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WP Social Ninja Free vs. Pro: Which is The Best for You?


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Are you looking for WP Social Ninja free vs. pro to integrate the best features on your website?

Installing a WordPress social media plugin lets you showcase your social proof on your website. It immediately triggers your audience, improves trust between two parties, and boosts brand value.

You can even style your WordPress website with eye-catching templates and layouts. Moreover, you can use filters to sort out and display the best social reviews and feeds and add chat widgets to build a strong bond with your website visitors.

So how is the premium version better than the free version? Is this worth spending the money?

A social media plugin with the power of 30+ social platforms and the capability to replace four separate tools has no necessity to describe its worth. Being active on social media doesn’t mean your business has a solid brand value. You need to give extra effort to create brand recognition. An impactful social networking tool can turn the table.

What makes WPSN pro different from WPSN free are the rich impactful features. The paid version, of course, offers more features than the free version. This article will discuss the feature differences and help you decide between WP Social Ninja free vs. pro.


Why WP Social Ninja?

How about you have a WordPress plugin that lets you embed your user reviews and fetch social media feeds? Moreover, you can exhibit interactive Facebook pages, create beautiful Instagram photo galleries, display top-notch YouTube videos, and integrate a website chat widget. Hard to believe, right?

WP Social Ninja is a freemium plugin that can replace four individual tools, with the most used social media platforms offering some breathtaking features.

  • Easy integration with social platforms
  • Multiple stunning templates & layouts
  • Detailed template editor settings panel
  • In-depth filter options
  • All-inclusive custom options
  • Notification Popup
  • Testimonials
  • Style
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Integrates all page builders
  • It supports most WordPress themes
  • Translate option
  • 100% SEO friendly
  • 24/7 support

It is a solo warrior that manages your entire social media activities, just like Superman, the strongest superhero with special powers that saves the planet single-handedly. And who doesn’t love him?

Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of Superman, says, “Superman! Champion of the oppressed. The physical marvel who had sworn to devote his existence to helping those in need.” Just like WP Social Ninja– the most versatile social plugin with the power of four individual tools that saves your bank and lets you outrank your competitors.

Which one is the best between WP Social Ninja free vs. pro?

Superman also has special “super strength” abilities to fly high with super speed; he has distant hearing power, can freeze things with his breath, and sets things on fire with his eyes. Team Ninjas discovers similarities here, too; with the ability to save your valuable time, WPSN surpasses many unique features that create one hell of a plugin. Another similar feature is that WP Social Ninja and Superman are undoubtedly the strongest among contenders.

Although WP Social Ninja is a new member of the WordPress family compared to the other members, it is here to stay with plenty of incredible features.

WP Social Ninja free vs. pro

It’s a no-brainer that your branding is quite incomplete without social media customer engagement. So even before planning the social media marketing strategies, you need to get a solution to reach out to your potential buyers.

However, WP Social Ninja free vs. pro discussion will give you a transparent image to decide which version suits your brand.

Social Feeds

Embedding your how-to tutorials from YouTube on your website and appealing to your visitors is great to instigate purchase. With WPSN, all your social media content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can be fetched on your WordPress website.

And you even need to visit social sites to give likes and comments. You can even share posts, images, and videos directly from the website. So what is the WP Social Ninja free vs. pro-social feeds insights?


Social feed platforms are the most exciting part of WP Social Ninja because all platforms are free! You get enough features if you are still using the free version. That’s why WP Social Ninja is the best WordPress social media feed plugin.

Free vs. pro | WP Social Ninja social feed platforms
Feed platforms

However, for the best output, explore the pro and unbox all the exclusive features.

Social feeds free vs. pro

Multiple Accounts4 Platforms 4+ Platforms
Feed TypesLimitedAll Types
Layout TypesLimitedAll Types
Posts OrderLimitedAll Types
Show Posts with Words/HashtagsNoYes
Hide Posts with Words/HashtagsNoYes
Hide Specific PostNoYes
PaginationLimitedAll Platforms
Twitter Feed SettingsLimitedAll Features
Twitter Header SettingsNoYes
Twitter Follow ButtonNoYes
YouTube Play ModeLimitedAll Features
YouTube HeaderLimitedAll Features
YouTube Subscribe ButtonNoYes
Instagram PostLimitedAll Features
Instagram HeaderLimitedAll Features
Instagram Follow ButtonNoYes
Facebook FeedLimitedAll Features
Facebook HeaderYesYes
Like Button NoYes
Share ButtonNoYes

Feed Type

It becomes easy for you to hook your website visitors with multiple social channels. But without the appropriate Feed Type, you can’t make the most out of the platforms.

That’s why WPSN has a variety of feed types to make your brand look even more exquisite. Social feed platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, have multiple feed options. We always want to provide something extra for the users, so our free version has some feed types too.

Facebook, the latest social media feed, comes with three options; Timeline, Videos, and Photos. Free version users get the Timeline feed without even paying a single penny.

In this free vs. pro discussion Facebook feed offers premium options
Facebook Feed Type

Twitter feed has four feed types; User Timeline, Home Timeline, Hashtags, and Mentions. Free version users will only get User Timeline and Home Timeline. To unlock all four feed types, convert to the premium.

Twitter feed has four types and to decide between free vs. pro check out the comparison
Twitter Feed Type

Next is the YouTube feed. You will get only one channel feed with five feed types if you are stuck with the free version. Paid users will get you will get Channel, Playlist, Search, Specific Videos, and Live Streams.

Free vs. pro | YouTube feed type
YouTube Feed Type

For the Instagram feed, WPSN offers two types; User Account and Hashtag. Unless you get the pro version, you only get the User Account for free.

Instagram feed type | WP Social Ninja free vs. pro
Instagram Feed Type

Layout Types

In this free vs. pro feature, another important setting is Layout Types. The social feeds have multiple layout types and templates.

Facebook has four layout options; Timeline, Grid, Masonry, and Carousel. Free users will get Timeline and Grid only. Twitter has two layout types for the pro version; Masonry and Carousel. Free version users will only get the Standard layout. 

YouTube has two layout types along with three templates. Free users’ features are quite limited here. The Grid layout type and a single template are available on the free one. Similar to previous platforms, Instagram also has more features to offer paid users. Free users only get Grid layout type, whereas pro has Carousel and Masonry.

Post Order

Posts Order is a cool feature offered by WPSN. With five types of Posts Order, you can decorate your website differently. For example, show your posts in Ascending, Descending, Most Popular, Least Popular, and Random order.

From free vs. pro comparison pick the posts order
Posts Order

For example, show your posts in Ascending, Descending, Most Popular, Least Popular, and Random order.

Show or Hide Posts containing Words/Hashtags

WP Social Ninja free vs. pro clearly shows whether the premium or the free version is the right choice for your brand. Amidst all the features, one crucial one is the authority to disapprove specific posts on your website. Likewise, you can also show the particular posts you would like to display on your website.

Filters option from free vs. pro comparison

Hide Specific Post with ID

Before we get into the details, Hide Specific Posts With ID is a pro feature for your website. In this part, users can hide particular posts with the id. Every social media post is not supposed to be pulled to the audience’s attention, so you better hide some to bring more value.

Twitter Feed settings

Twitter Feed settings free vs. pro comparison shows all the settings are not free. However, the majority of the features are available in the free version. Twitter Feed has 18+ settings to organize your website feed better.

Twitter Feed SettingsFreePro
Display Avatar ImageYesYes
Display Author NameYesYes
Display UsernameYesYes
Display DateYesYes
Display Twitter LogoYesYes
Display Tweet TextYesYes
Open Tweet Actions inYesYes
Display Reply ActionYesYes
Display Retweet ActionYesYes
Display Like ActionYesYes
Display Retweeted TweetYesYes
Display Quoted TweetYesYes
Display Images on TweetYesYes
Display Videos on TweetYesYes
Display GIFs on TweetYesYes
Display Photos & Videos in PopupNoYes
Display Twitter CardNoYes
Display Twitter Player CardNoYes

The additional features are Display Photos & Videos in Popup, Display Twitter Card, and Display Twitter Player Card for the pro users. So now the choice is yours to decide which one you should get.

Twitter Header settings

Twitter Header settings is a complete premium feature. Free users won’t be able to unlock it on their dashboard. However, let’s check quickly what’s inside the Twitter Header pro version.

In this settings panel, you can control your Header by changing the settings and adjusting it according to the brand. Moreover, users’ privacy can be protected if they don’t want to reveal their identity. You can hide the location and customize the descriptions too.

Twitter Header SettingsFreePro
Display HeaderNoYes
Display Banner ImageNoYes
Display Avatar ImageNoYes
Display NameNoYes
Display UsernameNoYes
Display LocationNoYes
Display DescriptionNoYes
Display TweetsNoYes
Display FollowingNoYes
Display FollowersNoYes

Furthermore, WP Social Ninja lets you show/hide the Tweets, Followers, and Following. So, you must get the pro version to have fun with the dashboard settings panel.

Twitter Follow Button

Like Twitter Header settings, Twitter Follow Button is a premium feature. In this part, you can take control of the Display Follow Button on the website.

Follow button is pro feature in free vs. pro debate
Follow Button

Next, users can also change the Follow Button Position along with the Button Text. Easy peasy!

YouTube video settings

In YouTube Video settings, you need to select a Play Mode; Inline, Gallery, Popup, and Redirect to YouTube. A new setting panel will appear for Popup settings by selecting the Popup mode. Except for the Video Loop, all the settings are for paid users.

Free vs. pro | video settings

Moreover, YouTube Video also has additional 10+ features. However, all the settings except Display Title are available in the free version.

YouTube Subscribe Button

YouTube Subscribe Button is quite a necessary feature for brands to increase followers on their YouTube channels.

In free vs. pro battle, subscribe button is a pro feature
Subscribe Button

In this section, pro users can change three settings. Adjust the Display Subscribe Button, change the Subscribe Button Position, and customize the Button Text.

Instagram Post

WP Social Ninja free version users have the luxury of using some of the Instagram Post features. However, free users only can Open on Instagram.

Instagram post settings

To Open in Popup Box, you need to have the paid tool. Moreover, to enjoy the Trim Caption Words, Display Likes Count, and Display Comments Count, the WP Social Ninja premium version is required!

Instagram Header settings

Unlike Twitter Header Settings, Instagram Header is a freemium setting. With 10+ customization options, free users can take advantage of 6+ features.

Header is a freemium feature

To be precise, in order to show Display Posts Count, Display Followers Count, Custom Profile Picture, and Custom Bio text, WPSN premium is a must.

Instagram Follow Button

Like Twitter Follow Button, Instagram Follow Button is a complete feature.

WP Social Ninja Instagram follow button
Follow Button

For example, Display Follow Button, Follow Button Position, and Button Text are delightful dashboard options to garnish your website.

Facebook Feed settings

With ten options, Facebook Feed lets you exhibit the posts and display them with necessary information.

Facebook Feed SettingsFreePro
Open Post InLimitedYes
Display Author PhotoYesYes
Display Author NameYesYes
Display DateYesYes
Display DescriptionYesYes
Display Likes CountNoYes
Display Commnets CountNoYes
Display Play IconYesYes
Display Platform IconYesYes
Equal HeightYesYes

Pro users get all the features; however, free users don’t have access to avail Display Likes Count and Comments Count.

Facebook Header settings

Facebook Header is completely free with six options. So free users can add all the features to the Header section and utilize the Display Cover Photo and Profile Photo.


Moreover, enable or disable the Page Name, Description, and Likes Counter.

Facebook Like Button

Only pro users are allowed to access the Like Button. It’s an excellent feature to look out for.

Free vs. pro | Like Button
Like Button

Here, you can turn on the like button, change the position, and add a custom button text. However, turn off the button in case you want to hide the full Like Button for your users!

Facebook Share Button

Similar to the like button, the Share Button is a premium feature. So free users don’t get to access this part.

Facebook share button | free vs. pro
Share Button

Social Reviews

Would you prefer to buy from a shop where you don’t see any testimonials, reviews, and ratings? Without taking a moment, the answer is NO! Even if the product quality seems top-notch, anyone would feel skeptical. 

A website without a user-generated section doesn’t stand out in front of the competitors. Exhibiting real-time social media reviews and collecting custom reviews and testimonials create a big buzz on the website. 

So what do you get if you are using WP Social Ninja? Let’s see the social reviews free vs. pro analysis.


WP Social Ninja currently offers 10+ review platforms. However, only Google Business Profile and Airbnb are available for free users.

Review Platforms

So you miss eight social media platforms for not installing WP Social Ninja pro. Isn’t it a lot you’re missing out on?

Social Reviews free vs. pro

Platforms2 Platforms10+ Platforms
Custom ReviewsNoYes
Multiple AccountsNoYes
Notification PopupNoYes
Layout TypesLimitedAll Types
Template TypesLimitedAll Types
Number of ReviewsLimitedUnlimited
Filters By Minimum RatingLimitedAll Types
Hide Reviews without TextNoYes
Show/Hide Reviews with WordsNoYes
Filter by Include/ExcludeNoYes
Filter by Business/ProductNoYes
Filter by CategoryNoYes
Manual SyncNoYes
Export/Import Custom ReviewsNoYes
Responsive QueryNoYes
Fluent Forms TestimonialsNoYes
Schema SnippetYesYes

Custom Reviews

Asking for custom reviews from your visitors and displaying them on your website can be a great way to increase user engagement. Add Custom Review option to your website to make your customers feel connected and get inspired to leave feedback as well.

WP Social Ninja | free vs. pro
Add Custom Review

Moreover, you can also create eye-catching forms using Fluent Forms and collect reviews right on your website.

Multiple Accounts

As we all know, WP Social Ninja lets you integrate with the most popular social platforms on your WordPress websites. You certainly want the most of it when you play with social sites like Amazon, Facebook, Aliexpress, Google, Yelp, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and Booking.com.

Multiple Accounts

And team WPSN knows how to do it. Moreover, the pro users can add multiple business accounts on each social platform and display the reviews to create value for the users.

Layout Types

Like social feeds Layout Types, social reviews have some locked options if you are still using the free mode. WP Social Ninja is now offering three layout types; Grid, Slider, Masonry, and Badge.

Social reviews layout types
Layout Type

The free version comes with only Grid Layout Type. To avail, all the exciting features and give your website a whole new appearance, convert to pro.

Template Types

With 9+ Template Types, WPSN offers Vega, Spica, Sirius, Rigel, and Procyon for the free version. However, if you switch to the pro version, you’ll get four more Template Types (Pollux, Mimosa, Hadar, and Deneb) from your dashboard.

Now from this free vs. pro debate, which one to get? The choice is yours!


Sometimes it’s irritating to display a webpage full of reviews and ratings. Enters the Badge template to exhibit your testimonials in the most well-organized way. However, it’s a pro feature, so free users don’t get the luxury of using this. Once you click on the Badge, a separate settings panel will appear.

Free vs. pro | Badge settings

To adjust the online reviews, you can fix the Badge Position, enable/disable the Platform Icon, Display Reviews in Popup, and edit the Custom Title and Custom Number of Reviews Text on your website.

Number of Columns

Are you looking for different ways to represent your brand? To do that, you can select any Number of Columns and utilize the webpage space on your website. We are currently offering four column types; 1 Column4 Column. Adjust the columns the way you want.

Filters By Minimum Rating

Filters by Minimum Rating is one of the most interesting features in your WP Social Ninja dashboard. WPSN has five options to display reviews on your website; 1 star5 star.

Filters by Minimum Rating

You can select any to display the business’s credibility to the visitors.

Show/Hide Reviews without Text

WP Social Ninja free vs. pro clearly shows some boundaries that the free users will face. Hide Reviews Without Text is a powerful pro feature where you can hide reviews that don’t contain any text.

Filter by Include/Exclude

Filter by Include/Exclude is a robust feature in the WPSN settings panel. Here, you can show the relevant reviews that perfectly fit your brand. On the other hand, you can stop displaying specific reviews by clicking the Exclude button.

Filter by include/exclude
Filter by Include/Exclude

It’s a pro feature. So in this free vs. pro battle, pro users are a few steps ahead when it comes to unpacking the exclusive features.

Filter by Business/Product

WPSN lets you add multiple businesses or products and display reviews from them on your website. However, sometimes you don’t add all the added businesses or products, maybe a single business or a few of them. So here is the best part!

You can always filter a particular product or business from this settings panel as you want.

Filter by Category

Along with different social media platforms, WP Social Ninja has a separate Add Custom Reviews section. So when you create a review form, you can include a category option, and from your dashboard, it’s possible to customize reviews by clicking on the Filter by Category.

Header Settings

Social reviews Header settings allow the user to enjoy some additional features.

Display TitleNoYes
Display RatingNoYes
Display Number of ReviewsNoYes
Display Write a Review ButtonNoYes
Custom Title TextNoYes
Custom Number of Review TextNoYes
Custom Write a Review TextNoYes

If you want to Display Title, Display Rating, Display Number of Reviews, and Display Write a Review Button on your website, you should get a WPSN pro version.

Pagination Type

Pagination is a free feature. It helps the user to look out for the exact page. WP Social Ninja allows you to set your pagination. Click on the Load More button.

Free vs. pro | pagination

Here you can change the button text and adjust the Reviews Per Page you want to show on your website.

Schema Snippet

Another most demanded feature is Schema Snippet, and the good news is you don’t need to pay anything to get Schema markup. Why is schema important? It comes with eight options to help you rank higher in Google search results.

Schema helps to rank in search results. It's a free feature.
Schema Snippet

Adjust your Business Logo, Business Name, Type, Phone Number, and Average and Total Rating.

Export/Import Custom Reviews

Export or Import custom reviews is a pro feature. Updating the pro version, you can export the custom reviews in a CSV file with all data and information.

Export/Import Custom Reviews

And you can also import a sample CSV file to display these custom reviews on any website.

Manual Sync

Along with the Auto Sync option WP Social Ninja has the Manual Sync option too. But it is only applicable for social reviews, and the best part is it’s a free feature. So to fetch your reviews, you can manually sync your reviews from your dashboard.

Manual Sync

So to fetch your reviews, you can manually sync them from your dashboard and display them beautifully on your website.

Responsive Query

Website responsiveness is a big issue that should always be updated to provide a good quality service to your visitors.

Responsive Query

So you can adjust your responsive query and select a device to display the social content on your website with the free version.

Clear Location/Page List from configuration settings

Now Remove your previous Location or Page List from Google and Facebook reviews on your dashboard.

Clear Locations

And it’s a free feature, so you don’t even need a pro version to do that.

Notification Popup

How about displaying your best user reviews on your website to instantly hook your audiences? Well, Notification Popup helps to connect with your website visitors. However, it is a pro version, so only pro users will get the advantage of showing off the popups on the site.

Notification popup is a premium feature
Notification Popup

Take control of the dashboard and customize the popup box with Notification title, position, Include/Exclude pages, Hide notifications on devices, and other important features to decorate your brand.


Sometimes, social reviews aren’t enough to show actual business credibility. Brands need to display business leaders’ words, which are not available in public domains. So you have to add them manually.


The testimonial section has 10+ options, so you can even customize and change the outlook! Switch to pro to add more value to your site.

And good news for Fluent Forms users! You can collect Testimonials using Fluent Forms and flaunt them on your website.

All-in-one Chat Widget

Creating a fast customer service option for the website is a smart way to trigger your visitors. Communication is the backbone of any brand and helps the business flourish even better. However, how can you ensure you are bringing the best communication method disposal?

All-in-one chat widget | free vs. pro
All-in-one Chat Widget

WP Social Ninja has covered that for you! We offer 14+ social chat widgets where your website visitors and users can reach out to you using social media. But free version users might face a few difficulties here. To understand better, let’s check out the social chat free vs. pro explanation.


WP Social Ninja chat widgets offer website visitors and users a quick solution. Well, there’s a little twist here too. A free user can only get Messenger among all the social communication platforms. The rest of the platforms are for the pro users.

Chat widgets free vs. pro platforms
Chat Widget Platforms

So free vs. pro, which one is best for the brand? Decide carefully.

Chat Widget free vs. pro

PlatformSingle platform15 platforms
Layout TypesAll TypesAll Types
Template TypesLimitedAll Templates
Chat HeaderYesYes
Welcome MessageYesYes
Channel ButtonsYesYes
Chat Bubble ButtonLimitedAll Features
SettingsLimitedAll Features
Style  YesYes

Layout Type

WPSN website chat widget has two Layout Types available; Chat Box and Only Icons. Both types are available in the free version.

Template Types

WPSN website chat widget has four Template Types available; General, Support, Feedback, and Sale. If you have installed the premium version, you can give your chat widgets some pretty good looks. However, the free version comes with only two Template Types; General and Support.

Select a Template

Now pick any that compliments your brand perfectly.

Chat Header

A Chat Header lets you create an attractive social identity. Adding the best profile picture and setting up a cool bio attracts your users to know more about you!

Chat header is a free feature
Chat Header

Setting up your chat header with WP Social Ninja is a free feature. You can update your Profile/Page Name, Caption, and Profile Picture/Page Logo the way you want.

Welcome Message

Don’t you want to welcome your website visitor with a short and sweet message? WP Social Ninja free version comes with customizing your brand’s Welcome Message that showcases your brand value perfectly.

Channel Buttons

How about you can Display Chat Icon or disable the button and set a Chat Button Text to stand out from your competitors? And all of that can be done absolutely free using WP Social Ninja. 

Bubble Text

Bubble Text is a feature where you can add any text that goes well with your brand and website and start the conversation by clicking on the bubble. However, to change or replace the bubble text, you must install the WP Social Ninja pro version inside your dashboard.

Chat Bubble Button

Writing custom Bubble Text and adding relevant Bubble Icons with your social chat will help you create a powerful brand presence.

Freemium Bubble icons
Bubble Icons

The bubble icon has multiple options for you!


Chatbox widget has an in-depth settings option that allows you to sort out the smallest details.

Chat Bubble PositionYesYes
Include Pages to Display ChatYesYes
Exclude Pages to Hide ChatNoYes
Display by Post TypeYesYes
Hide Chat on DesktopYesYes
Hide Chat on MobileYesYes
Show Chat PopupYesYes
Chat Popup DelayYesYes
Chat Open in Popup WindowYesYes
Show Online/OfflineNoYes

Free users won’t get all the options, especially Show Online/Offline. It’s a mind-blowing feature to empower your website even if you are offline. You can set the particular day When to Display Online and Set the Time Schedule. Moreover, you can write a Caption Text When Offline explaining the massage you want to convey.


Setting up engaging social chat widgets doesn’t let you display the best version. To do that, you need to work on something else.

Style is free feature for chat widgets

From your WPSN dashboard, you can adjust the Style and give matching colors on Header Background, Title, Caption, Channel Icon and Bubble Button Background, and Close Button Color.

Page Builders

WP Social Ninja is undoubtedly the best WordPress social media plugin in terms of features and price. Even the free users get so much that none of our competitors give. Our free version comes with three most popular page builder widgets:

  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Oxygen Page Builder
  • Beaver Page Builder

Each page builder widget has social media feeds and review widgets to create a vibrant brand outlook.


Style module brings you a complete editor panel, so you don’t need to use custom CSS code and page builders. These pro features help to style your social reviews and feed templates and showcase them beautifully without any code!


Style option has multiple features to design individual posts and change the color, spacing, and typography.

Free vs. pro: Which is the best for you?

WP Social Ninja is full of robust features and functionalities with multiple social sites. Even free users also get a fair share by installing it. Moreover, along with the in-depth custom features, WPSN provides a touch of elegance on your website.

What’s inside WPSNWP Social Ninja FreeWP Social Ninja Pro
Social Feeds4
Social Reviews210
Social Chat Widget115
PriceFreeStarts from $79

We have tried to cover every aspect you might want to know in this free vs. pro riot! However, each brand and website is different from one another. So without the postmortem, no one can’t tell which version would provide the best value for them.

We suggest you get the premium version for better functionalities. Moreover, it will be a long-term investment for your business.

What’s your thought? Shout out in the comment section below.

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