Let your potential customers get on board with Messenger chat widgets

Connect immediately with your visitor with WP Social Ninja

Render the most desired and uninterrupted chatting platform for website visitors to instantly get along with you.

Saves a lot of time

Let your users experience a straightforward and uncomplicated process of reaching you via your plugin within the quickest time.

Deliver updated insights

Communicate with your users and inform them of the smallest of updates about your product to understand the insights about the tool.

Provide unified user experience

With faster response to the visitors and the constant support from the team make your audiences fall in love with your product and services.

Uplift sales through consulting

Allow your users to know the correct information and pursue them to purchase your products through Messenger chat widgets.

Manage all your socials from the same screen with WP Social Ninja


The break-through customer communication tool

Engage your customers through personalized messaging services and build a great bond in seconds!

Personalized chat widgets

Match your chat widget to your brand

Playing with the editor panel is a fun task to do. And WP Social Ninja lets you exhibit your social chat widget that suits your brand perfectly.

Messenger chat customization
Messenger chat show prompt

Show prompt

Pop up chat widget anywhere

Remind your website visitors that you’re just one click away to communicate. Enable your custom pop up chat on any page to get in touch.

Schedule time

Set the time schedule when offline

Sometimes your team is in offline mode, but you don’t want your customers to feel unsure. Let your visitors know that you are offline now and when to catch up!

Messenger chat schedule time
Messenger chat personalized caption text

Customized caption text

Set your own custom-made texts

WP Social Ninja lets you personalize each and every text and caption on your site. So you can connect with the visitors on your website, even if you are offline.

Smooth communication with advanced feature

Template Types

WP Social Ninja has multiple stylish template types that suit exactly what you want to offer your users.

Chat Header

Have full control of your chat widgets to adjust your caption, profile/page name, picture, and logo on your site with WP Social Ninja.

Chat Body

Set your own customized greeting message for the website visitors and connect more with WP Social Ninja.

Start Chat Button

Personalize the smallest details of your chat widgets by adjusting the display chat icon and chat button text.

Chat Bubble Button

WP Social Ninja allows you to set your customized bubble text with a variety of bubble icons on your site.

Chat Bubble Position

Change your chat bubble position on your site from bottom right to bottom left and top left to top right.

Widget Style

Decorate your chat widget from a variety of styling options and match with your brand’s style and color.

Where To Display Chat

Pick the pages where you’d like to offer a chat option, or you can hide the chat widget from specific pages.

On-Page Chat Widget

Now connect with your audiences on any page or a specific page on your website to get in touch instantly.

No-code Messenger chat widget configuration in 3 simple steps!

Make the most stylish Messenger chat widget with a detailed built-in customization settings panel

Swift configuration for the users

WP Social Ninja is the handiest social media plugin so far. The team has introduced a simple and handy configuration process for users. To embed Messenger chat on your site, you just need to insert your Facebook page/User ID.

Messenger chat configuration

Create an enchanting Messenger chat template

Creating a template is super easy with WP Social Ninja. This all-rounder plugin has everything custom-made for you. So you can design your chat body from a bunch of template types and add filters to exhibit it on your website.

Messenger chat settings

Personalize Messenger chat to make your brand look perfect

WP Social Ninja has the exact settings that one user would expect from a plugin. It has the most fashionable customization features. Show off your website that the audiences could connect and create a long-term relationship.

Messenger chat on page

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All the features you need to build a solid social media presence

  • Multiple chat widgets
  • Schedule time
  • Chat body
  • Waiting for text when offline
  • On-page chat widgets
  • Personalized chat widgets
  • Template types
  • Start chat button
  • Chatbox style
  • Custom texts
  • Show prompt
  • Chat header
  • Chat bubble button & position
  • Where to display chat
  • Widget style

Invest wisely

 WP Social Ninja offers you Social Chat Widgets and Social Feeds along with Social Reviews. An all-in-one solution for your website to take away your social media burden.

Messenger FAQ

Top questions that you ask before buying WP Social Ninja

It’s an interactive chat button or chat box linked to your Facebook Messenger account. Website owners use it to stay connected with visitors and to provide 24/7 customer support. Clicking on this button will send users to their Messenger app and connect with your business there.

To embed Facebook Messenger chat widget on the website you don’t have to be a tech expert. All you need to do is just add your Facebook Page/User ID to connect.

If you want to change Messenger’s chat widget appearance, you have an opportunity to do this from the detailed settings panel. Make all the modifications you need on the chat header, body, settings, and styles. Next, click on the Save button to preserve all the settings.

WP Social Ninja allows you to set up the Messenger chat box on every page of your website. Well, you can also hide it on the particular pages where you don’t want them to display.

Get in touch with your users with Messenger chat
to skyrocket sales and the brand reputation!