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Settings  #

WP Social Ninja offers a detailed settings for the users that has different position and scheduling options to adjust. Let’s see how this works

Here, if you click on the Settings, a dropdown menu with multiple options will appear. Let’s find out more about them.


Chat Bubble Position #

Chat Bubble Position

You can adjust your Chat Bubble Position in four different ways. From Bottom Right to Bottom Left and Top Left to Top Right.

Pages To Display Chat #

PagesTo Display Chat

With this option, you will be able to select the pages you would like to show your social chat option. If it helps your business, you can choose to hide your social chat options from certain pages. From the drop-down menu select the relevant pages to add the Social Chat option.

Show Chat Popup #

After the display option, there are more customizing features like Show Chat Popup

Show Prompt

In this section, if you turn on the button the chat window will automatically pop up. However, to stop the pop-up option turn off the Show Popup button. 

Show Online/Offline #

The last Setting is Show online/offline. Here you can adjust two important settings When to Display Online and Set the Time Schedule. 

Show Online/Offline

In When to Display Online you can schedule the days you will be available. For this, you can tick the Check All option or you can select specific days. 

Next is to Set the Time Schedule

Set The Time Schedule

If you turn on the button it will allow you to set a time that includes Start Time to End Time. This setting is for your users to understand the hours when you will be available to communicate.  

Moreover, you have two more amazing caption-text options. So you can type your own Caption Text When Offline.