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How to Add Chat Widgets to Your Website (Step by step)


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Are you looking for an easy way to add chat widgets to your WordPress website?

Integrating social chat widgets on your WordPress website works as a supporting tool. It improves your relationship with customers and creates a personal bond. 

A chat widget for website offers a quick response to the existing and potential users. Moreover, you can assist in solving problems and uplifting website communication! So chances are high to convert site visitors into customers and provide real-time support.

Keeping your users happy and updated is one prior condition that every website should ensure. And chat widgets are unlike support tickets and emails that take a while to respond to, so your site visitor gets a fast service and all the answers they were looking for! Let’s see how to add chat to website. Shall we?

Why use chat widgets on your WordPress website?

Fast and interactive customer service is an integral part of any business. Usually, small business owners manage independently, and big companies hire support agents.

Why use chat widgets on your WordPress website?

However, integrating the chatbox widget for WordPress has become a great way of communicating with website visitors. It is cost-effective and saves a lot of time. But does it worth investing in social chat? Let’s count down-

Answer your user’s questions

Regardless of the business type and size, your website demands an uninterrupted customer support service to answer all the questions. Moreover, you need to overcome all the unsolved issues, suggestions, and criticism they make. 

Well, your social chat widget does that for you! When you have the power to control your website visitors and show them the right direction, you automatically become stress-free with low management.

Improves user experience

Having a top-notch website with mediocre service doesn’t help your business. Your website is not just a promotional forum; it guides your user and provides them with what they need. 

Moreover, integrating chat widgets for websites can save you valuable time. You can solve their issues right on the website without redirecting them to the assigned support agent. These improve your user experience, and happy customers can be transformed into brand advocates.

Increases conversion rate

Do you know 63% of consumers prefer to go back to the website that offers chat widgets? Well, we all expect a quick response from the brand when we shoot for marketing or service-related queries. However, if you fail to meet the need, chances are high you could miss the opportunity to win over your customers.

Social chat is a great way to create a bridge between brands and customers. Studies show that 2.8% of users are more likely to end up buying the product if they engage with a chat agent. Moreover, 38% of consumers say they feel positive about buying a product after having a good conversation session with the chat agent. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

How to add chat widgets to your WordPress website?

Only analyzing and knowing the benefits doesn’t help your business. There are plenty of chat widget plugins available. Some of them are free, and some are paid. So you need to find out the best chat software for business to build strong relationships with the users.

How to add chat widgets to your WordPress website?

In this part, we’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to integrate WordPress chat widgets into your site. Don’t worry because we’ll use the best WordPress chat plugin, and for that, you don’t even need any coding skills.

For demonstration purposes, we are using the all-in-one social media tool- WP Social Ninja. This social tool has 15+ chat widgets for website, and you need the least effort to integrate this. into your website. For details, read our user guidelines.

Let’s do it!

Messenger configuration

The Messenger chat widget comes with the WP Social Ninja free version. Click on the Create New Widget button to add a new chat widget.

All-in-one chat
All-in-One Chat

Then click the Add Channel button to connect to the chat widget and select the Messenger icon.

Add chat widget channel
Add Channel

Next, you need a Facebook ID/Username or Link to insert in the box.

Messenger chat widget

Login to your Facebook account. Suppose you need a User ID. The first thing you need to do is click on the profile & Go straight to the URL.

User ID

Fluent Forms community | Chat widgets
User ID

Here, you can see the URL, To obtain the user’s id, copy after the slash and paste it on the Messenger Configuration. For instance, gutend3v.

Messenger credentials for chat widgets
Messenger Credentials

Now, click on the Save button, and you will get a Success notification. You can even click on the Edit icon to edit the link or the Delete icon to remove it. 

Messenger chat successfully added
Successfully Added

Page ID

Similarly, you need Page ID or Group ID to configure. However, some IDs may vary, but the process is just the same.

Chat widgets page ID
Page ID

Similar to User ID, you can click on the URL and, after the last slash, copy the ID. Now, paste it into the Messenger Configuration and click on the Save button.

Group ID

To collect Group ID, copy and paste it to configure it on Messenger.

Group ID
Group ID

Click on Save, and you’ve successfully connected Messenger for communication!

WhatsApp configuration

Studies show WhatsApp has approximately 2 billion active users worldwide. So if your website has a WhatsApp chat widget, you get lots of advantages over your competitors. Let’s take a look at how you can attach WhatsApp to your Page. 

First, click on the Add Channel button and tap the WhatsApp icon.

WhatsApp chat widget

Here, you need to provide your country & phone number, then click Save to connect to the WhatsApp chat widget.

Whatsapp chat widget credentials
WhatsApp Credentials

Next, click on the WhatsApp icon to start a conversation via WhatsApp!

WhatsApp widget added
Channel Added

Telegram configuration

WP Social Ninja has a Telegram chat as well. To connect your Telegram id to your WordPress website, follow the steps below.

Firstly, click on the Add Channel button and tap the Telegram icon.

Telegram chat widget

Here, you need to provide your User ID/link and click on the Save button.

Telegram chat widget credentials
Telegram Credentials

Once you have successfully saved the Telegram User ID, click on the Telegram icon to take you to the Telegram window.

Telegram social chat widget added
Telegram Added

Instagram configuration

WP Social Ninja lets you add the Instagram widget to the website, and to create Instagram widget; you need to select the platform first.

Instagram chat widget

Then you need to provide your Instagram username/link and then click the Save button.

Instagram social chat widget credentials
Instagram Credentials

And your Instagram chat widget will be connected!

Successfully Connected

Twitter configuration

How to create a Twitter widget? WP Social Ninja made it super easy. From the dashboard, click the Add Channel button to connect to the Twitter chat widget. 

Twitter chat widget

Provide your Twitter username/link and click on the Save button.

Twitter Credentials

Now, click on the Twitter icon on the chat bubble and interact with your users instantly.

Twitter Added

Slack configuration

To configure Slack on your WordPress website, click Add Channel and pick the platform icon.

Slack chat widget

Once you insert your Slack username/link, then click on the Save button.

Slack Credentials

Next, simply click on the Slack icon and take your communication to another level.

Slack Added

Skype configuration

To integrate Skype on your WordPress website, go to the WPSN dashboard and select the Add Channel button to connect chat widget.

Skype chat widget

Insert your Skype username and click on the Save button.

Skype Credentials

 Now, click on the Skype icon on the chat bubble, and you are good to go!

Slack Added

Phone configuration

At first, click the Add Channel button to connect to the chat widget & select the Phone icon.

Phone chat widget

Give your Phone number and click on the Save button.

Phone Credentials

To start communicating, click on the Start Chat with button and speed up your interactions.

Phone Added

Email configuration

With WP Social Ninja, you can also configure the Email chat widget. To do that, click the Add Channel button and select the Email icon.

Email chat widget

Here, you need to provide your Email Address and Click on the Save button.

Email Credentials

Now, click on the Email icon, and you are all set to start.

Email Added

WeChat configuration

WeChat is the most popular messaging app in China. And the all-in-one social tool WP Social Ninja has the WeChat configuration to grab global users.

Click the Add Channel button to connect to the WeChat chat widget.

WeChat configuration

Here, you need to provide your WeChat User ID and Click on the Save button.

WeChat Credentials

To begin chatting, all you need to do is click on the WeChat icon.

WeChat widget successfully added
WeChat Added

Line configuration

To configure Line on your WordPress website, you need to click on the Add Channel button.

Line chat widget

Here, you need to provide your Line ID/link and Click on the Save button.

Line Credentials

Click on the Line icon on the chat bubble.

Line Added

Snapchat configuration

Snapchat integration with WP Social Ninja takes a few clicks, and you can easily connect with the chat widgets. To start, click on the Add Channel button and select the Snapchat icon.

Snapchat chat widget

Input your Snapchat username and click on the Save button.

Snapchat Credentials

Now click on the Snapchat icon and start a conversation with your users!

Snapchat Added

LinkedIn configuration

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social platforms today. WP Social Ninja allows you to connect your WordPress website with the LinkedIn chat widget. To do that, click the Add Channel button to connect to the chat widget.

LinkedIn chat widget

Here, you need to provide your Linkedin username/link and click on the Save button.

LinkedIn Credentials

Then click on the LinkedIn icon, and your users can reach out to you instantly.

LinkedIn Added

Viber configuration

Viber chat widget integration with WP Social Ninja doesn’t take much. Click the Add Channel button and select the Viber icon.

Viber chat widget

Once you insert your Viber mobile number, then click on the Save button.

Viber Credentials

Then click on the Viber icon to initiate communication.

Viber Added

Fluent Forms Chat Widget

Do you know you can integrate Fluent Forms with WP Social Ninja social chat widget? Now, from your dashboard, you can collect a lead from the contact form and create a database from your user’s information.

Go to Chat Widget and click on Add New Widget.

Add new Fluent Forms widget
Add New Widget

Once you are in, go to the Channels and click on Add Channel. A new box will pop out. Scroll down a little bit and choose Fluent Forms.

Fluent Forms chat widget
Fluent Forms

To connect Fluent Forms chat widgets, you need to paste the form Shortcode in the box. So, paste the copied Shortcode in the Paste your Fluent Form shortcode box.

Fluent Forms Credentials

Make sure to press the Save button.

Contact Form

Final thoughts

Communication is one of the most powerful elements that you need to cover to run your business successfully. For that, you need the best WordPress chat plugin. A WordPress chat plugin is cost-effective and opens so many doors for your business and lets you integrate chat widgets for websites.

In this article, we tried to help you with the best WordPress social chat plugin WP Social Ninja. And the best part is along with the chat widget; this multipurpose tool comes with online reviews and social media feeds.

If you thought this was useful, join our Facebook Group and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more informative social media tips to help you grow your business.

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