How to Export/Import Custom Reviews

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WP Social Ninja is a super feature-rich plugin. New features are added regularly. It offers many features, one of them is Export Reviews and Import reviews.

Let’s see how to do that-

  • Go to the WP Social Ninja Dashboard, and from the menu, select Tools.
  • Then, you will get Export Reviews and Import Reviews.
wp social ninja export import reviews
Export/Import Custom Reviews

Export Reviews #

  • Click on the Export button below.
  • When you click the Export button, WP Social Ninja will create a CSV file.
  • And it will save to your computer in a CSV format.
wp social ninja export reviews
Export Reviews

Import Reviews #

  • Once you’ve saved the downloaded file, you can use the Import tool to import the reviews.
  • Now, select the Import button; you will get the Select File option here.
  • Select the Social Ninja export file (.csv) you want to import. When you click the Import button below, Social Ninja will import the reviews.
wp social ninja Import Reviews
Import Reviews
  • If you want to import your reviews other than WP Social Ninja, then they should be in the specific format as a CSV Structure (shown below as below screenshot)
CSV Header Structure
CSV Header Structure

So, there you go! Easy and Simple.

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