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How to Add Reviews to Your WordPress Website (Easiest Way)


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Whether searching for suitable accommodations and transportation or listing the must-see destinations, it is quite difficult for travelers to get proper information before planning their tour.

That’s where comes in. This massive and oldest platform enlists 29 million properties across 220 countries and territories and has welcomed more than 4 billion guests since 2010.

These numbers alone show the authenticity of the platforms among travelers.

So, if you run travel agencies or hotels that are listed on, you must consider adding your reviews to your E-commerce website.

Embedding reviews on your website will give your visitors social proof. It can give them insight into your brand and a reason to come back again.

If you are looking for the easiest way to embed reviews on your WordPress website, look no further!

In the next part of the article, we’ll guide you on how to embed reviews easily with the best social media plugin.

Why should you embed reviews? reviews are purely user-generated content. They are more than social proof; they are wisdom for people struggling to make the best travel arrangements.

Whenever you showcase your reviews with them through your site, you are making things easier for them and adding value to their lives.

This will eventually lead to a higher conversion rate and establish your reputation as a brand. Adding reviews can address and resolve two major pain points of the customers:

  • Overcoming Trust Issues: Your reviews contain the experiences of your previous customers, which improves the transparency of your business. This makes it easier for potential customers to trust you more.
  • Improvised User Experience: Improving user experience is the greatest form of branding! Your embedded reviews save your visitors from the hassle of searching for your business on the platform. They can easily view them on your site, and it becomes easier for them to make their decision.

So, let’s not take more time and directly dive into the easiest way!

Bonus tips: If your business is not getting enough reviews, take a look at them; here are tips on how to ask for reviews professionally!

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How to add reviews to your WordPress website easily

Whenever it comes to making any situation easier within WordPress, plugins come to mind first.

There are plenty of review plugins to embed and customize your reviews! However, not all of them are easy to operate, and sometimes their prices can be overkill.

But don’t worry! We will introduce you to the most efficient plugin for your reviews and show you the entire configuration process, which will take only two minutes!

Let’s meet WP Social Ninja, an all-in-one social media solution for WordPress!

With its simple integration process, this multidimensional social media plugin is packed with features like Social Feeds, Social Reviews, Chat Widgets, Notification Popups, and Custom Testimonials.

WP Social Ninja, and excellent WordPress plugin to embed reviews

The Social Reviews feature of WP Social Ninja will allow you to add reviews along with 10+ platforms that include Google Business Profile, WooCommerce, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, AliExpress, and more.

WP Social Ninja is available on the WordPress repository and is super easy to install.

If you are familiar with installing WordPress plugins, WP Social Ninja is no different. It will take only a few steps.

You can do that in two ways:

  • From your Dashboard
  • From WordPress Repository

Here’s how to install it from your Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the WordPress Admin panel. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  • Next, on the search input field, type WP Social Ninja and wait for a moment for it to come up
  • Now click on the Install Now button
  • Then Activate

If you decide to install from WordPress Repository:

  • Search WP Social Ninja in the WordPress Repository, and it will appear on the top. Once you click it, hit the Download button
  • Now go to the Dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose the zip file
  • After that, click the Install Now button and then Activate

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you in designing outstanding customer experiences.

Demo image reviews configuration with WP Social Ninja

To embed reviews on your WordPress website, you need to configure the platform. First of all, we need to obtain the Business URL review configuration page of WP Social Ninja

Once you insert the reviews URL, click on the Save button to move to the next part. However, in this section, Configuration, you have to Create a Template.

To insert the URL, visit the site.

Business URL for adding reviews with WP Social Ninja

Copy the selected URL and paste it to insert it on Configuration.

Successful review configuration from

After inserting the right Business URL, click on the Save button to get a Successful green notification. And you’re done! To customize your reviews, click on the Create a Template button. reviews customization features

Displaying reviews on your website will boost your business credibility. Moreover, it will lead to a successful engagement between the website visitors and the brand. Let’s check out the settings WP Social Ninja offers for the next segment.


Next, click on the Template button, and a drop-down menu will appear. From here, you can adjust the Layout TypeTemplate Type, and Number of Columns.

Layout Type

WP Social Ninja has four types of layouts right now: GridSliderMasonry, and Badge. Pick any layout types to give your website a new look!

Layout type for reviews

We’ve selected Grid Layout Type here; you can select any to display reviews.

Template Types

In this section, we can set up the Template Types. We’ve nine Template Types at the moment.

Template types for reviews

VegaSpicaSiriusRigelProcyonPolluxMimosaHadar, and Deneb. We’ve selected Vega; you can select any that can suit your website.

Number of Columns

Next, we have the Number of Columns. To select this, click on the arrow sign, and a drop-down menu will appear.

Number of columns for reviews

We’ve 1 Column to 4 Columns right now. For demonstration purposes, 3 Columns are selected to display the reviews. You can choose any that looks good on your brand.


WP Social Ninja has a detailed Filters option, so you can customize your settings to match your brand. Let’s see the options.

Number of Reviews

Click on the arrow sign from your WP Social Ninja dashboard to select your Number of Reviews.

Select the number of reviews you want to show

Select the number of reviews that you want to display for your website.

Filters by Minimum Rating

Your business doesn’t need to show off every single rating on your website. Here, filter your ratings and display the best ones that you’ve got!

Filter your reviews based on minimum rating

You’ll have six options to choose from: No Minimum Rating to Five Stars to display your reviews. Here, we have selected No Minimum Rating; you can pick any.


In the next part, you can arrange your online reviews in a particular Order.

Arrange your reviews based on different order with WP Social Ninja

You can select the AscendingDescending, or Random option to display your reviews on your website.

Other filter features

WP Social Ninja has more filtering options to offer for your reviews. You can include/exclude reviews based on the reviewer’s name, show/hide reviews based on specific words, and filter reviews based on product and category!

Advanced filtering options from WP Social Ninja reviews Settings

WP Social Ninja is a jam-packed feature tool. Moreover, you can customize every single setting to decorate your website that suits your brand perfectly.

Review settings option for reviews from WP Social Ninja

If you want to customize your rating, click on the Display ratings and take control of it. Next is Rating Style. WP Social Ninja allows you to change your Rating Style from the given three options. WP Social Ninja lets you do an in-depth integration to secure users’ privacy. Like Rating Style, you can take control of your Display Reviewer Name and Image as well.

The next feature is the Display Platform Icon. Turn off the filter icon if you want to adjust the platform icon. You can even choose if you want to display the title and text of your reviews.

Another interesting filter is Equal Height. Adjust your text height by turning on/off the button. You can decide to display the review date or not.

Previously we’ve already seen WP Social Ninja allows the users to play with the settings panel. In the next part, we’ll discuss reviews Header Settings.

Header settings options for your reviews

In this part, four Layout options are available in the WP Social Ninja dashboard: Display TitleDisplay LogoDisplay RatingDisplay Number of Reviews, and Display Write a Review Button.

Call To Action button will appear on your website if you enable the Write a Review option. Your users can give their reviews from the CTA button. Moreover, for multiple platforms, this CTA will take to the individual sites.


A long list of reviews is monotonous and lengthy sometimes. Well, here in this Pagination Settings part, we can fix this. Let’s follow the instructions below.

Pagination settings for your reviews

The Pagination Type has two options currently. You can pick any from None or Load More. If you select the Load More option, it’ll ask you to adjust your Reviews Per Page number.

Here, in this Review Per Page, you can adjust the review number for every page on your website from the scroll bar.

Schema Snippets

Add schema for reviews with WP Social Ninja to get better search engine results. First, click on the Schema Snippet option and enable it. Then, fill out all the relevant information accurately.

Schema snippet options for your reviews

Style options

By now, you have seen many cool and handy customization options for your reviews, but that’s not all. With the advanced styling options of WP Social Ninja, you can perform more in-depth customization of your reviews.

You can change the color of the font, background, review box, typography, and font style and do much more with WP Social Ninja.

For example, we have done some customization for the review box, but you can customize your entire template down to each element.

Style options for your reviews

After you’ve completed the reviews customization, make sure you click on the Save Template button to preserve all your changes.

After saving the template, copy the shortcode and paste it to any page you like!


WP Social Ninja also offers popular social platforms like Google, Airbnb, and Yelp. With our detailed user guidelines, you can embed these on your website and leverage the advantages of social reviews.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you in designing outstanding customer experiences.

Demo image

If you want more ways to improve your user engagement and sales, check out our articles: How to Add Social Chat on Your Site | WhatsApp Integration

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any further queries, hit us in the comment section below.

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