How to Configure Schema Snippet with WP Social Ninja

Before diving into the settings, let’s see some Schema Snippet privacy policies.

Google data structure policy #

Google has its policy, and it does not guarantee that the structured data will appear in the search results even if the structured data is marked up. Moreover, the testing tool can be extracted successfully; still, it might not appear in the search result. How Structured data works

Schema Snippet will not work if the reviews are only shown #

Schema Snippet will not show if the reviews are only shown. So there has to be at least one business header and the mandatory fields, including images, names, and reviews count.

Enable Schema Snippet for one page #

We suggest enabling Schema Snippet on a single page (Except the Homepage). The shortcodes or Widgets should be placed in one place; otherwise, Google will consider them duplicate content.

Take a Test before going live #

Before you publish your page, test the page from Test Your Structured Data

Now let’s go to the WP Social Ninja dashboard to adjust the Schema Snippet.

Schema Snippet #

Now let’s go to the WP Social Ninja dashboard to learn how to adjust the Schema Snippet. First of all, enable the Schema Snippet button to adjust the settings.

Enable Schema Snippet
Enable Schema Snippet

Now a settings panel will appear on your screen.

Schema Snippet Settings
Schema Snippet Settings

Business Logo #

Insert your Business Logo to display the Schema Snippet on Google with a valid Business Logo.

Business Name #

Next, provide your valid Business Name.

Business Type #

This part is a little crucial. You need to provide the Business Type following from the Business Type list. Note that you need to put the type exactly the way from the list.

Business Phone Number #

Put your Business Phone Number to show it on the Schema Snippet.

Rating #

You can add your Average Fallback Rating and Fallback Total Rating. However, if you don’t add it, WP Social Ninja will, by default, collect the rating.

Once you are done, you can test whether your Schema Snippet is working or not from Google Structured Data Testing Tool

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