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Social Media Feeds for Any Website (Example And Practices)


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You must be utilizing social media for your marketing your business in the best way. But are you aware of how to use those social media feeds for your website and the best practices for using them?

The usage of social media has never been an overrated term; neither you can ignore their usefulness on your online marketing. Rather, the importance has risen over the years. If you’re a marketer, you’d know what an important role it plays in your businesses and how displaying social media feeds is one of the best marketing strategies!

Moreover, the effort you give to your social feeds, and among all the tricks, you might know the best way to leverage the social feeds is by exhibiting them on your website. 

However, to make this social media plan successfully organized and placed correctly is not more than a piece of cake if you follow the ideal path of embedding social feeds on your website.

In this blog, we will look deeper at different social media feeds and how you can add these to your website under proper guidance with the best WordPress plugin.

Why add social media feeds to your website?

You must be heard about the usefulness of social media and how it benefits any business. While running a business, you also have social media accounts on multiple platforms. And all your website visitors are not aware of your social media presence so you must showcase websites with social media feeds.

But are you concerned that you can get more reach and increase user engagement through the social media feeds you have already created?


Exhibiting those feeds on the website is the best way to do that. As you’ve already made social media content for promoting your business products, why don’t you show them off and introduce them to your visitors?

Adding social media feeds to your website means connecting your social media to your site, which adds more value to the site and gets you more organic traffic. Your website visitors will interact with your social media content and subscribe to you, expanding your audience on all of your preferred channels. 

Benefits of using social media feeds on your website

Here are the main reasons why your website requires a social media feed.

Fresh content, typically written by your most passionate followers, can instantly sync with your website. And displaying this kind of user-generated content can eventually assist you in establishing credibility and driving more conversions.

Let’s dig closure details on a few of the key advantages of incorporating social feeds into your website:

Combines all of your social media profiles in the same place

It can be challenging to monitor every social media site because many active social media profiles exist in the digital world.

You must combine all of those social media profile feeds on your website using a social media plugin like WP Social Ninja. After integrating your different social media platforms, you are free to embed them anywhere on your website you want.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

Besides, you can manage and monitor all your social profiles once you collect them after integrating them into your website. This is similar to doing two things at once: managing and collecting social media content and showcasing it on your website.

A better presentation for your website

We all are very well-known of the addictive nature of social media. Imagine a bland website interface before adding the flavor of social media.

Seems amazing, doesn’t it?

That is precisely what happens to your website when you add social media feeds. To entice people to stay on your website and look at what you offer, it makes it fascinating, engaging, pleasant, and appealing. In other words, adding social network feeds to your website enriches the user interface and helps you present your website better.

Shows user-generated content

The source of user-generated content is social media. Users can express their views about a specific brand, occasion, or campaign on social media by posting content like photographs, videos, feedback, comments, etc.

User-generated content can be shown on your website as a seamless component by integrating social network feeds. Additionally, users adore user-generated content. 

And besides, they were the ones who created it or the reviews and testimonials they wrote for you. When you exhibit user-generated content on your website, it incites other users to post content online using the same hashtags to see themselves on your website.

Website with more engagement

Since user-generated content is what people adore and social media is addicting, one thing is clear: adding social feeds to your website will attract its visitors.

Displaying user-generated content on your website serves them as a source of inspiration that encourages them to interact and engage more with it, increasing their interest in it.

Furthermore, this makes it easier to draw more people to your website and keep them there. Your website will appear better if you include images by embedding your social media content feed. 

It has been demonstrated that visual displays significantly boost user engagement over plain text displays. And if it’s social media feeds, that’s just the cherry on top!

Builds social trust

You may give your brand social proof by showcasing user-generated content from social media feeds on your website. As a result, your customers will become more devoted to and committed to your brand.

Social media feeds also enable you to increase your social influence and reach among your user base and beyond.

By including social network feeds on your website, you may increase the number of touch points you have with your audience and direct visitors to your social media profiles, expanding your social influence and reach.

As a result, you can win over the users’ high social trust.


Examples of social media feeds on websites 

So far, we’ve covered almost a full scenario of the importance of having websites with social media feeds. As a business owner or a marketer, these are the things you must not avoid while promoting your products or services through social media.

And when it comes to using social media, there are numerous types of social platforms available that you can utilize for your business. We will discuss later the process of exploiting social media.

But before you get into how it works, let’s see the main aggregating social media channels used for social media feeds on a website using WP Social Ninja.

Facebook Feed

Facebook is the largest social media platform among all others. So, functionally, it is considered the best platform for general users and any kind of business owner to promote their products. 

With the integration of the WP Social Ninja social media plugin to your WordPress website, you will allow it to access your account, which will fetch your Facebook content, including images, videos, gifs, etc., that you’ve shared in your Facebook profile. 

Facebook feed- WP Social Ninja
Facebook feed- WP Social Ninja

Twitter Feed

With a million users, Twitter is another powerful tool to generate leads, build more awareness, and increase profits by engaging your customers.

To make this successful for you, WP Social Ninja allows you to exhibit your Twitter feeds on your website according to your website demands and how and where you want to keep showing.

Twitter feed- WP Social Ninja
Twitter feed- WP Social Ninja

YouTube Feed

As you know, people prefer to give attention to visual content than to reading; embedding your YouTube videos from your business channel is the best way to maximize user engagement with your website. 

Like Facebook and Twitter, you can also decorate your YouTube feeds on your website where it goes well with your content. WP Social Ninja is the best option to provide you with that. Here is a sample of the YouTube feed by WP Social Ninja:

YouTube feed- WP Social Ninja
YouTube feed- WP Social Ninja

Instagram Feed

Like Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is another popular social media platform. And when you think like a good marketer, you can’t ignore this powerful resource for building strong social media proof and customer engagement.

WP Social Ninja: Instagram feed

Moreover, when it’s about displaying the Instagram feed, a smart feed organizing tool like WP Social Ninja is the best assist, as it will let you control all over your Instagram feed on your website. You can style your feed type with Instagram images, reels, etc.

Not just that, you can also display a Shoppable Instagram feed with a Shop Now option. It will help you to convert your visitors into the real customer.

To do this job, all you need to do is integrate your Instagram account with WP Social Ninja, and then you are good to go!

Hashtag feed

Among all those feed types, there is one more important feed type: hashtag feed. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you can decorate your website with the hashtag feed.

Hashtags that you are using in your social media profile with your content, displaying them according to the trending topic on your website, is the best way to promote your product or services more nicely.

Hashtag feed- WP Social Ninja
Hashtag feed- WP Social Ninja

The above one is from a Twitter hashtag feed containing all the contents that include the hashtag “WordPress.” , you are able to do that from other social media platforms, too.  

Social media feeds case study (Website with social media feeds)

If you are thinking of boosting your business growth with the use of social media feeds on your websites, you are not alone. There are thousands of examples available where successful and renowned businesses update their websites by displaying their social feeds.

A few examples of websites that have added social media feeds to their site and customized the feed interface to fit their design.


Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer; they use social media feeds on their website to display authentic product content. They use it as a part of their eCommerce website. This social media is also used here to connect the user-generated content to their online store as social proof.

Social feed example- Beyerdynamic

This social proof helps their stores get an increased number of sales, as customers find it more convincing to buy the products on their first visit to that website. Technically, it results in influencing them and other customers to buy their desired instruments.

Da Vinci Engineering

Another best example is Da Vinci’s Engineering website. They not only put content from one social media platform, but they also put it together from Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Social feed example

As a rising business in the IT department, it’s important to keep the clients and the new customers with the company updates, new services, and the newest consultancies they are providing.

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This instance shows perfectly how to do it by utilizing the power of social media feeds. 

Ohh Couture

If you want to see an example from a fashion brand, Ohh Culture is one of them. They have a social media live feed on their website that they share on their Instagram and Pinterest accounts. They organized the feeds in carousel format, which updates regular feeds and shows the latest content from both platforms.

Social feed example

Again, it’s a fashion brand example, where they chose their website for business promotion. The regular updates of their feeds from their various social channels not only add value to their by giving an eye-catching appearance, but also keep their customers engaged, which drives them to stand out in the market.

So, that’s how social feed plays its role all over the marketplace. Let’s see the best route to implement this on your business website.

Social media feed by WP Social Ninja

Now that you know everything about social media, its benefit to your business, and the examples you can follow for implementing them on your website.

So, we think it doesn’t need any further explanation why you should have social media feeds on your website and how it affects your business profile. But to organize them, you will need a social media platform to assist you in doing that.

If you want help from a WordPress plugin, our all-in-one social media plugin will be the best option, as it takes all the responsibilities of managing all social media feeds on a website.

Sounds helpful, doesn’t it? And it really does. Platforms that you can integrate with WP Social Ninja:

Social feeds- WP Social Ninja
Social feeds- WP Social Ninja

Also, you can check our short video on how you can set up your social media feeds on the website with WP Social Ninja.

WP Social Ninja: Facebook feed

Summing up

Beyond what was just mentioned, displaying websites with social media feeds has many benefits. Additionally, it assists in growing your user base outside your intended market and promoting your business through word-of-mouth advertising.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

In addition, integrating social network feeds on your website gives you access to features like extensive analytics, a strong moderation panel, amazing design options, and many more to enhance the aesthetics and usability of your aggregated social media feed.

Then what are you still holding out for?

Go and experience the resounding effects on your website’s performance and the productive advantages of including a WordPress social media feed plugin with WP Social Ninja.

Keep in touch with us by following us on Twitter and Facebook for more awesome social media tips, and also, you’re invited to join our Facebook community!

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