All Templates of WP Social Ninja #

As you have gone through the All Platforms, now you can see in the given screenshot we have an All Template option.

all templates
All Templates

In this part, you can view the Templates list on the Social Reviews and Social Feeds. To show this on other pages, you can use the Shortcodes.

all templates shortcodes
All Templates | Shortcode

However, in this Template segment, you can change your design and layout. For Instance, you have made your Template before, and now you need to Edit your layout.

In that case, you don’t need to create a new Template for that. You can change it from the previous settings, click on Edit or you may Delete or Duplicate as well.

Edit your Template

As you can see you have three options available; Edit, Delete or Duplicate.

If you click on Edit, it will take you straight to the Template. Moreover, clicking on Duplicate will keep your original Template unchanged. Copy the Now, change your Duplicate Template in any way!

Amazon Template

The best part is the settings will not change and you can also resume your design from any point.