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Make the most out of your Social Channels with WP Social Ninja

WPManageNinja brings to you the most efficient WordPress social tool that fetches social feeds, user reviews, and social chat widgets to your website. It’s like a social swiss knife inside your WordPress admin panel.

WP Social NInja
Comparison with WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is the most powerful social media plugin that can replace at least three separate tools

Stay connected with 29+ social channels and utilize the true power of Social Networking

Why use multiple tools when one social plugin can manage your Social Feeds,User Reviews, and Social Chat?

WPSN Social Reviews Platforms

Multiple social sites

Engage with a bigger audience

Why spend on multiple tools when your hassles can be handled with just one? WP Social Ninja is a solo warrior that manages User Reviews along with Social Feeds and Social Chat effortlessly.

Simple integration

Painless setup process

Maybe you are wondering about how to connect WP Social Ninja to your WordPress website. Unlike other social tools, we let you integrate three separate tools with the easiest steps.

Setup process
WP Social NInja

Easy customization

Showcase with a dazzling look

WP Social Ninja is a user’s delight. It has unique settings panels with a straightforward customization process that lets you decorate your website according to your preference.

Ask for assistance

Get support whenever you need

With 24/7 support from an experienced team, we ensure VIP after-sales service and always welcome feature requests that help us improve our products every day.

Social media plugin support

Features that can take your website to a new height!

WPSNWPSN Social Reviews Platforms

Social Reviews

WP Social Ninja fetches reviews from social channels like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. to embed them on your website. And this feature comes with some sturdy functionalities and an elegant outlook. Customize your reviews with numerous templates and layout types. You can also filter the online reviews and include/exclude any. Moreover, customize your social proofs that can complement your brand.

Social Feeds

Our social media feeds have the four most popular social platforms- YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok with many exciting features. Fetch social feeds on your website to show off the posts with beautiful layouts and versatile feed types. Filter your feeds to show/hide posts and customize each section. Furthermore, adjust the feed and header settings with the buttons on your site.

WP Social Ninja social feeds
WP Social Ninja social chat

Social Chat

WP Social Ninja takes care of social media activities along with your communication channels. Social chat comes with the most used 15+ social apps; Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many more. A stylish chatbox with comprehensive features makes it easy to manage the chat service on your website. Also, customize from the settings panel to make your chat box look engaging.

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Google Reviews

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews


Instagram Feeds

Wp-Social-Ninja-Facebook -Feeds-Reviews

Facebook Feeds

YouTube Feed

YouTube Feeds

Tiktok feed logo

TikTok Feeds


Messenger Chat


Airbnb Reviews


Amazon Reviews

Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews


Tripadvisor Reviews Reviews

Wp-Social-Ninja- WhatsApp-Chat

WhatsApp Chat


Telegram Chat


AliExpress Reviews


Viber Chat


LinkedIn Chat




Slack Chat


Phone Chat

Need some social proof?

Gain trusts through social reviews to achieve your goal

Frequently Asked Question

Top questions you need to ask before buying WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is a versatile social media plugin designed for entrepreneurs, business agencies, marketers, bloggers, and influencers. Whether you have a startup or a large company with a WordPress website, WP Social Ninja can significantly enhance your social presence. With features like social feeds, social reviews, social chat widgets, Notification Popups, and more, this plugin can greatly improve user engagement and contribute to overall business growth.

No! We know that not everyone has a tech-based background, so we have designed a tool that anyone can set up and use it with ease. The straightforward setup process just requires you to login into your social media account, and WP Social Ninja will do the rest. By default, the plugin has its own style. However, if you want to decorate your website according to your brand, we have a wide variety of customization settings for you!

The team has specifically built a plugin that can accelerate speed and performance. This plugin loads the least amount of assets among all the other tools in this category. WP Social Ninja caches all the retrieved data from numerous social sites to minimize requests. Moreover, we dynamically load data when it is required to make sure that the page loads with lightning speed.

Yes absolutely. WP Social Ninja is a wholesome plugin with multiple social platforms. You can fetch social reviews and social feeds from multiple social sites on your website.

Yes! Your Shortcodes will allow you to put your reviews and feeds platform anywhere, any page, and edit accordingly. You can keep your Shortcode in any place like any page, page builder, post, or maybe on the sidebar.

WP Social Ninja is a WordPress social media plugin, and compatible with the theme builders: Elementor Page Builder, Oxygen Page Builder, and Beaver Page Builder.

Yes, we have translation option in our settings, where you can use your custom text for specific words, or translate it into the language you would like to use.

NO. WP Social Ninja helps you embed your social feeds and reviews, and connects with your website users immediately via chat widget.

We have a 24/7 dedicated Support team. Contact our Support ASAP. We want to hear about any bugs and/or problems so that we can fix them to improve the experience for all users.

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