Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed Alternative: Your Premium Choice for WordPress

Best Smash Balloon social photo feed alternative

Looking for the best alternative to Smash Balloon social photo feed? No more worries to look further, WP Social Ninja got you covered with exactly what your website needs!

Presenting social media on the website from multiple social platforms and managing them with proper customization, that too within a considerable price is daunting (We hope, all agree on the point!).

Smash Balloon’s social photo feed might have been an expected solution for you, as it has the features to fulfill the requirements of a social media feed for a website. But if you need better, WP Social Ninja is here for you with all its advanced features and functionalities as the best all-in-one WordPress social media plugin.

We’ll go deeper with details in this blog. Let’s jump right in!

What do you know about social photo feeds?

A social feed is like a window into your online world, displaying a live stream of content from your social media accounts directly on your website. Let’s make it clearer, a seamless blend of your latest YouTube videos, Instagram photos, or Facebook updates, all in one place for your visitors to see!

Now, why do you need a social photo feed on your website?

Let’s not brag; in short, a social photo feed is a fantastic way to keep your visitors engaged, providing them with real-time snippets of your social activity and building a stronger connection.

To make this experience the best, you’ll want the top-notch social media plugin package that doesn’t limit you with the features and gets everything under one roof.

For more details on social media feeds, read the article: Mastering Social Media Feed Widgets (Unlocking the Potential)

Why WP Social Ninja is the best Smash Balloon social photo feed alternative?

If WP Social Ninja is new to you, you’re in luck.

As we are introducing you to the best Smash Balloon social photo feed alternative, in this section we’ll see what is inside the store!

Let’s see why this works best for you;

Instagram Feed

WP Social Ninja is a feature-rich social media plugin that aims to boost your website engagement with social feeds from popular social media platforms. With Instagram feed of WP Social Ninja, you can effortlessly display your Instagram feed, also including user-generated content such as images and videos from your account.

Instagram Feed - WP Social Ninja
Instagram Feed on website

This social media tool goes beyond by allowing you to showcase your Instagram posts with trendy hashtags, share brand campaigns, and keep your website constantly updated and engaging. Whether you have a personal or business account, this WordPress Instagram plugin WP Social Ninja connects seamlessly.

Moreover, you’ll find a GDPR-compliant Instagram feed and explore advanced settings to design your personalized template with this social media plugin.

Note: If you want to get this feature, you can get it when you have the free version of WP Social Ninja, which won’t ask you to buy a different plan for your Instagram feed! But if you need advanced features like layout or templates, just update it to the premium version, and all the premium features for all other social platforms are in your hands!

Smash Balloon social photo feed provides multiple functionalities for embedding Instagram feed, which you can choose for the Instagram handle of your business. But you have to keep in mind that it has a separate plan for this single platform, which starts at $98/year.

Other than Instagram feed, WP Social Ninja has more to offer with its social photo feed features. To know more, keep reading!

Facebook Feed

​​Next, you have Facebook Feed, you are able to showcase your dynamic, real-time content directly from your Facebook page.

Facebook Feed on website
Facebook Feed on website

To make your social photo feed experience better than others, you have the option to fetch your photo albums and events from the “Facebook Album Feed” and “Facebook Events Feed” features.

Moreover, for creating your Facebook feed customized and stylish, WP Social Ninja has multiple advanced setting options where you can show feeds from multiple accounts, use multiple templates, filter options, hashtag feeds, show specific image feeds or video feeds, and more!

For styling your template with WP Social Ninja, give it a read: Complete Custom Style Editor for Your Website (No CSS or Theme Builders)

Note: You can start embedding Facebook with the free version of WP Social Ninja. For advanced features, you need to switch to the Pro version and get all the premium features.

Smash Balloon’s Facebook Feed Pro plugin is one of its popular features.

With this too, you can showcase your Facebook posts, including images, videos, photo albums and events. The Facebook Feed Pro package starts at $98/year.

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Shoppable Instagram Feed

Another social photo feed plugin feature from WP Social Ninja is the Shoppable Instagram Feed feature! This one is to transform your website into a dynamic virtual storefront, enabling visitors to easily browse and purchase products directly from your Instagram posts.

Shoppable Instagram Feed on website
Shoppable Instagram Feed on website

To boost your eCommerce business, this provides your customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. Showcase product images, descriptions, and prices, complemented by a user-friendly “Shop Now” button directing customers to corresponding product pages.

For more details: Double Your Sales with Shoppable Instagram Feed (Set Up & More)

Overall, it’s a game-changer for e-commerce, influencers, and those seeking to ensure an immersive and convenient shopping adventure for your audience.

Note: It’s a pro feature of WP Social Ninja. So when you’re upgraded to WP Social Ninja Pro, just enable the Shoppable Feed option from your Instagram Feed setting options.

Similarly, Smash Balloon offers this with the pro version of the Instagram feed. If you’re using Smash Balloon photo feed’s Instagram Feed Pro tool, you’ll get this Shoppable Instagram feed feature.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

YouTube Feed

Like Facebook and Instagram, WP Social Ninja has a YouTube Feed as well. Whether you manage a business channel on YouTube or plan to share videos on social media, you can improve your strategy by making your videos accessible directly from your website.

YouTube Feed preview
YouTube Feed preview

WP Social Ninja simplifies this process – just add your YouTube feeds with multiple options like creating YouTube playlist, Search, Live Stream, and many more. This will allow your audience to easily find and engage with your business videos on your website. It’s a user-friendly solution to boost your content’s impact and reach.

Note: With WP Social Ninja, your YouTube feeds will be fully customizable and responsive and have play-mode settings, advanced filtering, multiple YouTube feeds, and many more which you will get in one subscription. (Remember, you can get basic features on the free plan also!)

Smash Balloon also provides a YouTube feed, which comes with a complete pro plan where it has numerous updated features to create your YouTube feed. Starts at $98/year.

TikTok Feed

For the TikTok Feed, you will have Custom TikTok feed, by WP Social Ninja. This plugin enables the door to present your TikTok feed into the website to make it more vibrant and more revenue in business.

TikTok Feed on website
TikTok Feed on website

With the spark of TikTok feed, you can show through your website the way it needs and you want to. The easy process of displaying your TikTok videos can be in different template layouts and styles.

To start with TikTok feed, read the blog: 3 Steps to Integrate TikTok Widget on WordPress Website

Note: As we’ve introduced you to the best Smash Balloon social photo feed plugin alternative, you’ll find it more useful when you see it yourself! The Custom Feed for TikTok also comes with both free and pro versions.

You can start with the free version, and upgrade it when you need the most out of it.

Smash Balloon TikTok Feeds Pro is also a good try for businesses who have a completely specific plan for this single platform, starting at $98/year.

Reviews Feed

Reviews feed, this one is also another feature to compete with others! WP Social Ninja covers 10+ platforms for social reviews including Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Amazon reviews, WooCommerce reviews and more.

Social reviews by WP Social Ninja
Social reviews platforms by WP Social Ninja

And that’s not all, you can specifically add testimonials with every single detail of your customers and make beautiful templates to highlight them on your website.

Note: This superpower tool will let you customize your reviews feed with in-depth styling and filtering options to organize your feed with the best reviews and eye-catching template layouts. And many more in the settings panel you can explore!

On the other hand, Smash Balloon reviews feed feature is associated with 6 review platforms. Starts at $98/year for two review platforms – Yelp and Google.

Bonus Tips

Beyond social feeds and reviews, WP Social Ninja provides a variety of additional features, ensuring you have all you need without the need for multiple plugins. Interested to know what else is in store? Let’s find out!

Social Chat Widget

Prioritizing customer support is essential for reaching and engaging your audience effectively. With WP Social Ninja’s diverse social chat options from 15+ social channels, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and more, you can find out your customer needs easily.

Chat Widgets by WP Social Ninja
Chat Widgets by WP Social Ninja

These chat widgets facilitate quick issue resolution and allow you to connect with each valuable customer and provide them with high-priority assistance. You can integrate these social chat widgets into your web pages, and ensure your commitment to meeting customer demands and enhancing their overall experience.


In the world of trust-building, authentic customer opinions play a pivotal role. Beyond conventional website reviews, WP Social Ninja empowers businesses to showcase specific customer feedback by displaying testimonials on the website.

Testimonial widgets WP Social Ninja
Testimonial widgets WP Social Ninja

Here is how you can add testimonials to your website: How to Add Beautiful Testimonials in WordPress Websites (2024)

WP Social Ninja not only presents your social proof, also offers customization options, provides you the flexibility to design your testimonials that resonate with your audience, and boosts your brand’s credibility.

Notification Popup

While you’ve likely integrated the key features to improve your social media marketing strategy, consider making it further with a Notification Popup.

Notification Popup by WP Social Ninja
Notification Popup by WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja’s Notification Popup function enables quick connections with visitors, that grabs their attention effectively. This feature includes unique customization options, making it easy to showcase reviews and recommendations prominently.

Want to know more about embedding Notification Popup? Find it here: How to Add Notification Popup to Your WordPress Websites

Export/Import reviews

Next, if you need to export/import reviews for custom reviews, with WP Socia Ninja you’ll get that too.

You can easily export and import customer reviews using CSV files, this will simplify the process and ensure your website seamlessly handles customized business reviews

For more details, read the blog: How to Export Review Using WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja Pricing: Smash Balloon social photo feed alternative

WP Social Ninja is an all-in-one social media plugin, that comes with all features at the best and most affordable price. Starts at $44/year(after discount) for all the features in one subscription.

Pricing table of WP Social Ninja
Pricing table of WP Social Ninja

Final verdict

Finally, let’s wrap up our discussion about the best Smash Balloon social feed alternative by highlighting the other features that make it the best social media plugin.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

WP Social Ninja goes beyond being just a social media plugin; this versatile plugin covers 30+ social platforms, providing an affordable and all-in-one solution to promote your business.

So, what are your thoughts on this best Smash Balloon social photo feed? Which one would you choose? Share your opinions in the comments!

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