How to Add Custom Reviews to Your WordPress Website (Easy Way)


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Wouldn’t it be great if brands could offer custom reviews to their website visitors? What if they can also collect honest feedback? And display these reviews and ratings to improve business credibility?

Online reviews for businesses can change the whole dynamics and turn site visitors into potential customers.

  • User reviews ​​can increase brands’ conversion rates by 270%
  • 97% of consumers say online reviews they read help them make purchase decisions

Reputation management is a big challenge today for brands to create a positive aura in their user’s minds. Social media reviews are a significant source for improving your sales and directly creating word of mouth marketing. But social media user reviews sometimes depend on how active the brand is on social platforms.  

However, not all startups can pull off the social media presence perfectly. So integrating custom reviews on the website can be a great relief for the brands as they can directly collect testimonials from the website visitors.

But first of all, what are the benefits of custom reviews?

Three benefits of custom reviews

As marketers, we all know bragging about products and services is easy. Engaging websites, informative blogs, exciting pictures, and creating eye-catching videos mostly use marketing strategies to draw our users’ attention. However, these tactics are never enough to gain the audience’s trust. Instead, there are some alternative solutions to shine on the customers, customer testimonials!

Testimonials are the most unbiased form of user-generated content that takes the spotlight from the brands and focuses on the users. Your users will first check the product on different websites, compare the features and prices, and still, they can’t make a decision whether to go for the product or not.

But the scenario completely changes when the potential buyer hears someone saying something from practical experiences. This creates trust and doubles the chances to buy the products. 

Want to know about the benefits?

Empower your website

Collecting custom reviews directly from your website visitors can create many opportunities for your brand. First of all, it gives you the chance to interact with your customers directly and generate leads. Secondly, these custom reviews on your website can be used as a support ticket and let the team track down the user right from the database.

Custom reviews empowers your website

So generating custom reviews strengthens your website in so many ways. But one important thing to keep in mind is you need a tool to collect custom user reviews. What if you use one multi-purpose tool that can collect user-generated reviews along with other sturdy features? So your site stays speedy as always, and you don’t have to compromise with too many unnecessary plugins.

Less dependency on social platforms

Embedding social media reviews on your website is proven to be the best way to increase user engagement. Do you know 66.4% of millennials say social media has improved their lives in many ways? 

Less dependency on social media

But as a brand, you want to target all age groups and don’t want to limit your audiences. Now age groups like Baby Boomers and Generation X might not get used to posting reviews and ratings on social media. So you need a perfect strategy to connect with these invaluable users who are “unknown to the social media culture.” 

Custom reviews features from the website allow voicing their honest opinion. So technically, you are not solely dependent on social media to collect and exhibit online reviews on your website. Offering custom reviews on your website not only instantly hooks your customers but also grabs the social media newbies.

Grab users attention

As a business owner, you want to focus the attention on your website visitors and encourage them to talk about your brand. Social media reviews are one of the many tactics to stay in the spotlight and create positive word of mouth marketing.

But sometimes, reaching out to social platforms and sharing the whole experience is a lengthy process. Moreover, it is time-consuming too. Business is competitive, and you always need something extra to stay ahead in the competition.

So offering custom reviews pulls your user’s attention right on your website. So they can quickly write a review about their personal experiences before leaving the site. Besides, it saves time because the customers can give their feedback immediately.

How to add custom reviews to your website

Are you looking for the easiest way to embed custom reviews into your WordPress website?

Custom reviews help to grow your business and boost user engagement. Exhibiting the custom reviews on your website secures new visitors to have faith in you!

In the next part, we will show how to do it. For demonstration purposes, we will be using WP Social Ninja, the all-in-one social media solution for your WordPress website.

Let’s see how to do that.

From the dashboard, go to the WP Social Ninja menu and click on the All Reviews button, or you can also access it from the top of the page.

Add custom reviews
All Reviews

Next, to add custom reviews, click on the Add Custom Review button from the top right corner of the page.

Custom reviews
Add Custom Reviews

Once you click on the button, a form will appear on your screen. 

WP Social Ninja custom review
Custom Review

Insert all your credentials (Reviewer Name, Reviewer URL, Review Title, Reviewer Text, Reviewer Rating, Review Date, Reviewer Image, and Review Category) and click on the Save Review button.

Save custom review
Save Review

Note that you can select a category from the Template Editor Settings > Filter > Filter by Category and display the reviews.

Filter custom reviews
Filter by Category

Now that you’ve created your form, click on the All Template button next to the All Reviews button.

All templates
All Templates

Here click on the Add New Template button.

Add New Template

 A drop-down menu will appear. Now select Add Review Template.

Add Review Template

This will straight take you inside the WP Social Ninja template editor settings panel. All you need to do is click on the Platforms and select Custom.

Multiple Custom Reviews

And congratulations! Click on the Save button once you are done.

The Outlook

Simple yet stylish custom reviews outlook! 


There was a time when no one had control over social media reviews and recommendations. Your users are all over the digital world, and you have no idea on which platform they are talking about you. But when you know the platform, it’s easy for you to reach out and talk to them. However, it’s not possible in most cases.

But it’s not impossible either! Integrating the best WordPress review plugin supports you in fetching and displaying social reviews on your website and collecting custom reviews. So your website visitors are not going anywhere without giving their feedback. Moreover, track them and initiate interaction to know your audiences better!

 So what are you waiting for?

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