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WP Social Ninja is always focused on making the best of the popular social platforms to provide your business the exposure it deserves. And that’s why we have come with Instagram feed for your website. With 1 billion current active users, Instagram has shown immense growth.

Instagram Access Token #

To add Instagram Feed on your website you need to retrieve the access token. To acquire Instagram Access Token let’s follow the steps below-

Step 1 #

Visit to create an App. Navigate to

Instagram access token

Step 2 #

Then, click on My Apps to go further.

create app for Instagram access token

Step 3 #

A popup button will appear. Next select the Something Else and then click on the Continue button.

continue to create Instagram access token

Step 4 #

To create the App provide your App Display Name.

app display name Instagram access token

Now select the Create App button to continue.

Step 5 #

Before you set up the Instagram Basic Display, click on the Settings from the left side and then select Basic.

Step 6 #

Next scroll down and click on the Add Platforms button.

add platforms Instagram access token

Now select the Website to go the next step.

website for Instagram access token

Step 7 #

Once you click on the Website, you will have to provide your website URL. For demonstration, we will provide our website URL. You can put any.

Website URL Instagram access token

Now, click on the Save Changes button to preserve your settings.

Step 8 #

Next, click on the Products from the left side bar.

products for Instagram access token

From the Products, click on the Instagram Basic Display Set Up button.

Instagram basic display for Instagram access token

Scroll down and click on the Create New App.

create new app for Instagram

Next, put your Display Name. As we have already provided all the information you can see the Display Name is visible. Once you are done click on the Create App button.

Step 9 #

Here, insert your website URL in the input fields. And click on the Save Changes button.

save changes for Instagram access token

To get Instagram Access Token, in the next step click on the Add or Remove Instagram Testers.

After that, hit on the Add Instagram Testers.

add Instagram testers for Instagram access token

A pop-up Add Instagram Testers will appear on your screen. Insert the username and click on the Submit button.

click submit for Instagram access token

Step 10 #

Next, you need to manage your Instagram Tester Invitations from your profile’s Apps and Websites section. In case you are logged out from your Instagram profile, please log in.

Apps and Websites for Instagram access token

This will take you to your Instagram profile Settings->Apps and Websites->Tester Invites Section. Now click on the Accept button to continue.

Step 11 #

To generate Instagram Access Token go back to the Now go to Dashboard and select Products->Instagram Basic Display->Basic Display.

basic display for Instagram access token

Next, scroll down and you will see the field Generate Token. Click on the Generate Token field to retrieve Instagram Access Token. 

generate token for Instagram access token

    Once you click on the Generate Token field, login with your Instagram credentials.

log in to get Instagram access token

Click Continue to go to the next step.

Next, to Access Instagram Token click on the Authorize button.

authorize Instagram access token

Now tick on the I understand box. If you want to copy the Access Token, then click on the Copy button and then hit Done.

Instagram access token

And congratulations! You’ve got the Instagram Access Token.