Social media memes to promote your business
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Social Media Memes to Promote Your Business (2023 Memes)


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Have you considered using social media memes in your marketing? If you need a fun way to engage with your customer, this blog is for you!

Trending memes about social media have become the most ubiquitous part of the internet today. Business memes have been frequently used in a brand’s social media marketing strategy to boost your business.

From social media marketing to word-of-mouth marketing, grabbing your user’s attention is your ultimate goal. And in this competitive market where outranking your competitors is a new battle, you go a little ahead by generating engaging ideas that your target audiences are looking for.

Moreover, internet memes are a culture now. So making the most out of the memetic images in digital marketing gets your feet to the new doors of opportunities.

Memes for social media marketing? (Meme trends)

A business meme is a “humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users”.

Social media memes everywhere

While most of us think social memes are only for entertainment and making someone laugh, memes can skyrocket traffic and engagement instantly. Moreover, sharing relevant meme content can relate to your audiences and build a relationship. 

So you need to be on point when you use popular memes for your social media marketing. Let’s see:

Know your business memes

Memes have a universal language for everyone. However, you just can’t pull any random image and post it on social media. Incorrect memes can backfire and create a joke on you instead.

For example, Will Smith took over the internet after the 2022 Oscars event and became viral in a few moments. It was one of the most-used memes of 2022.

One thing to keep in mind, you should always be careful while you boost memes. Some meme content is used to push political purposes and often in negative ways, so better avoid these memes even if they are popular or relevant.

Know your audience

Knowing your niche is the most important part of any social media strategy. Social media memes are typically shared and enjoyed by young audiences. They are most active on social media and know the trending memes and the origin of the content.

If they are not your target audience, posting or sharing memes might not get you the desired traction! So before sharing memes, consider the user’s point of view and connect the dots.

Use trendy social memes

Brands using memes for their social media marketing should always pick something understandable and trendy at the same time. When businesses use a meme right, users understand and join the comment section.

However, everything has a time span, and if it’s used after the expiration, then the audience can’t relate. If the meme game is done right, it can increase traffic and boost the conversion rate.

Social media memes’ relevancy

If you create social media memes for your brand, make sure they stand out loud and don’t contradict your brand voice. Your social channels should have a distinct aura and reflect your brand voice.

Social media memes' relevancy

Most importantly, your trending memes should match your products and services. It should connect with the users and address common problems.

Be original

Posting trendy and engaging memes to build relationships with your users is crucial for brands. You can add exciting elements like sarcasm, humor, wit, and emotion to make it more appealing.

However, your main goal is social media marketing. So, to create brand awareness and improve engagement, you must put your best foot forward. And the best way to do this is to be creative and create original memes instead of sharing others’ content.

Brands using social media memes

Trendy social media memes can encourage your users to share them with their followers. As a result, it instantly gets a large audience. And when your users connect with you, they also comment and share their experiences.

Social media memes marketing

Briefly, popular social media memes can speed up your business in three ways:

  • Resonate with your niche
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase engagement levels

Now that we’ve discussed meme marketing, let’s check out some famous brands that put this theory into practice.


Humor works best if it delivers to the right audiences. And if the punchline is good and done at the right time. In 2021, when Godzilla vs. Kong craze was at its peak, KFC decided to create a social media marketing meme out of it.

The brand put its flavor and made it with its biggest rivals, Mcdonalds’ and Burger King. It was a perfect content for getting viral, and it got 134.8K retweets, 13.5K quote Tweets, 673.3K likes, and became a big hit.


Distracted Boyfriend” meme is one of the most viral and relatable social media engagement memes over the last few years. If you look at the meme, it takes a few seconds to relate to the content.

The man in this content is with a girl, but while some other girl walks past him, he gets distracted. Tinder, an online dating site, has made this humorous meme to relate to its audiences. And without any doubt, their idea was absolutely banged on to hook the user’s attention!


The cake-cutting meme is one of the funny memes that went viral in 2019. In this image, some officials are holding a knife above a cake for a group photo, but one man fails to put his hand together with the others in this celebration.

Zomato, the Indian food delivery company, humorously used the meme on Twitter to celebrate their 2 million orders.

Don’t ignore the power of social media memes 

Marketing has completely changed over the years. They are no longer only doing traditional marketing; they are on social media and competing to be relatable and trendy to make a genuine connection with the customers.

Memes are the perfect content to highlight your brand’s personality. They are easy to make, relatable, and shareable. But you need to stay updated on social platforms to know and understand the memetic images.

Social media marketing strategies

No doubt, popular memes are a great way to start conversations and take the relationship to the next level. However, trending memes have drawbacks too. They have a short life span, so you need to be aware of what is happening on the internet.

While spinning on meme marketing, you must be careful about your audience’s preference. Not all content will get a positive response, so it’s better not to post or share business memes that might hurt someone!

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That’s all for today. Feel free to leave a meme below or come find us on social media!

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