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WP Social Ninja will allow you to change every single Layout Setting on your website within a few clicks.

Here, you may select a single Platform or multiple Platforms. However, the Layout Settings customize option will remain the same for all the Social Reviews Platforms.

Settings #

Let’s go through the steps of changing the Settings.

Display Rating #

Here, on the Display Rating button, you can control the rating on your website.

Display Rating

If you want to display the ratings then you can just turn it on. Similarly, just click to turn it off to hide it.

Rating Style #

Next, you can change your Rating Style.

layout settings
Rating Style

Three Layout options are available right now. Default, Number Style Rating, and Icon with Number Style Rating. Pick any from the drop-down menu and add more variations on your website.

Display Reviewer Name #

Like Rating Style, you can customize your Display Reviewer Name as well. A reviewer’s privacy is always important.

layout settings | display reviewer name
Display Reviewer Name

Here, you can turn off the button if you want to hide the Reviewer Name.

Display Reviewer Image #

Once you are done with Display Reviewer Name, you can also turn on/off the Display Reviewer Image.

Display Reviewer Image

If you turn on the button reviewer image will be displayed however, turning off the button will hide the image. Here, we have kept it on to display the reviewer images.

Display Platform Icon #

Next, filter is Display Platform Icon. In this settings you can turn off the filter icon if you don’t want to display the platform icon.

Display Platform Icon

In order to do that, you can just click the enable or disable button.

Display Date #

Using this Plugin you can also control your Display Date.

layout settings | display date
Display Date

You can see in the screenshot no Date is displayed as the Display Date button is disabled here. Click to enable the button if you want the Date to be shown.

Equal Height #

Next is Equal Height. You can adjust it by clicking it on/off.

Equal Height

If you turn it on then all the reviews will be in Equal Height. Moreover, you can  adjust the height according to the text. To do that click on the Plus/Minus button.

Display Review Text #

After you adjust your Equal Height, you can adjust your Reviewer Text and Content-Length too.

Display review text of layout settings
Display Review Text

Here, if you disable the Display Reviewer Text button then you won’t be able to display the Content-Length.

However, if you enable the Content-Length button then all the text will align in the same horizontal line.

layout settings | settings
Settings | Front End View

In the Front End View, it can see that there is Display Date displaying. All the Texts have Equal Heights and Content-length is perfectly aligned.

Pagination Settings #

At this stage, you can choose to change the Pagination Settings by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Pagination Settings

Pagination Style has two options currently. You can pick any from None or Load More.

If you select the Load More option, it’ll ask you to adjust your Reviews Per Page number.

Reviews Per Page

Here, in this Review Per Page you can adjust reviews number for every page from the scroll bar.

layout settings | pagination settings
Pagination Settings | Front End View

The Front End View of Pagination Settings is like this. Click on the More Reviews button to get more reviews.

Header Settings #

Next, we have Header Settings. In this part, four Layout options are available right now; Display Business Name, Display Rating, Display Reviews, and Display Write a Review.

By clicking on the Display Business Name you are allowing the Business name showing on the Front End.

Next is Display Rating. You can tick mark the box to display the rating however, you may untick the box too.

If you select multiple platforms, for instance, Airbnb and Trustpilot then the average display rating will appear on your site.

Moreover, add Display Reviews and Display Write a Review option by ticking on the boxes.

layout settings | header settings
Header Settings | Front End View

Here, from the Front End you can Write a Review and in case of multiple platforms this Call to Action button will take you to the individual sites.