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Best Yelp Review Template for WordPress Websites


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“Hey, heard about restaurant ABC? I looked it up on Yelp, and people are loving their sushi. Most of the reviews are 5 stars. Want to go there?!”

If you own ABC restaurant, this conversation should feel like a dream come true. But do you wonder how you could achieve that in real life? Then, let’s talk about it.

The basic concept is to create a positive impression when a visitor lands on your eCommerce site. To do that, you need to embed Yelp reviews and curate them to match the vibe of your WordPress website.

That’s where the Yelp review template joins the conversation. But you might have some questions by now! They might be:

  • Why should I care about Yelp reviews?
  • How can I embed them on my site?
  • Where would I find the Yelp review template?

Don’t worry! We have all the answers covered. Let’s move on and unfold them as we go forward.

Why do Yelp reviews matter?

According to Oberlo, 9 out of 10 people rely on reviews before purchasing. You probably know about that. But did you know that Yelp has over 80 million monthly users and more than 265 million cumulative reviews?

One thing is for sure: people don’t visit Yelp for fun. Every visitor is a potential customer who comes here to research a business or a service. Here are some stats from Yelp and Statista:

  • Yelp has 5.8 million businesses in more than 1500 categories
  • 54% of Yelp users value customer service as a basis for their reviews
  • Reviews are more relevant to 79% of Yelp users
  • Yelp’s organic traffic has reached 133.9 million

These are just the tip of the iceberg. So be sure that we are not overreacting! Buckle up; things are going to get technical from here!

How to embed Yelp reviews on a WordPress website

Plugins are the most fascinating part of WordPress websites. Think of any function; you will find at least 5 or 6 plugins that can do the job! The same goes for Yelp reviews embed!

We have a dedicated blog on the best WordPress Yelp review plugin. You can check that for more details! But let us introduce you to WP Social Ninja, an all-in-one social media plugin!

WP Social Ninja, an all-in-one social media plugin.

You can fetch Yelp reviews with just a few clicks. All you need is the API key and the Place ID! You can check our Documentation for step-by-step integration and configuration process.

Along with many features, WP Social Ninja provides a seamless experience for embedding social reviews from 10+ platforms, including Yelp, Google Business Profile, WooCommerce, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

You can check out the reviews demo page for better ideas, but let’s stick to Yelp! After importing reviews, you can customize them according to how you want to show them. You have the flexibility.

That’s where the concept of the Yelp review template comes in! We are going to talk about that in the next section.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

What is a Yelp review template?

The Yelp review template is a concept of specific customization of the collected reviews. Now, the question is, why should you care for a template?

The answer is to elevate the User Experience! Can you think of a website where you felt so comfortable to visit? So, what could be the reason?

The basic answer is the composition of the pages, the layout, the design, and the functional alignment! 

Yelp review template is a composition of reviews that suit the website and your business. You should care about the Yelp review template so the review section doesn’t seem like a misfit!

Different Yelp review template example

If you have come this far, you should have learned how to configure Yelp reviews on your WordPress website. The time has come to learn to customize a Yelp review template!

WP Social Ninja is a robust plugin with plenty of features. So, it’s easy to get confused sometimes. But we will walk you through the complete procedure of making a Yelp review template.

First, go to the Templates section from your Dashboard. Then click the Add New Template button to see a drop-down menu. Select Add Reviews Template from there.

Templates section of WP Social Ninja.

Then, select Yelp from the Platforms of the Source section. Your reviews are here! 

On a special note, you will need a Yelp Fusion Enterprise account to fetch all your reviews. Otherwise, Yelp will restrict and allow to fetch fewer reviews.

Selecting the source of reviews.

Next, click on the Template section, and you will find three options: Layout Type, Select a Template, and Number of Columns.

Layout Type

This is the first step of making a Yelp review template. There are 4 Layout Types: Grid, Slider, Masonry, and Badge

Selecting a Layout Type will fix the appearance of of the reviews. For example, Grid Layout will keep the reviews side by side.

Grid layout format.

But a Slider Layout will allow left and right movement.

Slider layout format.

Masonry Layout is like a Grid but without a fixed row height! Badge Layout will literally create a badge, and upon clicking, reviews will appear! You will get to choose from two types of badges.

Badge layout format.

Select a layout first. Focus on your website composition and whichever suits your site. For example, let’s select the Grid Layout and move to the next section.

Select a Template

Now, the next step is selecting a template. WP Social Ninja offers nine samples for your custom Yelp review template.

The template decides how the elements of each review will appear. In simple terms, element composition. The options are Vega, Spica, Sirius, Rigel, Procyon, Pollux, Mimosa, Hadar, and Deneb.

Here’s a demo for each template!

Different templates example from WP Social Ninja.

Select any template you seem fit for your business. Selecting a template will change every review without any hassle.

Number of Columns

The next customization is the Number of Columns. Like the previous features, a drop-down menu will appear once you click.

Number of columns available in the Template customization section.

You can choose columns number 1 to 4. The way it suits your business. We have selected 3 columns for our Yelp review template example.

Final words

Reviews are important, and so are the review platforms. Showing reviews is not enough; you must curate them to make them suitable for your website. Little things make the big picture.

WP Social Ninja offers you complete flexibility in creating a suitable Yelp review template. Do your best and show the others that your business has no intention of compromising on quality.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I leave a positive review on Yelp?

First of all, you need to create an ID or login. Then, search the business by name and click on the Write a Review button. Then, simply explain your experience.

How should I respond to a bad review on Yelp?

First of all, don’t take it personally. The quicker, the better. Apologize if necessary, and solve the problem as fast as possible.

How do I delete a Yelp review?

Go to the Reviews section of your account and find the review you want to delete. Then select the delete review button, a trash icon, and confirm. Voila, you are done.

Do I need to code to embed a Yelp review template?

No, you don’t. You will see a shortcode whenever you customize a Yelp review template with WP Social Ninja. Copy the code and paste it where you like to show your reviews. That’s it.

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