Change Log

– Added TikTok Feed
– Introduced TikTok Feed Elementor Widget
– Introduced TikTok Feed Oxygen Widget
– Introduced TikTok Feed Beaver Widget
– Fixed chat widget query limit issue
– Chat widget improvements
– Fixed Airbnb reviews fetching issue
– Addressed ${var} deprecation issue in PHP 8.2
– Addressed translation text issue in editor panel

– Hiding the Fluent Form submit button in the Chat Widget when using Fluent Forms as the Channel
– Added chat widget channel labels in chat box template
– Fixed chat widget fluent form overlap issue
– Added a language select option to the chat widget for Multi-language support
– Fixed the scrollbar issue in the feed popup.
– Fixed review load more button html closing tag issue

– Improved overall accessibility across the plugin.
– Added WP date option switcher for Facebook feed.
– Added support for selecting any post type pages in the chat widget.
– Integrated WP Social Ninja with WooCommerce, enabling users to select a template from WC product settings to display reviews in the WooCommerce reviews tab.
– Added a brand-new template for Facebook feed.
– Added support for carousel images, comments, and reactions within the Facebook feed popup box.
– Add gallery image support for Facebook feed.
– Introduced a filter option (Display posts with) for Facebook feed.
– Introduced slider gap option.
– Fixed issues related to WooCommerce reviewer avatar and business info display.
– Improved Shoppable Instagram Feed user experience (UX).
– Enhanced feeds popup arrows for better navigation and responsiveness.
– Addressed Google My Business (GMB) locations limit issue.
– Resolved Facebook pages limit issue.
– Add reviews badge template link open in new tab option
– Resolved reviews issue.
– Fixed template custom CSS load issue in the header.
– Fixed trustpilot external link empty issue
– Fixed Instagram hashtag limit issue
– Fixed reviews business info image broken url issue
– Fixed Fluent Forms deprecated issue
– Fixed Fluent Forms deprecated issue
– Exclude all unlisted videos from the YouTube feed.
– Resolved Reviews are automatically removed when they are deleted from Facebook or Google.
– Addressed Google Business Profile (GBP) locations limit issue.
– Resolved Facebook pages limit issue.

– Added support for Twitter API version 2.
– Added WooCommerce Reviews
– Added support for the Bulgarian date format in integration.
– Added an error message for import reviews
– Increased the limit for Google Reviews locations to 200.
– We have updated the Google My Business logo and renamed the platform from Google My Business to Google Business Profile.
– Improve code structure in the Pro version for better performance
– Introduced Managers settings options, allowing the addition of other managers with specific permissions.
– Resolved the custom reviews issue with the count of reviews.
– Fixed an issue related to saving Instagram images when new images arrive.
– Resolved the issue of saving Instagram images of the same size when downloaded via cURL.
– Fixed the Instagram header cache creation and API error generation issue.
– Fixed an issue related to the type of arguments in base64_decode.
– Fixed the problem of connected Instagram accounts not being deleted properly.
– Fixed a PHP-required parameter error.
– Fixed an issue where unnecessary style attributes were being printed.
– Fixed the missing href tag in the chat widget.
– Fixed a PHP notice in the Elementor widget class.
– Fixed a style configuration issue on duplicate templates.
– Fixed the Instagram popup image carousel rendering issue.
– Fixed the SEO issue related to the “a” tag in reviews and notification templates.

– Fixed compatible issue with oxygen page builder

– Added Optimize Images settings option in Settings -> Feed Platforms -> Instagram Settings. This feature automatically stores local copies of Instagram feed images on your server.
– Added Instagram Feed GDPR compliant settings option in Settings -> Advanced Settings.
– Added Optimize Images reset option in Settings -> Feed Platforms -> Instagram Settings.
– Added Optimize Image resolution settings option in Template Editor -> Post -> Images Resolution.
– Added a warning notice in the wp social ninja admin area to alert you about critical issues with your Instagram Feed.
– Added Email notification alerts for critical Instagram Feed issues. You will receive an email notification if there’s an unresolved issue with an Instagram feed on your website.
– Fixed issue with editing button text in the shoppable Instagram Feed.
– Fixed an issue with fetching the number of videos in the YouTube Feed.
– Fixed multiple Google My Business (GMB) accounts auto sync issues.
– Fixed the extra slash issue in the rest route for WPML plugin.

– Fix Instagram API error: Tried accessing nonexisting field (comments_count) on node type (Media)

– Fix Instagram accounts connection auto disconnect issue

– Fix Instagram feeds not found issue
– Fix Instagram albums media display issue
– Fix Only admin can see error messages
– Fix Compatible with breeze plugins cache

  • Added Facebook Feed access token manually connect option
  • Added Facebook Reviews access token manually connect option
  • Added support for PHP 8.1
  • Added external URLs hide option in reviews settings
  • Added date option, title & author spacing option in the testimonial module
  • Fixed Google My Bussiness access token expired issue
  • Fixed Google My Bussiness accounts limit issue
  • Fixed CRON JOB issue
  • Fixed the YouTube feed popup scrolling issue
  • Fixed PHP mb_strpos function undefined issue
  • Fixed autoptimizeCache method undefined issue
  • Added Facebook Event Feed (Pro)
  • Added Facebook Album Feed (Pro)
  • Added total rating and reviews count for fluent forms, custom reviews (Pro)
  • Added custom URL option for reviews badge and notification popups (Pro)
  • Added support for PHP 8.1 (Pro)
  • Added external URLs hide option in reviews settings (Pro)
  • Added date option, title & author spacing option in the testimonial module (Pro)
  • Improved Tripadvisor API (Pro)
  • Fixed reviews business info empty issue (Pro)
  • Fixed the Instagram Item box CSS issue (Pro)
  • Fixed Yelp Php error (Pro)
  • Fixed date incorrect issue (Pro)
  • Fixed masonry layout column break issue (Pro)

– Added Instagram shoppable feed module
– Added responsive slider option
– Added YouTube Feed custom banner upload option
– Added Twitter Item Box style option
– Added filter hook for Facebook feed API data limit
– Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed compatible with siteground cache
– Twitter feed compatible with caching plugins
– Improve Facebook and instagram profile header in the editor
– Fix web dev errors for the chat widget
– Fix the permalink issue on the Facebook feed

– Migrate Google my business APP
– Compatible with Godaddy Cache, WP-Optimize Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize Cache plugin
– Added on-hover tooltip text option for chat widget icons layout
– Added reviews title for amazon, tripadvisor, trustpilot, aliexpress, booking dot com
– Improve platforms page UI
– Improve route reload issue in settings
– Remove Instagram empty media URL feeds from the feed object
– Fix oxygen page builder wpsn templates CSS loading in the footer issue
– Fix business info issue
– Fix the responsive bar selected device and scroll issue
– Fix the Facebook feed incorrect media type issue
– Fix Tripadvisor reviews Unicode text support issue
– Fix Tripadvisor total reviews count
– Fix booking dot com date incorrect issue

– Add Template Style Module for all platform
– Add a responsive query option for all platform
– Add a responsive column breakpoint option for all platform
– Add Show/hide reviews by specific words option
– Add hide date option for reviews
– Add collect testimonials using Fluent Forms
– Add hide facebook feed shared posts features
– Add 1-10 starts filter option
– Add google locations and facebook pages clear option
– Improve Chat widget compatible with Litespeed cache
– Improve IG, FB feed compatible with wp rocket plugin
– Improve API Integrations
– Fix Youtube Feed – live streams videos incorrect date display issue
– Fix include/exclude feeds count issue
– Fix average rating issue
– Fix reviews business info issue
– Fix Google reviews locations return false issue
– Fix Facebook feed image undefined issue
– Fix review empty URL issue
– Fix YT and IG popup open issue
– Fix Compatible issue with elementor pro
– Refactored Editor Panel VueJS Components for better performance
– Refactored App Controller and Models
– Internal improvements

– Fix business info auto delete issue
– Fix reviews cache key delete issue
– Improve YouTube feed include, exclude filter

– Add Testimonial Module
– Add Custom reviews Import & Export feature
– Add manually auto-sync option
– Add reviews sorting option in the admin panel
– Improve Airbnb reviews API
– Fix Facebook and Instagram feed line breaks issues for different language
– Fix GMB duplicate reviews issue
– Fix the number of feeds issue
– Fix IG video thumbnail display issue in IOS device
– Fix the platform name alignment issue
– Fix write a review button display issue

– Fix the slider issue

– Remove Copyrighted media assets
– Updated Assets and Readme file change

– Fix the google locations limit issue
– Fix the Redis object cache compatibility issue
– Fix the phone number chat widget open in the new tab issue
– Fix chat widget email and phone number plain text issue
– Fix the Twitter header display issue in the template editor panel
– Fix elementor reviews widget reviewer name styling issue
– Add read more/less styling option for elementor reviews widget

– Add the translate option in the settings panel
– Add filter hook for reviews platform icon
– Add class name in all html elements
– Improve notification popup settings panel
– Improve global settings panel design
– Improve the Instagram feed to be compatible with the Litespeed cache
– Improve hide chat widget from elementor, oxygen, beaver builder editor panel
– Update the TripAdvisor icon
– Remove GMB deprecated API endpoints
– Fix the chat widget close button in only icons layout
– Fix the Facebook header number format issue
– Fix Twitter hashtag URL 404 not found issue
– Fix slider issue in Oxygen page builder
– Fix fluent forms chat widget info message
– Fix ‘ago’ translate issue
– Fix reviews template web accessibility issue
– Fix Elementor 3.6.x compatibility issue
– Fix http issue in GMB and write a review URL

– Fix critical error issue

– Add header title option for Fluent Forms channel in Chat widgets
– Fix the js error in the oxygen page builder issue
– Fix the Facebook Feed curl error issue
– Fix the Facebook Feed page profile picture image quality issue
– Fix Facebook Feed Masonry Layout overlapping issue in Firefox browser
– Fix Tripadvisor invalid date issue
– Fix the Tripadvisor header rating issue
– Fix custom review and fluent forms review merge issue

– Fix database issue
– Improve localize script compatible for wp 5.9
– Improve small CSS

– Add Facebook Feed
– Add Facebook Feed Elementor Widget
– Add Facebook Feed Oxygen Widget
– Add Facebook Feed Beaver Widget
– Fix other platform reviews not showing when Fluent Forms reviews are added
– Fix swiper slider conflict with elementor 3.5.0
– Fix the YouTube auto-play issue in the chrome browser
– Fix the fluent form chat widget icon issue
– Fix reviews popup template scrollbar issue
– Improve Instagram template caption font size on the mobile device
– Improve GMB reviews limit is 100
– Remove important tags from all button CSS

– Improve Image Upload Field
– Fix the reviews date issue
– Fix chat widget fluent form icon responsive CSS issue

– Add Fluent Forms Modal in Chat Widget
– Improve Fluent Form chat widget style
– Fix the Facebook reviews page limit issue
– Fix Facebook Reviews Create Template issue
– Fix PHP Error on plugin installation
– Fix the date translate issue
– Fix reviews template scrollbar issue
– Fix GMB translated by google text issue

– Add Beaver page builder native widget
– Add Fluent Forms integration in the chat widget
– Add Fluent Forms reviews manually approve settings option
– Add Badge layout custom title option
– Add Notification streams custom title option
– Add Load More button custom text option
– Add Reviews header custom text option
– Improve badge template 2 style
– Improve feeds Hide Specific Posts input field validation
– Improve assets loading in beaver page builder
– Fix GMB translated by google text issue
– Fix IG empty media URL issue
– Fix multiple platform support in notification streams
– Fix human readable time translate issue
– Fix the date format issue
– Fix the TripAdvisor data fetch issue
– Fix the character encoding issue
– Fix html rel attributes

– Add reviewer URL map field for Fluent Forms integration
– Improve Oxygen page builder native widget assets loading
– Fix Oxygen Reviews Widget write a review button CSS issue
– Fix Notification streams date hide option
– Fix Instagram business accounts multiple accounts select issue
– Fix the reviews filter issue in the editor all reviews
– Fix Airbnb modal issue
– Fix the YouTube image loading issue
– Fix the chat widget popup delay issue

– Add Oxygen page builder native widget
– Add reviews notification streams
– Add reviews badge template
– Add Google My Business groups support
– Add inline video playmode for IG
– Add lazy loading attribute for feeds images
– Add YouTube-related videos from the same channel
– Add display the chat from the click of a custom button
– Add chat hide options on desktop/mobile
– Add chat exclude pages option
– Add chat popup box hide when the chat box is offline
– Add chat close button color option
– Add chat open in same page popup setting
– Add click esc key to hide chat popup box
– Improve Amazon reviews data fetching issue
– Improve IG business accounts connection UX
– Improve the IG hashtag feed limit
– Fix gravatar image elements that do not have explicit width and height issue
– Fix IG multiple business accounts connection issues
– Fix IG manually connect an account issue
– Fix chat CSS overwrite theme CSS issue
– Fix the YouTube feed whitespace issue
– Fix double slash in assets URL
– Fix the swiper autoplay function error issue
– Fix Gutenberg editor console error messages
– Fix the lightspeed caching issue
– Fix the cron job issue

– Add option for GMB translated by google text
– Add chat template enable/disable option
– Add platform label option for custom and fluent forms
– Add more styling options in wpsn elementor widgets
– Fix load plugin text domain issue
– Fix TripAdvisor attraction reviews fetching issue
– Fix the Twitter card overlapping issue
– Fix the base plugin installation issue
– Fix chat widget channel save issue
– Fix chat widget emoji save issue

– Add Social Ninja 4 Elementor Widget
– Add Tooltip on hover in the filter by business
– Add chat popup delay option
– Add image upload field for fluent forms integration
– Add text trim option for reviews
– Improve Airbnb data fetching
– improve TripAdvisor write a review button URL
– Improve overall CSS
– Refactor Airbnb business info
– Fix YouTube inline/popup video play mode issue
– Fix YouTube video random order video play issue
– Fix chat widget emoji, Unicode and html br tag issue
– Fix the google my business auto sync issue
– Fix Airbnb auto sync for business info
– UTF-8 support in ig popup content
– Fix translate ready text
– Fix the Instagram popup video autoplay issue
– Fix the reviews slider on the hover autoplay pause issue

– Add reviews schema snippet settings option
– Add reviews content type option to show excerpt/full content etc.
– Add a full-screen chat editor
– Improve reviews fetching message with n number of reviews
– Improve Instagram popup box responsive CSS
– Improve template data format
– Improve reviews date format option with default WordPress date format
– Improve Airbnb configuration modal UX
– Fix reviews snippet issue
– Fix chat widgets channel configuration save issue
– Fix chat widget URL issue for single channel
– Fix Airbnb and average rating issue
– Fix Airbnb filters by business name issue
– Fix reviews text issue
– Fix Google total rating and average rating issue
– Fix multiple platforms” average rating & total rating issue
– Fix facebook reviews item broken URL issue
– Fix conflict with a happy-addons plugin
– Fix some responsive CSS issues
– Fix swiper carousel conflict with elementor pro

– Fix reviews read more/less button issue
– Fix TripAdvisor business average rating issue
– Fix TripAdvisor hotel reviews fetch issue
– Fix the business info rating icon issue
– Fix invalid date issue
– Fix the amazon sub-domain reviews fetch issue
– Add twitter actions popup/open in tab option
– Fix the Twitter popup image/video crop issue
– Fix the Twitter hashtag cron job issue
– Fix reviews header responsive issue
– Fix reviews template CSS issue
– Compatible with WordPress multisite
– Fix the wp rocket plugin caching issue
– Improve chat widgets
– Fix the chat widget priority issue
– Fix the chat widget WhatsApp issue

– Improves Configuration Modal UI/UX
– Support multiple business/places reviews
– Improve Airbnb error validation
– Add Fullscreen editor panel option
– Pagination select tab issue on the editor panel
– Add Filter by Business Name option
– Add all-in-one chat widgets
– Improve caching system
– Improve cron job data update
– Improve assets loading

– Adds terms and conditions pages URL

– Replace Slick JS with Swiper JS
– Refactor frontend JS
– Improve reviews template layout style
– Improve reviews platforms configuration process
– Fix cron event activate issue on plugin activation
– Fix reviews load more button hide issue

– Adds Rest API
– Optimized code for faster rendering
– Improves UI/UX
– Improves backend query
– Improve global settings panel UX
– Fix the Inline YouTube Player issue
– Fixed various bugs and improved overall performance

– Added: YouTube OAuth 2.0
– Added: Instagram private account “get refresh token” generate button on configuration modal
– Added: Reviews date format options
– Improved: Generate Instagram Personal account refresh token after 50 days
– Improved: More details are provided for IG API errors
– Improved: Display only valid platform for Add New Template on All templates
– Improved: All platforms, support page UI, UX
– Improved: Added nonc security for admin Ajax request
– Fixed: Airbnb fetching reviews failed issue

– Added: Reviews Filters ( Order by )
– Fixed: Reviews Pagination Issue
– Fixed: jQuery.differed exception error issue
– Fixed: Chat.php file PHP header already sent the issue
– Fixed: Assets loading on the specific page
– Fixed: Assets loading for sidebar widget
– Fixed: Twitter Load more issues

– Added: Instagram Feed
– Added: WP Social Ninja sidebar widget
– Added: Twitter Filters Option
– Fixed: Twitter media repeat issue
– Fixed: YouTube Popup Extra Gap Issue
– Fixed: Messenger assets loading issue
– Improved: YouTube Number Of Columns
– Improved: Platform configuration modal UX
– Improved: Editor Panel UX

– Added – YouTube Feed
– Fixed – Google Auto Syncing Error issue
– Fixed – Airbnb data fetching issue
– Fixed – Airbnb empty URL Message
– Fixed – Twitter Username display issue
– Fixed – Twitter template theme compatibility issue

  • Added – Twitter Element Display/Hide Settings Option
  • Added – Twitter Retweeted Status on tweet
  • Added – Twitter video tweet
  • Added – Twitter gif tweet
  • Added – Twitter youtube/vimeo/soundcloud tweet
  • Improve – Twitter displays website original URLs on tweet
  • Improve – Twitter Load More Button Design
  • Improve – Twitter date format
  • Improve – Twitter API Fetch UX
  • Fixed – Twitter tweet link issues
  • Fixed – Twitter quoted tweet issue
  • Fixed – Twitter retweeted tweet issue
  • Fixed – Twitter status id issue
  • Fixed – Twitter action count number format
  • Fixed – Twitter retweeted, quoted tweet action count issue

– Fixed: Messenger offline message CSS issue

– Fixed: Google access code field message
– Fixed: Messenger greeting text color, align issue
– Fixed: Messenger always typing issue
– Improved: Plugin name
– Improved: Shortcode name

  • New – Added Airbnb review platform
  • New – Added Google reviews auto sync option
  • New – Added Messenger header background, title, caption styling option
  • New – Added Messenger will open on the same window
  • New – Added Tinymce editor on greeting message
  • New – Fixed: Google my business configuration documentation link

New – Added Google My Business API
New – Fetch unlimited numbers of reviews from googling my business
New – Added Ajax Load More Button on reviews template
New – Added configuration clear button
New – Twitter Feeds Ajax Load More Button
New – Added chat template select option
New – Added 1 new chat template
New – Added chat button text change option
New – Added chat button icon select option
New – Fixed chat icon and prompt display issue on the editor

New – Twitter Feeds Real-Time Syncing
New – Twitter advanced settings option
Improved – Twitter configuration modal UI/UX
Improved – Reviews placeholder image
Improved – CSS file enqueue on the header
Fixed – Feed cache timeout issue
Fixed – All Templates edit/delete/duplicate issue

New – Twitter Feeds
New – Twitter OAuth login system
New – Twitter live editor
New – Facebook Messenger Chat
New – Facebook Messenger Auto Page Connection Option
New – Facebook Messenger Chat live editor
Improved – Shortcode generating
Improved – All Templates Data

New – Added Rigel and Procyon Template
New – Added a few filters and action hooks for developers.
New – Google Structured Data Format
New – SEO Friendly
Improved – Read More URL
Improved – Configuration Modal UI and Validation
Fixed: Front-end rating filter by rating value
Fixed: Remove all admin notices from wp social reviews pages

– initial the first release

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