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Your website probably has numerous reviews on different platforms and obviously you want to bring them under one umbrella. Just grab the ultimate problem solver plugin – WP Social Ninja, to fetch all the reviews.

Let’s see how WP Social Ninja will uplift your business by collecting Yelp Reviews on the website.

Yelp Configuration #

To add Yelp Reviews on your site, first and foremost you need a way to connect with the Yelp server to fetch the reviews from their repositories; but in case you are not a developer, you’re sure to get stumped.

We have created for you the easiest way to get the reviews with just a few clicks.

To add the Reviews on your site, you need to obtain an API key and Place ID first.

Yelp Configuration

In this part of Yelp Configuration, you need to Create a Template. After you insert your API key and Place ID, click Save. If your inputs are correct, then you will be shown a green successful signal.

You can see the location and the stars as well! Now you are ready to Create a Template.

Get an API Key #

As you may have already seen, you will need the API Key to configure Yelp Place to your site using WP Social Ninja. In this section, we will guide you through the easiest way to obtain your Yelp  API Key.

To get the Yelp Places API, follow this URL as stated on the very first pop-up you have seen while clicking the gear icon on Yelp Reviews on our map. Need help?

See the screenshots below:

Obtain API Key

To get your API Key hit the Click Here button.

Yelp login

Log in with your Email and Password to get started, or if you don’t have any Yelp account you can sign up to create an account.

Yelp Credentials

After you log in, you need to Create a New App. So to begin the process, fill up the boxes with relevant information.

yelp configuration create new app
Create New App

To get the API Key, you need to provide your credentials like your App Name, Industry, Contact Email, and Description.

However, you don’t have to worry about your personal information. Your credentials are absolutely safe.

Now, click on Create New App.

API Key generated

And you got your API Key!

Copy and Paste to insert the API Key on the Yelp Configuration WP Social Ninja form on your WordPress Dashboard.

Obtaining Yelp Place ID  #

Getting API Key was smooth, right? Now, you need to know how you can obtain the Yelp Place ID.

Obtain Place ID

To obtain your Yelp Place ID, hit on the Click Here. This will take you to

Search Place

In order to get your Place ID search your Restaurant from the search bar.

Copy URL

You can see the URL, Copy the URL from after biz/ and Paste to insert it.

You have successfully got your Place ID.