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9 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins in 2024


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Are you utilizing social media for your business through a reliable WordPress social media plugin?

If not, are you aware of the fact that you’ll be losing out on the largest amount of audience, who could be your potential customers?

It’s 2024, and social media’s necessity has never been less if you compare it to the past years. Instead, you can say that the urge has become more apparent lately. And it’s high time you think about how you plan your social media once again.

But what if you have set up everything already for your social media and still don’t have the plugin that you should integrate into your social media accounts to get the best out of them?

No worries, here we will be introducing you to the best WordPress social media plugins in 2024 that you’ll find helpful and get to know which would be the best pick for you.

What to look for in a WordPress social media plugin

Once you have decided that you need a social media marketing tool, it’s not like you simply decide and buy anyone you get from the internet. There are so many social media plugins available for WordPress that can help you to choose the best plugin.

But how will you sort them to decide?

Consider your social media workflow in the context of your company. Do your social media postings require social sharing icons? Should your social media content be added to your website? Do you want to have complete control over the appearance of your content when it is shared?

When selecting a WordPress social media plugin, it’s critical to understand your company’s unique requirements.

As we will discuss the best plugins and everything about the plugins that help you in specific ways, you’ll find it easy to choose them.


Before you choose which WordPress social media plugin, you should keep a few things in mind that you must look for in a social media plugin-

  • First of all, you need to think about the performance. Basically, choosing a plugin for WordPress according to your needs depends on how you want your social media tool to work. In most cases, there’s a chance that plugins with so many performances might affect your website in load time as they have to load additional code.
  • In this case, you can look for a balance between your WordPress site’s features and performance. Implementing a plugin can cause more harm than good if it slows down your website and gives users a bad experience.
  • Next, you need to think about which social media handle you want to prioritize to display on your WordPress website. Adding fewer options than adding too many gives a better user experience.  
  • Then, it would help if you decided which WordPress social media plugin you want to choose. When you research this, you’ll see that each plugin offers different features. You need to think about how you want to decorate your template and which plugin offers that feature.

We will provide you with the best plugins that are known as the best WordPress social media plugins in the market for their exceptional features. 

Which is the best social media plugin for WordPress?

To know which is the best WordPress social media plugin, let’s check the top-ranked plugins list:

WordPress social media pluginsBest forPrice
WP Social NinjaSocial feed, Social reviews, Testimonials, Chat widgets & more$49/year (after discount)
Smash BalloonSocial feed, Reviews feed$98/year
SpotlightInstagram feed$49/year
FS PosterSocial media auto poster$45/one-time
TrustIndexReview management$65/year
AISEOOptimize SEO settings$124/year
Social WarfareSocial sharing button$29/year
RafflePressGiveaway and rewards$79/year
Social SnapSocial sharing$39/year

However, as we expose you to the plugins that have been named the finest social media tools in 2024, you will recognize their important features. We hope you’ll get a good idea of what each of them is about. So, let’s jump to the list!

1. WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is an all-in-one feature-rich social media tool that solves multiple purposes of social media marketing. From collecting your social feeds and reviews to managing them and placing them in the right place on your website, this tool does an excellent job if you ever plan to manage your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Social media plugin - WP Social Ninja

The best part of using this tool is you can integrate it with more than 30+ social media platforms which will help you to increase your sales and boost your social media engagement more.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you in designing outstanding customer experiences.

Demo image

At a glance, the features of WP Social Ninja make it the best WordPress social media plugin for free.

Features of WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja: The all-in-one social media tool

Social feeds: WP Social Ninja has pre-built templates for each social media platform by which you can embed your social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok feeds) on your WordPress website. For Facebook, you’ll get Facebook Album Feed and Facebook Event Feed.

It fetches social feeds and displays them on your website with stylish layouts and various feed types. You can show/hide posts and modify each section of your feeds with filters.

Social reviews: You’ll get several tools to customize your social reviews to appear online with this tool. This feature also has excellent functionality and gives an impressive appearance to your templates. With various styles and layout choices to choose from, you can personalize your reviews. 

Social chat: It manages your communication channels with your social media. Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more than 15+ other popular social apps are included in social chat. It’s simple to handle the chat service on your website by adding a chat widget that comes with many functionalities.

Notification Popup: With its Notification Popup feature, you can grab users’ attention and connect them with them straight away. It has unique custom options to represent the reviews and recommendations.

Learn how to add Notification Popup: How to Add Notification Popup to Your WordPress Websites.

Testimonial: To display social proof, it allows you to customize your social reviews and create beautiful testimonials. You will also have options to customize your testimonial widget.

Export-Import: It facilitates exporting or importing business reviews through CSV files. Your website’s Export-Import custom reviews functionality can let you easily export and import custom business reviews.

Manual-sync: The manually syncing option enables displaying the real-time reviews. By which you don’t have to update your recent reviews manually.

In-depth template style: This WordPress social media plugin doesn’t limit you to creating and customizing the template; rather, it lets you customize your CSS without any help from external add-ons or writing a single line of code.

Shoppable Instagram Feed: A booster for e-commerce business; if you want to upgrade your website with Shoppable Instagram feed that connects your other e-commerce platforms, you have shoppable functionality, that’s a bonus for you.

WooCommerce Reviews: Another game-changing platform to keep ahead of your business success is WooCommerce platform integration. You can easily fetch your WooCommerce reviews and show them on your website to increase credibility and sales.

A little scenario of what customers say about WP Social Ninja!

WP Social Ninja Reviews
WP Social Ninja Reviews


The basic plan of this WordPress social media plugin starts at $49/year (after a discount).

2. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is another good choice for social media plugins. This social media tool will allow you to bring your social media platforms and integrate them into your WordPress website.

Smash Balloon

Features of Smash Balloon

Social wall: It combines all social feeds from your social media platforms and puts them on a single wall of your website.

Instagram feed: With Smash Balloon’s social photo feed you can link stories, photos, and shop from Instagram.

Facebook & YouTube feed: As Instagram and Twitter feeds, embedding Facebook feeds, including photos, videos, and YouTube videos is possible. You will also get the option to broadcast Facebook videos from your website.

Twitter feed: Provides embedding Twitter feeds, displays tweets that mention you, and many more.

Custom design:  Besides creating feeds, you have the control to customize the design of your feeds.

Check out Smash Balloon’s social wall features to know more details.


Their pricing plan for a specific social feed is $98/year.

To learn more about the Smash Balloon alternative, read: Smash Balloon Alternative: WP Social Ninja vs. Smash Balloon Compared.

3. Spotlight

If your business entirely depends on Instagram marketing, you can choose Spotlight. With its Instagram features, you can run your business profile by integrating your Instagram account into your website.


What features does Spotlight specialize in? Let’s see:

Features of Spotlight

Real-time gallery: Spotlight has a feature by which you don’t need to update your Instagram gallery on your website manually. It will automatically update your website according to your Instagram feed.

User-generated content: You can launch a hashtag campaign where you can display your follower’s posts to create user-generated content. 

Social proof & Testimonials: You can also get to share testimonials and social proof of photos/videos created by your followers to your website.

Tagging: When you ask your followers to tag your account on their posts, it gives you a chance to make them featured on your website.

Customization: After providing so many features, a common thing to expect from a good tool is to customize the template. In that case, Spotlight is not deriving you from that.

If you’re in search of making your Instagram marketing efficient and doing it in a different way, try Spotlight.


The basic premium package starts at $6/month.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you in designing outstanding customer experiences.

Demo image

Also, you can give this a read: WP Social Ninja vs. Spotlight: Which Plugin Should You Choose?

4. FS Poster

FS Poster is one of the social media auto-poster plugins for WordPress. This plugin lets you schedule and auto-post your content from WordPress to 18 social media networks and services. The plugin has a lot of other features that help you customize your messages and ease your social media marketing strategy.

Social media plugin for WordPress - FS Poster

Features of FS Poster

Auto-post and schedule feature: The plugin will schedule and auto-share your WordPress posts on your social network accounts.

Posting interval: The plugin lets you control your posting intervals.

URL shorteners: You can shorten the URLs of your posts using services such as TinyURL or Bitly, as well as self-hosted URL shorteners.

Unlimited social media accounts: On each social network, you can add an infinite number of profiles, pages, groups, communities, and so on.

18+1 social media integration: You can publish your content simultaneously to a total of 18 social networks and services, in addition to websites built on WordPress.

Customize post URL and post messages: You can customize your post URL and your post messages in a few minutes with a plugin.

Bulk scheduling: FS Poster lets you choose numerous WordPress articles and then use the bulk action to schedule the posts that you have chosen.

If you want to automate your social media marketing and spend little time on time-consuming tasks, you can start to use FS Poster.


Their paid version starts at $45/one-time.

5. TrustIndex

TrustIndex, is another popular WordPress social media plugin. Its specializations made its place in the list of the top 9 best WordPress social media plugins to preview social media feeds. In the beginning, the plugin started by featuring only Facebook, but by the time it reached 66 review platforms.  


Features of TrustIndex

Custom widget: When you create social feed widgets, it will allow you to customize the widgets, theme color, length of testimonials, and almost overall customization control of your widget.

Combine platforms: It has a multiple-platform combination system where you can display reviews from different social platforms and show them in a single widget.

Collect & manage reviews: TrusIndex has a review invitation system, which creates a database of reviews from different platforms. Also, you will have an email notification system that will get you notified whenever you get any feedback. 

Use domain to organize reviews: With this feature, you can assign different domains for each category if you have multiple services on your website. This enables your widget to show the exact review and database you choose.

If you’re looking for something that can both custom reviews and share from third-party networks at a time, you can try TrustIndex.


The Single starter plan for this WordPress social media plugin is $65/year.

You also may like to read: TrustIndex Alternative: TrustIndex vs. WP Social Ninja (Compared)


AIOSEO optimizes your WordPress site for higher SEO rankings and social media. This plugin allows setting custom thumbnails for platforms like Facebook, fixing image issues, and creating Twitter cards for rich snippets. You can preview posts and pages, manage social profiles for Google SEO panels, and verify social media ownership for additional analytics.

WordPress Social media plugin - AISEO

Features of AISEO

Custom Social Thumbnails: You can set specific thumbnails for social networks like Facebook, fixing image display issues.

Twitter Cards Integration: Create rich snippets for Twitter to improve social media content.

Full Social Previews: Preview how posts and pages will appear on social media platforms directly within the WordPress block editor.

SEO Knowledge Panel Integration: Enter social profiles for Google SEO panels to boost rankings and visibility.


Basic plan of this WordPress social media plugin starts at $124 per year.

7. Social Warfare

Social Warfare, developed by Warfare Plugins, provides a user-friendly and elegant solution for sharing posts and pages. This social media plugin stands out from others due to its contemporary and visually appealing buttons, avoiding outdated or excessively flashy designs. In summary, Social Warfare stands out for both functionality and stylish design.

Social Warfare

Features of Social Warfare

Pinterest Integration: Allows direct image uploads to Pinterest for easy sharing.

Custom Tweet Messages: This lets you personalize messages for the Tweet button, ensuring tailored social interactions.

Shareable Content Quotes: Create shareable quotes from your blog content, encouraging engagement.

Dynamic Twitter Cards: Display large, shareable Twitter cards to prompt users to read and share quotes.


The price for this WordPress social media plugin starts at $29 per year for a single site.

8. RafflePress

RafflePress is a popular social media plugin for WordPress that enables users to host giveaways and increase their social media following through viral contests. With its drag-and-drop builder, users can easily set dates, add prizes, and create rules for their giveaways. Additionally, RafflePress offers pre-made templates to help jumpstart campaigns, while its unique entry actions reward participants for engaging with your social media platforms, such as following on Twitter or liking on Facebook.


Features of RafflePress

Giveaway Templates: Select goal-oriented templates, such as Grow Your YouTube Channel or Facebook Page, to start your campaigns.

Social Media Entry Actions: Increase engagement by offering extra entries for following or interacting with your brand on social media.

Refer-a-Friend: Boost participation by rewarding users with bonus entries for sharing your giveaway on social media.


The price starts at $79/year for a single site license.

9. Social Snap

Lastly, another WordPress social media plugin is Social snap. This one is a user-friendly plugin for displaying social share and follow buttons. It shows share counts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Mix, and Email, with Twitter counts. Also has customization options for buttons, and use advanced features like animations and social meta tags. 

Social Snap

Features of Social Snap

Social Share and Follow Buttons: Easily display both social share and follow buttons on your website.

Share Counts for Major Platforms: View share counts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Mix, and Email directly within the plugin.

Customization Options: Choose from various button shapes (Rounded, Circle, Rectangle, Slanted) and sizes (Small, Medium, Large) to match your website’s design.

Advanced Features in Paid Version: Access additional customization options like entrance/hover animations and button colors, along with powerful add-ons such as social login, Boost Old Posts, and Social Auto Poster.


The price for this WordPress social media plugin starts at $39 per year.

Our Suggestion on the best WordPress social media plugin

As you have seen the WordPress social media plugins we have mentioned here, each is individually good for their specialized features. And, you cannot ignore any of them they are good at.

Still, as you want the best over everything, our suggestion would be WP Social Ninja as the best social media plugin for WordPress, the all-in-one social solution for WordPress. So, why choose this one?

Multiple social platforms: Where most of the tools are there to provide features for limited social platforms, WP Social Ninja will let you connect with 30+ social networking channels to connect more and spread the digital reach through a wider range. 

More features in one place: For social feeds, social reviews, social chat widgets, Testimonials and other features where others have separate pricing plans, you’ll get everything when you have WP Social Ninja.

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eCommerce platforms: This social media plugin, WP Social Ninja aims to benefit all kinds of businesses to boost their credibility and sales through eCommerce business. For this, it has the most powerful features like Shoppable Instagram feed, which will let you connect your eCommerce sites through Instagram feed and if you have WooCommerce on your site, you can add WooCommerce product reviews and get more sales.

Free features: Even in its free version, WP Social Ninja offers a variety of useful features. If you’re new to this social media plugin and want to try the free version, you can connect to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for social feed. You also have the option to link your Google Business Profile, Facebook, and Yelp accounts for social reviews. Additionally, the free chat widget includes Facebook Messenger.

24/7 support: WP Social Ninja offers 24/7 support to ensure the best social media integration. Our dedicated team is always available to assist with any issues or questions, and lets you to maximize your online presence with minimum effort.

Affordable: We all have concerns about expenses. So why not make your spending worthwhile by investing in the right place? If you compare it to other plugins on the market, you’ll find that WP Social Ninja is the most affordable option available. It is the only WordPress social media plugin that offers multiple features and functionalities at the cheapest price.

It just does not get any better for anyone who wants to take social media seriously as part of their marketing strategy, whether this is for individuals or businesses. 

Our clients have never been disappointed with any of our services, and our happy customer feedback reflects that.

WP Social Ninja- Client's feedback
WP Social Ninja- Client’s feedback

So apart from all of our suggestions, it’s all upto you, what makes you satisfied. And still, it will be highly recommended; when it comes to satisfaction, WP Social Ninja won’t give you a chance to complain about anything you expect from an all-in-one WordPress social media plugin.

Last words for WordPress social media plugin

Lastly, suppose you’re looking for a premium solution for your WordPress website that is simple to use and specialized in multiple features. In that case, you can simply rely on WP Social Ninja without any second thought!

Keeping in mind your brand’s needs for the best WordPress plugin for social media, WP Social Ninja always provides you with the best experience and introduces new features to keep you updated.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you in designing outstanding customer experiences.

Demo image

We hope you’ve found this article useful. You’ll like reading some of our other articles, too:

If you use any other WordPress social media plugin and would like to share your experience, please use the comment area to let us know. Also, if you have any queries about our WP Social Ninja plugin, don’t forget to write back to us!

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