All Platforms of WP Social Ninja #

WP Social Ninja All Platforms have some amazing options which include Social Reviews, Social Feeds, and Social Chat.

All Platforms

Social Reviews  #

WP Social Ninja fetches different Reviews on your site with just one click. Most businesses have a WordPress site and want to add all the reviews from different social networking sites. Does that sound like you? 

Well, you have reached a solution!

Social Reviews

For instance, consider Social Platforms like Google My Business and Facebook. WP Social Ninja will connect reviews from all these platforms to your website, helping you to uplift your business like never before. Social Reviews have around nine platforms currently.

Social Feeds #

Just like Social Reviews, Social Feeds have multiple options. Now you can add feeds from your social networking sites, same as Social Reviews.

Social Feeds

For example, social site feeds as Tweets and Pins will automatically increase your business. WP Social Ninja has eight Social Feeds Platforms at the moment, inclusive of Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.

Social Chats #

You already know about Social Reviews and Social Feeds. Now there is one more Platform left to know about, which is Social Chat.

Social Chat

On your WordPress Site, you can also add Widgets for Social Chat, and pages like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This will make your communication a lot easier and connect you with more people in a minute.

More features are coming up soon!