag filtering

Control posts with search terms/hashtags

Adjust your Instagram feeds containing search terms/hashtags. Show or hide your Instagram posts and display feeds automatically on your website.

Instagram feeds advanced features

Multiple User Accounts

WP Social Ninja allows you to display Instagram feeds with multiple user accounts on your site without any hassle.

Carousel Settings

Organize your Instagram feeds with Carousel settings and attract your audience’s attention to your website.

Display Header

You can adjust the Header on your site. Hide/show your display header in case your Instagram feeds demand it.

Custom Profile Photo/Bio Text

Use Custom Profile Photo & Bio Text to customize and decorate your website to look perfect with your brand.

Display Follow Button

Display your Follow Button and let your audience follow you directly from your website to get a bigger reach.

Trim Caption Words

You may not want to display the full content on your site; WP Social Ninja allows you to trim your caption words and adjust the posts.

Show/Hide Posts With Exact Words

With 100% customizable Instagram feeds, we’ve added search terms/hashtags to show/hide posts on your site.

Instagram/Popup Box

You can open your Instagram feeds with the original Instagram post or open it with a popup box on your site.

Display Call To Action Button

Communicate with your visitors through CTA buttons and direct them to the desired location from your website.

Fetch Instagram feeds in 3 simple steps without any coding!

Create the most stunning Instagram feeds from a panel with plenty of built-in customization settings

Handy integration for anyone

WP Social Ninja is a diverse social media plugin with a seamless outlook. Unlike other plugins, it has the most effortless configuration process for the users. You can easily set up Instagram feeds on your website in just a few minutes!

Instagram feed configuration

Create a mind-blowing Instagram feeds template

Once you are done with the configuration, you can create a template with just a click. This versatile plugin has everything custom-made for you. So, decorate your Template from a variety of layout types and filters to exhibit your website.

Instagram feed settings panel

Personalize Instagram feed to blend with your brand

WP Social Ninja is an incredibly flexible social media plugin with tons of features for users. The unique style and eye-catching design will make your brands look way more attractive. Display Instagram content to flourish on your website.

Instagram feed displaying on website

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All the features you need to build a solid social media presence

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Display header
  • Show/Hide posts with exact words
  • Number of Tweets to display
  • Layout variation
  • Shoppable Instagram feed
  • Custom profile Photo/Bio text
  • Instagram/Popup Box
  • Detailed editor panel
  • Feed cache time
  • Carousel settings
  • Trim caption words
  • Display call to action button
  • Header settings
  • Advanced filter settings

Invest wisely

 WP Social Ninja offers you Social Feeds and Social Chat along with Social Reviews. An all-in-one solution for your website to take away your social media burden.

Instagram FAQ

Top questions that you usually ask before buying WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja Instagram configuration is a super easy process. To connect the Instagram account, click on the Choose the type of account to connect. You can connect with your Personal account or Business account. However, you can manually connect your account too. For details, check out our User Guidelines.

Yes. You can connect multiple accounts to fetch Instagram feeds on your website.

Yes, you can import Social Feeds from an individual Users Account, and it’s free. Moreover, WP Social Ninja allows you to fetch hashtag campaigns on your website. However, for that, you need the premium version.

Yes. WP Social Ninja lets you create feeds that feature photos and videos from multiple Instagram accounts within the same feed. To do that, simply connect the Instagram user accounts you want to display posts from and click on the Fetch Feeds from the editor panel.

Yes. With WP Social Ninja Pro, you can display posts that use a particular Instagram hashtag. Select the Feed type -> User Account -> Hashtags -> Hashtag types. Click on the Fetch Feeds, and you are ready to go.

Yes. WP Social Ninja allows you to show/hide and display Instagram feeds containing specific words or hashtags.

WP Social Ninja has a custom Widget. To display Instagram Feed in your Widget Area, select WP Social Ninja widget from Dashboard, drag the WP Social Ninja Widget into your Sidebar area and paste the shortcode

The best option to create stunning Instagram feeds for your website

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