3 Steps to Integrate TikTok Widget on WordPress Website

TikTok widget by Custom Feed for TikTok

There is something special about TikTok! It’s a widely used social media platform with astounding growth and opportunities.

Launched in 2017, this platform now has more than a billion active monthly users, according to Statista. Its competitors like Meta or Instagram took over a decade to hit such a milestone.

What about its business potential?

According to Hootsuite, 40% of Americans use TikTok as a search engine, and Gen-Z users are 1.8 times more likely to purchase on TikTok through community recommendations.

All these factors have led the business owners to build their strong presence on TikTok and look for a way to integrate its feed on their eCommerce website.

You are at the right place if you want the easiest and most efficient integration process for your WordPress website. All you need to do is to find the perfect TikTok widget.

From now on, we will discuss the functioning process of a widget for TikTok and how to use one with a step-by-step integration process.

Let’s start.

What is a TikTok widget? 

A TikTok widget is a form of social media plugin that can display content from your feed in a collective, organized, and customized template on your WordPress website.

The purpose of a TikTok feed widget is to connect your social presence with your WordPress website and present your brand more convincingly to the new audience.

The TikTok interactive widget will automatically update your integrated webpage with new content from your feed and provide seamless collaboration between your WordPress website and TikTok feed.

Why do you need a TikTok widget?

Now that you have learned what a TikTok widget is, here comes the next big question:

Why do you need one?

Before we say anything else, let’s look at some key statistics from Hootsuite and TikTok about the business potential of this platform:

  • 54% of business owners have been using TikTok to promote their products, with an average of nine posts per month
  • Business owners are spending an average of 15% of their total marketing budget on TikTok
  • According to TikTok, advertisers now see an average return of $2 for every $1 spent

The stats are surely impressive and lucrative, and TikTok success stories are there to vouch for that. But here is the dark side of the moon. Many business owners struggle with their exposure and it becomes hard to produce content with constant quality.

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. An eCommerce website with an integrated TikTok feed can provide a higher engagement rate. Here are some other key benefits:

  • Better presentation: TikTok is all about shot-format videos with editing tools, trendy music, cool trends, and great visuals. Using TikTok widgets to present a product on your site carries certain charms, especially when your business targets a younger audience.
  • Higher credibility: Gen-Z audiences trust TikTok community recommendations of TikTok before finalizing their purchase decision. When a younger demographic visitor finds TikTok content on your site, your brand will surely trust your brand more.
  • Lower bounce rate: TikTok content is addicting! That’s a fact. People will spend more time on your site if they find TikTok content, hence lowering your bounce rate. Moreover, you can direct your site traffic to the account and convert them into views, likes, and followers.
  • Enhanced brand visibility: Brand visibility can be a serious issue while selling online. However, an integrated TikTok feed can be a good solution. You can optimize your page and improve your site’s health by reducing the bounce rate.

If you are a small business owner, you can check out our blog on TikTok for small businesses.

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How do you integrate the TikTok feed widget?

As we mentioned earlier, you will need a widget for TikTok to integrate feeds on your WordPress website. However, there are many widgets out there!

And wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the hassle of trial and error before finding the most suitable TikTok widget?

In that case, we would like to recommend Custom Feed for TikTok by WP Social Ninja, a compact social media solution for WordPress.

Custom Feed for TikTok by WP Social Ninja.

Let’s look at some of its key TikTok features:

  • Add multiple user accounts
  • Show/hide posts with specific keywords/hashtags
  • Show likes, comments, and trim words
  • Custom header and follow button
  • Fully customization and styling options
  • Dynamic filter options
  • Shortcode supported
  • Responsive to all kinds of devices

From now on, we will display the entire step-by-step integration process to embed the TikTok widget. Here is the good news! It will take only three steps.

Step 1: Install and Activate Custom TikTok Feed by WP Social Ninja

First of all, you need to install and activate WP Social Ninja from the WordPress repository, as Custom Feed for TikTok is affiliated with it. You can do that in two ways:

  • From your Dashboard
  • From WordPress Repository

Here’s how to install it from your Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the WordPress Admin panel. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  • Next, on the search input field, type WP Social Ninja and wait for a moment for them to come up
  • Now click on the Install Now button
  • Then Activate
  • Then search for Custom Feed for TikTok and follow the above-mentioned procedure
WP Social Ninja at WordPress repository.

If you decide to install from WordPress Repository:

  • Search WP Social Ninja in the WordPress Repository, and it will appear on the top. Once you click it, hit the Download button
  • Now go to the Dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose the zip file
  • After that, click the Install Now button and then Activate
  • Then search Custom Feed for TikTok and follow the same procedures

For more details, you can check the blog: How to Install Plugins for WordPress (3 Easy Ways)

Special Note: Custom Feed for TikTok will not work without WP Social Ninja. In whichever way you Install and Activate it, make sure that you have installed WP Social Ninja beforehand. In other words, you need to install both of them.

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Step 2: Connect your account

First, go to the Platforms section of WP Social Ninja. There, you will find TikTok under the banner of Social Feeds.

TikTok feed option under the social feed section.

Click on the TikTok button to configure your account with an Access Code. Select the Continue with TikTok button to get your code. But make sure that you are logged into your TikTok account.

TikTok configuration page.

Then, you will be redirected to the Authorization page. There, WP Social Ninja will ask for some access, and then you will have to click the Authorize button.

Account authorization page

After that, you will directed to the next page, where you will find your Access Code. Now, hit the Copy button.

TikTok account configuration code.

Now, all you have to do is go to the previous tab, paste the code, and hit the Connect button. You are successfully connected!

Connecting a TikTok account.

Step 3: Customize the template from your TikTok widget

Here comes the main attraction! With Custom Feed for TikTok, you can customize your feed and display content on your site the way it seems perfect. You have the utmost flexibility.

To create your personalized template, click on the Add New Template button.

Template customization after connecting an account.

Then, you will find General and Style options in the top right corner.

As for General settings, you will find two layout types in the Template section. You can set the number of columns and different spaces between the content for Grid or select the Carousel template as you wish.

General customization section of Custom Feed for TikTok.

Additionally, you will find a dynamic Filters option from where you can display or hide content based on specific words or hashtags, select the number posts you want to show, or hide specific posts.

Advanced filter options of Custom Feed for TikTok.

There are some more options like Feed, Header, Follow Button, and Pagination for more customizations like displaying your profile photo, showing/ hiding bio, and many more!

Header customization with Custom Feed for TikTok.

To make your TikTok feed even more appealing, go to the Style section and enable it. Then, you can edit the whole template down to each element. From there, you can customize the fonts and colors of each component.

You can bold out any written element and change the colors of your captions, dates, background, correct spacing, choose suitable typography, and anything you think suits your brand voice- you name it!

We have enabled the Style option and edited the Header section as a demo. You can style your Content, Follow Button, Pagination, and Item Box as well, and of course, you can fully customize to your heart’s content.

Style customization with Custom Feed for TikTok.

Then, you have to copy the Shortcode and paste it to any page you like. The appearance will look like this.

Frontend view sample.

If you still have any questions, you can check out the Documentation for more details.

Final words

As you can see, it’s so easy to integrate the TikTok feed, and it takes not more than 5 minutes. Custom TikTok Feed by WP Social Ninja is sure to provide the finest integration experience.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

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But remember one thing: content is king. While making content for your TikTok, never compromise with qualities, trends, and product focus. Custom TikTok Feed will take care of the rest.

Till then, take care, and we wish you all the best.

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