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Why is Schema Markup Important for WordPress Websites?


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Schema markup is the latest version of SEO evolution. This highly effective optimization process is one of the most potent but less used forms of SEO. Once you get the concept and utilize this supper strategy of schema markup, this super cool feature can boost your website in the search engine result pages. Schema Markup offers multiple search engines, including the three leading ones-

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Below reading this article, you can know exactly: what Schema Markup is, how it moves SEO and search engine, and how it can help you get better rankings and visibility with detailed information.

What is Schema Markup? 

Schema Markup is microdata added to HTML to assist search engines in reading and presenting your page for the search engine result page. Include schema Markup to your page code to improve your page’s display in organic results.

Google utilizes this structured data to make Rich Snippets. Notwithstanding that, it has no direct impact on rankings. But, executing Schema Markup can enhance visibility in the SERP. Even it will display your page as a Rich Snippet.

If what you have read in the above definition has confused you, here’s a sample. Have a look at this simple Schema Markup and how it used in an article:

Schema Markup coding process

This structured code represents the major entities found on the page in an easily understandable layout by search engines. More specifically, when this page is crawled, Google can understand this article very well and suggest the article’s name, author name, and post.

Does Schema improve your search ranking?

Search results that have Schema applied to notify the user quickly. The user can get details of your page at a glance which helps them determine whether to click this particular one or move on to a better one.

This statement also allows your website to rank more satisfactory for all content types, get found, and obtain more clicks.

Lately, I have been accomplishing some analysis on a new travel shooting camera for my travel purpose. Before I started thinking about and writing this article, I never really paid attention to all the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) details. Here are search results from me looking at the blogging camera.

Describes how schema work

After learning more about Schema, I started to pay them more attention. Now I can understand how it helps its users.

What is the Schema used for

The uses of Shema Markup are vast and more functional. We can use this in different ways and find a suitable solution to rank higher and be visible. There are a variety of uses available.

  • Content
  • Local business
  • Restaurants
  • Book reviews
  • Tv episodes and ratings
  • Movies
  • Software application
  • Events
  • Products and business services

For example, if you select a specific book like The four, Rich Snippets varies in size depending on the website’s focus. If you select from the most hyped website, the rich snippet is more informative with information that helps you find the information. Here is the example of Rich Snippet.

Schema snippet example

But other sites are not fulfilling with detailed information that may not serve your expectation about the details you want, like ratings, reviews, and other specific pieces of information.

Why use Schema Markup for SEO?

We work for visibility and get the first position on the Search Engine Result Page. But how can we ensure it? That’s the question. If you want to secure your position on the first page and be visible in a specific place, you can fix this issue using the Schema Markup.

Schema for extensive Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet is a more extensive Google search result with additional information displayed on your search result page. Rich Snippet types include reviews, events, and recipes. Usually, this extra data is pulled from structured data found in a page’s HTML data.

Rich snippet example

The vast majority of search results display three common data types Title Tag, Meta Description, and, most importantly, URL. Here is an example of Rich Snippet:

Schema snippet example

You just need to input all the detailed information for a more organic CTR. It will help your visitor get eye-catching and detailed information that will fulfill their purposes for a specific reason.

Schema for small business

Schema for small businesses is very crucial for local business owners. Suppose you have a small business and trying to ensure that you are strong enough in your business area. Then Schema would be one of the best practices to add extra to your business.

This process includes your business name, business hours, opening and closing hours, other necessary information, and the menu of your local businesses. It helps users find this specific information about the nearby products and services. Here is an example of a Schema for small businesses:

Example of schema for small business

It’s the best practice because. It will help Google understand that this business has a solid local presence. That must develop the domain authority of a specific website.

Improving for click-through rate

Improving a high Click-Through rate is essential for PPC success because it directly impacts the quality scores. Without it, you are unable to get potential customers. Here an extensive Rich Snippet can help you to achieve your desired target.

Data of click-through rates

Because it will help you to represent your website well in front of your customer base. With that, we can increase the Click-Through rate. Apart from that, if you want to be more indexable on Google, you need to ensure Schema Markup and targeted Meta Tag for your website.

Boosting SEO effects

A well-structured data markup can enhance your Rich Snippets. This particular task opens the door for a higher Click-Through-Rate. The function Schema can help out here. Because, with the help of Schema. The search engine can understand better for showing the trailer against the specific search query.

Experts suggest that sites with detailed Schema Markup can rank up to four times higher than those without it.

Improve your Schema Snippet using WP Social Ninja

Schema Snippet is the most used and necessary feature for all types of business. People take hassle most when they have to code for the Schema Snippet. Still, the interesting fact is you can solve this issue with the help of WP Social Ninja, the all-in-one social media tool that has limitless, powerful features and functionalities. Moreover, It also comes with a Schema Snippet feature for its customers.

This notable feature helps business owners show their business features, specifically, Business Logo, Business Name, Business Type, and Business Phone Number. Moreover, you can specify the Fallback Average Rating and Fallback Total Rating. You can even check whether your Schema Snippet is valid or not instantly from the site.

So that’s how you can improve your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your website easily.


The Schema may be the most underrated part of SEO. If your technical SEO is not updated, then you can’t be ranked and establish a good presence on search engine result pages. No matter how excellent your product or business is.

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We want to say that almost all kinds of businesses should apply Schema Markup to optimize for better search results. Schema Markup makes the website more visible with detailed information and lets it stand out from the crowd.

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