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Translating your product or service features into a foreign language can develop a positive and multilingual understanding for users, boosting consumer confidence in your brand and growing revenue.

The keys to worldwide success for brands and express are top-notch and conversion-oriented translation help.

That’s why we have introduced the Translate Option with WP Social Ninja. 

  • For this, Go to SettingsOthersTranslation Settings.
Translation settings with WP Social Ninja
Translation Settings
  • You can now translate your text from the words below, translate it to any language, and make your features more understanding and relatable for your users.
Input fields in WP Social Ninja translation settings
Input Fields in Translation Settings
  • Now enter custom text for the words you want to translate into the language you would like to use.
  • Don’t forget to click on Save Settings when you’ve finished translating your words.


  1. Thank you for this feature, ut is it also possible to translate the date of the post ? (in french)
    ex : Les Scènes de Bréhat️ 4 hours ago

    1. Our plugin is entirely translatable. Although we may not be familiar with the specifics of your website’s translation mechanism. But WP Social Ninja can translated using any standard translation plugin like Loco Translate. We also offer a native module dedicated to facilitating the translation process.

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