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Nowadays business is not just about products and services. Business reviews are equally important like products/services. Hence there is WP Social Ninja – the multipurpose plugin to gather all your business reviews from multiple sites and embed them on your website. 

In order to fetch all the Trustpilot Reviews directly on your website, WP Social Ninja will connect all the reviews with just a few clicks.

Let’s follow the steps in order to aggregate Trustpilot Reviews to boost up your business on your website.

Trustpilot  Configuration #

To add Trustpilot Reviews to your site, you first need to connect with the Trustpilot server to fetch the reviews from their repositories. Don’t worry, it is not a difficult task for the non-techies as we have created the easiest way to aggregate reviews. 

First of all, you need to obtain the Trustpilot Reviews URL to download reviews on your website. 

In this part, Trustpilot Places Configuration you need to Create a Template, After you insert your Trustpilot Reviews Url click on Save. If your inputs are correct then you will be shown a green success notification.

To understand more, see the screenshots below to obtain the Trustpilot Reviews Url. 

Now, to get the URL, the first thing you need to do is to visit the Trustpilot site. 

Trustpilot URL

Here, you can see the URL. Copy and Paste to insert on the Trustpilot Configuration.

Trustpilot Reviews

Now, click on the Save button. If you get the Success message you’re ready to go for the Templates.

However, sometimes it might take a few minutes to download all the reviews. Don’t panic and just wait. You can also add multiple Business accounts by clicking the Add More Business button. And just enter the specific URL in the same way as before, then you’re good to go!