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WP Social Ninja has always continued to render all the amazing social platforms. And now this all-equipped plugin has come up with Instagram Feed.

Configuring Instagram Configuration is a piece of cake. Let’s take a look at the steps below –

Instagram Configuration #

Embedding Instagram Feed on your website gives your business a push to reach out to a bigger audience. To understand more let’s delve deeper-

We can configure Instagram in three different ways. Here we will demonstrate each of the steps for you. 

Connect your Personal Account #

Connecting your personal account with WP Social Ninja is a super easy task.

Instagram configuration types of account

Step 1 #

Here click on Connect your Personal Account and then click on Continue with Instagram.

Instagram configuration connect personal account

Step 2 #

Next, all you need to do is click on the Allow button to connect the personal account.

WP social Ninja-allow

And you’ve successfully connected to your Instagram Personal Account.

Connect your Business Account #

To Connect your Business Account select the account type.

Instagram configuration-business account

Step 1 #

Once you select the Business Account click on the Continue with Facebook button.

Step 2 #

Next, click on the Continue as Guten Dev (Your Account Name) button to connect the business account.

Select the Gutendev Instagram Business account and click on the Next button to continue.

Here select the page you would like to use with WP Social Ninja.

Keep all permissions as they are (these are required for WP Social Ninja to work) and click on Done.

You have linked with WP Social Ninja! Click OK to go further.

Now, in this stage select All Accounts or the specific ones and click on Connect Accounts button.

Instagram configuration connect accounts

In case, you want to add more accounts. Click on the Add More Account button.

Add More Account

If you already authorized your Business Account and you want to connect your another account without going through the authorization process. Click on the View Accounts button and connect your account.

View Accounts

And you’ve successfully connected to your Instagram Business Account.

Manually Connect an Account #

To start the configuration process, you need the Instagram Access Token.

Instagram configuration manually connect
Manually Connect an Account

Step 1 #

To start the configuration process, you need the Instagram Access Token. Earlier we have already discussed how to retrieve Instagram Access Token

Instagram configuration connect account
Connect Account

Step 2 #

Once you insert the Instagram Access Token click on the Connect this Account button to configure Instagram. Remember you can connect with multiple Instagram accounts by clicking Add More Account.

Instagram configuration
Instagram Configuration

And your Instagram Account is connected! To go to the next step click on the Add New Template button.

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