How to use a Shortcode | Social Reviews | WP Social Ninja

You need to use Shortcodes in order to display your Reviews on your Website.

After configuring Reviews/Recommendations you need to embed them on your website. Your Shortcodes will allow you to put them anywhere, any page and edit accordingly.

How to use Shortcode #

Let’s check how you can use ShortCodes by WP Social Ninja.

To use your Shortcode go to All Templates.

Here, you can see all the Shortcodes.

Edit | Delete | Duplicate Shortcode

You can Click to copy shortcode or Edit your previous Templates. The best part is you don’t have to create a new Shortcode again.

Where to put Shortcodes #

You can keep your Shortcode in any place like any page, page builder, post, or maybe on the sidebar.

how to use a shortcode | where to put shortcodes
Place Shortcode

Here, click on Pages and select New Page and paste your Shortcode as shown in the screenshot above. 

And then you’re all set!