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Whether you’re looking for hotels or homes, villas or apartments, has more than five million options to choose from as a global service for accommodation.

And the good news is WP Social Ninja Social Reviews allows you to fetch all the reviews from different places in one station. Let’s follow the instructions below- Configuration #

To embed reviews on your site, you need to configure the platform. First of all, we need to obtain the Business URL. configuration with WP Social Ninja Configuration

Once you insert the Reviews URL, click on the Save button to move to the next part. However, in this section, Configuration, you have to Create a Template.

To insert the URL, visit the site. configuration copy URL
Copy URL

Copy the selected URL and paste it to insert in on Configuration. configuration Reviews

After inserting the right Business URL, click on the Save button to get a Successful green notification.

Once you are done, click on the Create a Template button.
In case reviews take a few seconds, wait until it comes back. For more queries, please contact our Support team.