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To grow your business Social Media Platforms play a vital role. If you wish to connect your TikTok Feed to your Business Website then WP Social Ninja allows connecting your TikTok Feed to your Website. Follow this guideline to add your TikTok Feed to your website. 

Enable TikTok Platfrom #

First, you need to go to the Platform from the WP Social Ninja Plugin dashboard. Then you will see the option to enable the TikTok feed, now connect with your TikTok account to enable the TikTok Feed.

Enable TikTok Feed

Get the Access Code from TikTok #

A pop-up will come to configure your TikTok account feed. Here you have to give an Access Code to configure your TikTok feed. Click on the Continue with TikTok button. 

TikTok Configure Access Code

You will be redirected to the TikTok account login page, login into your account from here. 

TikTok Login

Then you will be asked to access permissions for WP Social Ninja app, select the permissions and click on the continue button.

TikTok Account Access Permission

The next page will give you the Access Code, now copy the Access Code and Paste it into your TikTok configuration Access Code field. 

Access Code TikTok

Your TikTok account is now connected. Also, you can connect your multiple TikTok accounts and show your Feeds on your site. 

Now add and customize your template as you want by simply clicking on the Add New Template button. 

TikTok Connected Account

If you have any further queries about TikTok configuration then contact us to know about all your queries. 

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