WP Social Ninja's year in review 2023

WP Social Ninja’s 2023: A Year of Excellence & Growth


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It’s 2023, and we are on the edge of the last pages of the year. Just a few days to close the chapter of the wonderful year!

The year passed just like a blink! But wait, before we turn the page, let’s roll it up for a final review. The whole year’s journey is not only about WP Social Ninja; it’s about us, and the endless support we got from you.

A big shoutout to all our beloved users who played a crucial role in our progress.

However, the way we want to recall our past 12 months, how we started the year, the milestones we achieved throughout the year, and how we’re evolving towards the future days, we are eager to share with you, as you are part of this growth.

So, as we’re not ending the year just like this, give a pause to whatever you’re doing, and let’s dive into the year’s throwbacks with us!

WP Social Ninja’s key insights in numbers

Well, how’d you like it to begin with? Things are not easy to conclude in one line. There is a lot we can share with you all day!

But let’s not brag; we’ll wrap it all in the best way possible. (We promise, you’ll love this too!)

Starting from the numbers, let’s zoom out everything and see how WP Social Ninja made numbers in key areas:

WP Social Ninja's key insights 2023
  • 10k+ active installations
  • 150k+ downloads
  • 9+ releases and product updates
  • 76+ informative articles and technical blog posts
  • 20+ YouTube videos 
  • 2.3k+ X followers
  • 1.6k+ Facebook community members
  • 98% customer satisfaction based on 4.9-star reviews

Notable features rolled out in 2023

As we are taking steps forward, we’re moving ahead with our goals and the plans you want from your favorite social media plugin, WP Social Ninja.

According to this, team Ninjas are not happy with taking naps while keeping you waiting! The product refinements are ongoing, and here are some of them from 2023:

Save Instagram image locally

In the 2023 feature update, we kicked off the year by upgrading our plugin to provide you with an enhanced experience. Midway through, WP Social Ninja introduced the locally save image option.

Optimize image and save image locally
Optimize Image option

This efficient image-loading feature stores Instagram images locally, optimizing page speed and notifying you of data-saving errors. Now, all your photos reside in your hosting directory, giving you the flexibility to choose resolutions and effortlessly boost your page speed.

GDPR Compliance (Instagram Feed)

On many users’ requests, one significant update of WP Social Ninja this year was the addition of GDPR compliance for Instagram feeds.

Our Instagram data protection policy has been revamped, making your website GDPR-compliant. This noteworthy update eliminates the need for third-party requests, ensuring your feed images load directly from your domain. This not only enhances safety but also ensures you stay tension-free about GDPR penalties, marking a significant stride in securing user data.

Error Status Board

As we promised, we would ensure the user experience, this year we worked on this most, and improving the UX was one of them.

Error message on dashboard
Error message on dashboard

Previously, whoever was struggling with fixing and spotting bugs, the improved dashboard now guides you through errors, sending warnings, and detailed messages. Also ensures you do not have to worry about reconnecting issues; alerts are visible in configurations, too.

Instagram Feed Issue Email Report

This year, we’ve tackled the unpredictability of the Instagram API. As we noticed that many faced feed display errors due to API issues or unused feeds. So, we thought to put this to an end!

As a solution, users now can receive timely notifications about problems, just by activating the new option of “Activate the Feed Issue Email Report”. The stress-free Instagram experience also lets you choose email delivery dates and opt-out anytime.

Fetch Facebook feed with the specific date

Remember how you used to fetch your Facebook posts to your website with WP Social Ninja? If you have updated our latest versions, you will know how easier it has been now.

Fetch Facebook feed with specific date range
Fetch Facebook feed with specific date range

The curation is much easier and more organized, as this year WP Social Ninja introduced you to fetch Facebook posts according to specific months. Now, alongside existing settings, you can fetch your feed based on a chosen date range with ‘Show Posts Within a Date Range’ for greater control over your displayed content.

WooCommerce reviews

About new platform integration? To add extra hype to your e-commerce business, team Ninjas brought one of the most demanding platforms “WooCommerce reviews” in 2023.

WooCommerce integration
WooCommerce integration

This one is especially for those, who are running their eCommerce business with WooCommerce on their website. The goal of this special feature is to your website an extra shine with WooCommerce reviews to let you make more sales and brand credibility.

Permission manager

To make everything organized, we have also updated the settings panel one more step ahead. Team management has become easier now with the “Permission manager” option.

Permission manager
Permission manager

So, the plan we were up to at the beginning of the year, we could make it even better when we worked on the minor to major updates. Selecting a user role is one of them; with this, you can easily assign your team members to specific roles.

WooCommerce product review tab customization

WP Social Ninja from the very beginning, was all about you, how you would want it, and how you would love it!

Keeping this in mind, we don’t only stop at our new platform integration, we also care about how you would like to see better performance. So after the WooCommerce integration, we added one more customization there, where you are not only limited to showing your WooCommerce reviews, but you can show the product reviews that you’ve also gotten from other platforms.

“Your satisfaction and flexibility continue to be the driving force behind our innovations.”


In 2023, WP Social Ninja has taken a big step by introducing Accessibility. This means that everyone, including those who may have trouble seeing or hearing, can easily use and enjoy WP Social Ninja.

This move towards making things accessible ensures WP Social Ninja benefits everyone.

Improvised Facebook feed

Another notable feature you will find in our updated Facebook feed. We’ve amplified your viewing experience, where you get:

The carousel feature in the popup box showcases post comments and reactions to boost user engagement. It was also in our user requests, so we’ve added a Facebook feed gallery image option, allowing multiple images per post.

Lastly, the upgraded and advanced filter options offer greater content flexibility, your preferred display to share content, videos, links, or multiple photos. All is to ensure a unique and strong visual presence and, of course, to hit the visitor interaction!

Other noteworthy feature updates & improvements

Like previous years, this year also has witnessed numerous feature updates that have been taken almost the whole year (Which we’re not talking details about here). However, we can take a moment to see our other improvements/fixes for the year 2023:

  • Slider gap option, WP date option switcher for Facebook feed
  • WooCommerce reviewer avatar and business info display issue resolved 
  • Shoppable Instagram feed user experience improved 
  • Resolved Booking.com reviews issue
  • Template custom CSS load issue in the header fixed
  • Fixed Instagram hashtag limit issue
  • Multiple Google My Business (GMB) accounts auto sync issues fixed
  • Image saving issue fixed for Google and Amazon
  • Fixed an issue related to saving Instagram images when new images arrive
  • Fixed the problem of connected Instagram accounts not being deleted properly

See more from the changelog.

What people said about us

Here it comes how our users respond to us. Throughout the year, we have found many who are satisfied with our product and have shown their love through our WP repository. We can’t thank enough those who took the time to give 5-star ratings and positive comments!

Customers' reviews
Our inspirations from some of our beloved users. See more reviews

End of the day, reviews matter; they let us get to know how far we’ve come across, and where we need to work on more. Anyway, hope the feedback will be more in numbers in the upcoming days!

2nd anniversary celebration

As the days roll by, WP Social Ninja is aging gracefully. The buzz of the anniversary celebration kicks off at the start of the year, and this year was certainly no different!

WP Social Ninja's 2nd anniversary celebration

Like last year, this year we celebrated the second anniversary of WP Social Ninja on 22nd September. The day was filled with the enthusiasm of Ninjas, and we shared many delightful moments.

(Unfortunately, we don’t have enough pictures to capture the joy, but the memories are vivid.)

Award and recognition

When it’s about taking first place in anything, any award, or recognition, we all are one step ahead to have that. And who wouldn’t want to boost their product’s reputation and highlight our achievements? In this case, we all are the same setting us apart in the industry!

Well, this year too WP Social Ninja has secured the Silver Award in the Dashboard, Config, & Social Plugins category at the prestigious WP Weekly Awards 2023. Despite strong competition from renowned companies, our plugin emerged with this victory.

This success proves your support, and we express our gratitude for making it possible!

2023 Flashbacks at a glance

So, what’s more in those last 12 months except the work?

If we keep all our working parts aside, we have a lot to share with you about the things that we’ve explored with our team members in different events throughout the year.

authLab’s annual general meeting’ 2022

Starting from the eve of the year, our company AuthLab organized an annual general meeting, 2022 like we do every year.

This year too, the AGM has taken place but on a larger scale than previous years as the team has grown bigger. The event was a great start for the year with new plans and objectives, full of enthusiasm, and motivation that we could make together through the meetings, dinner parties, music events, and so on.

7th year anniversary of authLab

Another highly anticipated event this year was the anniversary of authLab. As the days passed, our community continued to grow, reaching new milestones. The 7th-year celebration was a joyous occasion, where we came together to celebrate our successes and the strong community bonds we’ve created.

The excitement for next year’s celebration has already begun!

Team Ninjas in WordCamps 2023

WordCamp Asia, held from February 17-19 in Thailand, kicked off the year as the premier WordPress community event. In 2023, WP Social Ninja by WP Manage Ninja actively took part in numerous events, and this one is one of them.

WordCamp Sylhet, a major WordPress event on May 19-20, where several authLab members helped organize the event and turn it into a grand success. We were honored to host the Contributor Day on our office premises. Not just that, Utpol Debnath from team WP Social Ninja got to be the Core Table Lead.

The next call of WordCamp Europe arrived on June 8-10 in Greece. After the last WordCamp in Bangladesh, this event was a bit more distant for our Ninjas. Nevertheless, some of them were determined not to miss it, so they made the journey to Greece and enjoyed their time there!

WordCamp Kathmandu on 8-9 September was a memorable one as this was one of the conferences where team Ninja’s participation was spontaneous. The Manage Ninja team participated as sponsors, organizers, volunteers, and speakers talking about aspects of WordPress and lead generation.

Ninjas capturing moment at WordCamp kathmandu 2023
Ninjas capturing moment at WordCamp Kathmandu 2023

At WordCamp Malaysia on 8-9 September, our honorable CEO shared invaluable insights on the social approach to developing your next WordPress plugin business while our other team members were participating in WordCamp Kathmandu.

That’s how our Ninjas made this year cheerful and we must say a productive one!

Core contributors in 2023

It’s obvious to mention, how our team members add value to the WordPress community every year. This year, some of us also made their names on the contributors list!

It was a proud moment for us to celebrate those 18 core contributors’ heroes in celebrating the incredible release of WordPress 6.3

Moving Forward to 2024

In the end, we all want to say it was a successful year, and the year 2023 was undoubtedly an amazing year for us. But as Ninjas continue to the betterment, we have some plans for the upcoming year.

But let’s not make the year-in-review longer; here are the top goals we’re planning to go forward with:

  • We have a big plan to launch a hyped feature in WP Social Ninja. We’re not disclosing it here but keep guessing! (Hopefully, your wait will be over very soon).
  • Besides the plugin updates, we’ll also continue to work on our Marketing; and on how we can make it better.
  • Till now we have a good traffic on our domain, but we want to take it one step forward. We are planning for 100K monthly traffic
  • Our continued collaborations with renowned brands will be one of our top priorities.
  • Keeping in mind the user experience we have some plans in our to-do list. Most likely, you’ll get a more friendly and upgraded UI/UX than the previous years.

Lastly, working on user requests will be our top priority as always, and will do so.

We can’t say that’s the final version of our goals for 2024! Certainly, plans will be added with time and requirements. Let us know if you feel anything to add to the list!


So, what do you think, how was the year 2023 for you with WP Social Ninja and how would you like to see it in 2024? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

“That’s all, thanks for keep reading till the end. Hope you enjoyed it. And once again, thanks for your continuous support and trusting WP Social Ninja all that way!”

Anyway, see you again in our next articles and updates. Till then stay well, and don’t forget to enjoy hard in the upcoming holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Shahjahan Jewel

Hello, this is Jewel, CEO & Head of Ideas at WPManageNinja. I am obsessed with WordPress since 2009. My aim is to be a user-centric developer first, and a serial entrepreneur second. You will find me discussing various tech issues and trying to come up with scalable solutions on different forums when I am not busy coding.

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