Brand collaborations campaign and benifits

13 Successful Brand Collaborations Campaign and Benefits


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Brand Collaborations are a win-win situation for both parties. Records from visual objects indicate that consumers are attracted to brand collaboration or co-branding. That’s why 71% of consumers enjoy brand collaboration and believe it encourages more campaigns to work together.

Actually, consumers have various reasons for supporting brand collaboration. Because most cases, they love the new product lineup and how they approach buying their product. Though they have different reasons for co-branding, the common hypothesis is the same for both brands. Organically, your brand will perform better if you can engage in more collaboration.

This blog post will describe the 13 successful brand collaborations campaign examples with the benefits of co-branding.

Let’s proceed on the journey!

13 successful examples of brand collaborations

Most collaborations happen between two same-quality brands or brands with the same approach to leading the market.

Though the different brand has a different approach to finalizing the deal, you will get an in-detail idea about how to collaborate with other brands and how to implement the examples in your brand. Even by implementing the techniques, you can benefit your business greatly.

Burger King x McDonald’s

Burger King and McDonald’s teamed up to provide customers with an even better taste and experience while taking food. If you want to take the name for the fast-food chain, the most prominent are Burger King and McDonald’s.

From the beginning of their business, they have been doing great business. Both brands took the very helpful initiative to make their business helpful for general people. On 19 September 2019, McDonald’s raised money for childhood cancer patients. The process was a little bit different.

They approached people in different ways; only for one day in Argentina, they arranged a free Big Mac sale for donation. That means the total sales they donated to those unprivileged people.

At the same time, Burger King also arranged the same approach for those who experienced the same problem. Burger King arranged the hopper sale, and the amount they covered the people from unprivileged customers.

Coca-Cola x Disneyland

Are there companies with a greater reputation for generating magic than global giants Coca-Cola and Disneyland Paris? Since 1992, Coca-Cola has operated in close collaboration with Disneyland Paris.

Brand collaborations: Example of Coca-Cola x Disneyland

Coca-Cola debuted its limited-edition “Classic Paris” line to mark the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. However, some businesses have managed to cross over from entirely unrelated sectors, most notably those in the food and entertainment sectors. 

Coca-Cola is a brand that frequently appears in food and entertainment partnerships. Due to collaborations, various accessories and park merchandise, including bottles and home goods, have been released in the past.

The companies came together once more to release something that will be their first partnership exclusively for garments. Though Coca-Cola and Disney are not new to the fashion world, both companies have emerged as important participants in the streetwear market in recent years.


Swedish furniture giants IKEA and LEGO have unveiled their collaboration with a series of storage boxes. The collection features four products: three different boxes and one set of bricks by danish toy manufacturer LEGO.

Brand collaborations: Example of IKEA x LEGO

The boxes are more compatible with all their lego bricks. The main idea of brand collaborations was for storage and play. In this collaboration, they tried to solve the product storage referred to as BYGGLEK. It is the box that not only stores Legos but also performs as a display stand.

The idea behind the collaboration was to create more places for playing throughout the room. This method allows you to play and pause without spreading your project over the floor. That’s why IKEA insists that BYGGLEK is more than a project.

Semrush x Surfer

The content intelligence platform SurferSEO now integrates Semrush Backlinks. Surfer’s Grow Flow product users receive weekly SEO insights based on data, enabling them to develop their online presence and adhere to a planned growth strategy.

And now, you can combine it with Semrush’s backlink database, the biggest and most meticulous database available, to produce a genuinely successful plan.

With this integration, Surfer SEO now has access to Semrush backlinks. As an outcome, you may save time and streamline the process by using Surfer to gain crucial insights into the link-building strategies used by your rivals without ever leaving the Surfer interface.

Polaroid x Lacoste

Polaroid and Lacoste joined in brand collaborations in 2021 to make a great fashion brand for the last spring. The campaign was so successful with Polaroid, the American photographic company.

Actually, it was the spring project where we could see Lacoste attached the crocodile logo in multiple colors, such as yellow, red, and the iconic green.

The color was the main protagonist of the new feature, and the design created an instant and inclusive style. Some highlights included an overexposed logo, color, and stripes with their t-shirt, making them different and combining two brands.

To make the campaign successful, they designed their product line-up like watches, sneakers, backpacks, and tote bags. Keeping with the idea that Polaroid’s iconic images go from films to clothes. They have also included an exclusive limited edition Polaroid 600 Instant camera.

GoPro x Red Bull

Tow world famous brand decided to take their business to the next level so that it could change something special. GoPro’s main target was to become Red bull’s point-of-view camera and valuable content partner.

Red Bull wanted to execute a multi-year global partnership that includes global partnership for content production, product innovation, and cross-promotion.

According to the agreement, Red Bull has received equity in GoPro, and GoPro became Red Bull’s image provider, which means they covered and provided all the exclusive footage of Red Bull and their event and media production.

Apple x Mastercard

Mastercard worked with Apple with a secure and smooth payment system. Using Apple pay and Mastercard’s integration, buyers can pay the amount of the specific product from Apple.

But to avail of the offer, you must be a Mastercard user. The main intention of Mastercard was to build a secure mobile transaction system so that cardholder could use their card for different purposes and from different places.

That’s why Apple and Mastercard worked to deliver a seamless and secure payment system. Without the secure payment system, they also provide different benefits against the card and guarantees for the Mastercard transaction.

By integrating Apple hardware, software, and services, Apple Pay creates a unique and incredible experience for its users.

Harry Potter x Vans

Vans exhibited a Harry Potter-inspired brand collaboration with Warner Bros. Vans has unveiled substantial world-inspired footwear, apparel, and accessory range.

Each house from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was represented by a pair of shoes in four unique colorways of Vans’ iconic silhouettes: an Era for Slytherin, an Sk8-Hi for Gryffindor, an Authentic for Ravenclaw, and a Classic Slip-On for Hufflepuff.

Example of Harry Potter x Vans

There was a release of a carefully picked collection of clothing. It was both for men and women that was also motivated by the four Hogwarts houses.

Vans’ Old Skool backpack in Gryffindor coloring, a Men’s Torrey jacket in a deathly hallows version, and a white pullover with a four-houses theme were among the designs.

Doritos x Teco Bell

Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos have been the chain’s most popular new item since its March release. By releasing chips with a “Taco Bell” flavor, Doritos tested whether the appeal extends in both directions.

According to Chris Kuechenmeister, a spokesman for Frito-Lay, the chips were made temporarily available across the country starting in April. The nacho cheese and taco flavors of the Doritos Locos product served in each bag will be the inspiration for two other kinds of chips.

The Doritos Locos Tacos, which feature shells that taste like Doritos chips, had been sold by Taco Bell in the hundreds of millions.

Travis Scott x Nike Dunk Low x PlayStation

The Nike Dunk Low White Grey by Travis Scott for PlayStation is a brand-new, limited-edition version of the iconic Nike Dunk silhouette that is now making the sneaker community crazy. 

The Swoosh team has decorated the fan-favorite shape with a beautiful colorway that will unquestionably cause gamers to put down their controller in partnership with internationally acclaimed American rapper Travis Scott and Japanese video game giant PlayStation.

Of course, it was essential to point out that this pair still features Travis Scott’s recognizable reversed Nike Logo over the side panels, similar to his Air Jordan 1 collaboration from the previous year. A neatly embroidered PlayStation logo on the side ankle and a Sony logo on the heel finish off the upper.

Unicef x H&M

The long-term initiatives H&M funded and promoted in the nations where it conducts business—education and improved health for children—go by the name All for Children.

It was a project in which Unicef and H&M participated. Bangladesh used to be a major producer, and they wish to support long-term, sustainable growth. The All for Children initiative addressed various issues to promote holistic child development in Dhaka’s slum regions.

The goal was to enroll about 40,000 children in schools in designated slums near Dhaka because H&M thinks that youngsters who can read and write are more capable of making educated decisions about their future.

The project’s objective is for kids aged 3 to 14 to have better access to high-quality education, fundamental life skills, and socioeconomic protections.

The project’s predicted long-term effects include improving slum families’ livelihoods and overall poverty reduction, as well as Bangladesh’s social development in general. The initiative in Bangladesh will last from 2012 to 2017.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme

The cooperation with Supreme, the skateboard company that has become a global phenomenon, is a fascinating technique used by the absolute Parisian fashion business Louis, which aims to increase its fame.

Forming in 1994 as a little skate shop, Supreme has grown to evolve into one of the coolest companies in the world, gaining followers and a devoted fan base.

It has built its reputation on sharp marketing, using social media and word-of-mouth marketing rather than traditional marketing and limited-edition offerings to generate exclusivity, demand, and hype.

In addition to the price tags, the collaboration gives the firm access to the reputation and high standards of the Louis Vuitton brand.

Airbnb x Flipboard

Lending out second houses is what Airbnb does. They don’t do much storytelling on their website because it’s largely transactional. This became a problem when Airbnb offered immersive travel experiences through Airbnb Experiences.

Customers can engage on extraordinary journeys offered by local authorities through experiences. Airbnb created its virtual residence on FlipBoard to promote awareness about Experiences. To attract the consumers that would be the most enthusiastic about their offer, Airbnb had to produce unique content for Flipboard. It was a significant example of brand collaborations between two major brands.

Brand collaborations: Example of Airbnb x Flipboard

The compelling articles on outdoor activities were arranged geographically in Flipboard’s Airbnb Magazine. Flipboard offered users a space to daydream, while Airbnb promised the ideal travel experience.

A chance at winning a free Airbnb holiday served as the campaign’s fuel, and the brands knew it! Customers only needed to open the Flipboard application and “like” stories that highlighted Airbnb experiences.

The platforms of both brands received a ton of traffic because of this tactic. Customers of Airbnb rushed to the FlipBoard application after realizing they might win a free vacation.

Benefits of introducing co-branding partnerships

Very few businesses can afford to invest in growth. It costs more money every year to purchase keywords on Google or Facebook. For some smaller businesses, it could be prohibitively expensive. Marketing partnerships might be very beneficial in this situation.

A collaboration marketing strategy has several advantages. You can pool resources, develop new customers, and increase the visibility of your business.

Take a look at these five major advantages to be motivated to develop a co-branding marketing plan.

Cost-effective and reduce the cost

Brand collaborations between businesses work best when each partner covers any gaps between them. For example, one might have a sizable audience and high audience involvement, while the other might have all the resources needed to invest in the task.

The parties will also be able to learn about each other’s advantages and disadvantages in a loving partnership. It is important to remember that by associating with a certain brand, you are reducing the likelihood that an unanticipated risk may arise from proceeding alone.

Increase credibility

Naturally, we put our faith in what we are familiar with. Even if there are a lot of well-known companies out there, not everyone has interacted with them or believes they are particularly trustworthy.

However, when well-known companies that consumers trust and who they frequently interact with work together, this instantly increases a brand’s credibility and inspires current customers to interact with it.

Brand collaborations can distinguish between an effective campaign and one that fails when trying to engage with a new segment of customers by raising brand awareness. Your ability to engage customers effectively depends on correctly connecting with brands that share your goals and values.

Find unrevealed market

The floors that occasionally force you to step back include the monopoly of resources, significant capital outlay, unseen market share, consumer faith, legislative protocols, and many more similar elements. Thus, brand collaborations now play a significant role.

Since you may overcome the difficulties mentioned above, thanks to these associations, you can explore the industry and increase your market share.

Therefore, establishing connections with well-known partners in the field and having pioneering experience will aid you in navigating fresh avenues for development and evolution as you deal with updates.

Increase customer base

The marketing strategy and customers of the two brands are integrated, which aids in the expansion of both businesses’ customer bases. A brand’s goods and services will be advertised to those who might not typically fall into its target market or aren’t even aware of it.

Maximum profits

Any business’s primary goal is to boost sales to produce bigger revenues and profits. One of the key tactical tools for a firm to increase profits is a brand partnership because you can typically launch an exclusive product at a premium price point like Nike, which costs 150 dollars.

Boost market share

The primary goal of a brand merger is to provide consumers with unique and quality-grade items. Because of the greater market share and improved return on investment, both brands will have an advantage in the market.

Final words

Brand collaboration efforts will help your business thrive in various ways, as you can see. Not every campaign has to be a complex structure, nor do you have to pursue every one of these advantages. Co-branding is occasionally done just for cross-promotional content creation.

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Furthermore, brand collaborations are not something you accomplish on your own. Content creation, SEO optimization, and lead generation are still priorities. Co-branding is a component of your marketing plan; it has a powerful multiplier effect on raising brand awareness and bringing in new clients.

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