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With the most exclusive “Notification Popup” available in WP Social Ninja PRO, you can show off your social reviews in the most stylish way without any hassle and coding.

Notification Popup #

Let’s see how we can configure a new Notification Popup in just a few minutes.

To design a template, you need to go to the “Notification Popup” tab first. 

Notification Popup Section

Then, add a new popup to start designing a new Notification Popup.

Add New Popup Button
Add New Button

Source #

Select a Source from where you want to display your social reviews.

Select the Platforms

Template #

Choose from 9 different template variants like Vega, Spica, Sirius, Rigel, Procyon, Pollux, Mimosa, Hadar, and Deneb.

Template Select Option

Notification Settings #

Let’s take a look at the Notification Popup settings and how to adjust them on your website.

Custom Notification Title #

WP Social Ninja also lets you modify the Custom Notification Title to lock your website visitors then and there. To do it, go to the Custom Notification Title, then set the number of rating scales and show on your notification popup.

Custom Notification Title

So you can specify a Custom Notification Title to enhance your brand worth.

Notification Position #

Next, go to the “Notification” tab from the sidebar and set “Notification Positions”. You can adjust your Notification Position in two different ways, Left to Right.

Notification Position

So, specify your notification popup box according to your plan.

Display Reviews in Popup Box #

Next, If you want your customers to see all the reviews when they click on the popup, enable the “Display Reviews in Popup Box” button. In case, if you don’t want to show reviews on click, then disable the option.

Display Reviews Popup Box

In case, if you don’t want to show reviews on click, then disable the option.

Include Pages to Display Notification #

You need to select the pages from the dropdown of the “Include Pages to Display Notification” option if you want to display reviews on specific pages.

Include Page to Display

Here, you can select specific pages to display reviews or select all pages to display the reviews on Notification Popup.

Exclude Pages to Display Notification #

If you don’t want to show reviews on a specific page, you can hide the specific pages.

Exclude Page to Display

To do that, simply select the pages from the dropdown list of “Exclude Pages to Hide Notification” options.

Display by Post Type #

Again, if you want to show reviews by different post types, then choose from the dropdown of the “Display by Post Type” option.

Display by Post Type

With this option, you will be able to select the post type you would like to show on your display.

Hide Notifications on Desktop/Mobile #

If you don’t want to show reviews either on desktop or mobile devices or both, then just enable the options “Hide Notifications on Desktop” or “Hide Notifications on Mobile”.

Hide Notification Option

In case, you want to show reviews either on desktop or mobile devices or both, then just disable the option.

Display Close Button #

WP Social Ninja also has the privilege to stop your users from removing the popups on your webpage. You can enable the “Display Close Button” and give access to remove the popup.

Display Close Button

However, if you disable the button, there will be no close sign.

Display Date #

Next, you can control the dates on the popup box.

Display Date

Whether you want to display the dates or hide them is entirely up to you.

Display ‘Read all reviews’ Button #

We have one much-needed feature Display Read All reviews Button. It lets the users read all the reviews from your website. So when your notification popup on your display, you can click on a specific notification then the selected reviews will come up on your display.

Display Read All Reviews Button

Sometimes, users want to read More Reviews. To do that, you can provide your review business URL in the “Read all reviews’ Button URL input field and click on Read all reviews. It will redirect you to the business page from where your customer will get all the reviews in the same place.

Initial Delay #

From now on, we have the Initial Delay option. So WPSN has the power to control the timing of your initial notification delay for the popup.

Initial Delay Option

So without facing any trouble with the cookie consent popup overlapping, you can display your notification smoothly.

Delay Between #

If you want to maintain a time gap between the two notifications? You can enable this feature from the Delay Between option.

Delay Between Option

In this part, you can specify the time frame between these notifications. Set the notification delay time machine that suits your business plan.

Display For #

Lastly, you can also set the time for how long the notification will display on your screen.

Display For Option

It helps your users read all the reviews on Notification Popup without any interruption.

Once you’re done, click on the Save button to preserve all your settings.

Now you can set up your “Filters”, “Settings”, “Header”, “Pagination”, “Schema Snippet”, and “priority” settings just like you will do with any other template style.

Other Features

And your new “Notification Popup” is all good to go.

Simple, right?

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