How to Embed WP Social Ninja Template with Oxygen Page Builder

Do you want to use Oxygen Page Builder to quickly Embed a WP Social Ninja template? You might find this article useful.

WP Social Ninja includes five native oxygen page builder widgets – 

  • Social Reviews
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Youtube Feeds 
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Facebook Feeds

Let’s explore how to choose and adapt a template. To demonstrate purposes, we’re utilizing the WP Social Ninja Twitter Feed.

By following the instructions described below, we’ll demonstrate how to embed a Twitter feed by using the Oxygen page builder in this article –

  • The plugin must be linked to your Twitter account and you require an established template.
  • Click on Edit with Oxygen and start dragging your widgets.
  • Drag your WP Social Ninja → Twitter Feed from the available widgets.
Twitter Feeds
Twitter Feeds
  • Then select a template from the dropdown.
Select a template
Select a Template
  • By using Primary and Advanced tabs, you can customize your feeds.
  • You might find the below screenshot useful in understanding how to modify your feeds.
Customize Twitter Feed
Customize Twitter Feed
  • By using the Primary and Advanced tabs from the list, the background color, typography, text color, font sizes, etc have been changed.

Don’t forget to click the Save button when you’re done customizing.

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