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How to Get Facebook Access Token in 2 Minutes


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How to get Facebook access token is a million-dollar question. As a social media manager, you should know the importance of access tokens and how to get them. Usually, it’s for users who want to make Facebook integrations or use the Facebook API to manage social media content on WordPress websites.

The use case of access tokens is enormous, such as posting social content, retrieving user data, and others. First, you need a Facebook page access token to get the data.

Let’s start with the basics, like what is access token and why you need an access token. The next step will conclude with a step-by-step guide on generating your Facebook token.

What is a Facebook access token?

A Facebook access token is a digital key that permits a third-party person/application to access the user or business Facebook data.

The Facebook access token can authenticate and allow information recovery about users and their pages and perform actions on their behalf. These Facebook tokens are necessary to merge Facebook’s APIs into websites, securely access Facebook data, and manage the platforms.

Why do you need to get Facebook access token?

Facebook access tokens are necessary to ensure data security. The token regulates what data you can access and for how long. You can revoke the permit when required.

There are other essential reasons available why you need a Facebook access token:

  • Building custom software: Using Facebook access tokens, developers can create custom software that takes advantage of Facebook’s network, including social media marketing tools like WP Social Ninja Facebook feed, marketing automation tools, and more.
  • Data analysis: Facebook access tokens are also necessary for analyzing social media data about user engagement, behavior, and other areas. It will help you to take future actions.
  • Running social media activities: Access tokens can also use to handle Facebook ad accounts, run social media, and other activities. But to do this, you must need the access token as a Facebook credential.

How to get Facebook access token

You can quickly get the access token with the help of our instruction guidelines. The steps are straightforward and cost-free. You just need to follow these simple step-by-step guides and get the token for your desired work.

Step 1

First, log in to your Facebook and open the Facebook Developer account. Here is the link to start: (

How to get Facebook access token: Open developer account
Open a Facebook developer account.

This is the part where you require to click on the Get Started button from the header section. Make sure to press the continue button to access the Graph API Register or create a Meta for Developers account.

How to get Facebook access token
Create a Meta for Developers account.

Next, If you are a new user, you must verify your account by giving all the necessary details, like your country name and mobile phone number, for further verification.

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After validation, input the contact information, like your email address, and press the Confirm Email button for the next step.

Facebook token: Provide contact information
Provide all the necessary information.

To get a better user experience and insights, select the role that best describes you and choose the Confirm Email button.

Facebook token: Describe the roles
Describe the roles of account.

Once you are done with the successful registration, you will find a look-a-like dashboard for creating the app.

Dashbord for create the app
Dashboard for creating the app.

The app creation process is very easy with this procedure.

Step 2

To start, create a new app or select an existing one from your dropdown menu. If you are a new user, please press the Create App button.

Facebook token: create the app
Create the app.

In the next step, you have got to complete the App Type from the list. Select the Business option if you want to create and manage business assets like Pages, Events, Groups, Messengers, and other crucial parts.

Moreover, if you’re going to make an HTML5 game, you need to choose the Gaming option.

Select the app type
Select the app type.

This way, you can select the app type. Now press the Next button and add all the necessary details like the App name, App contact email.

You can even select the Business Account for certain products and permission though it’s optional. Now you are ready to create the App.

Provide details and create the app
Provide details and create the app.

Ensure to input the Facebook password for the final authentication or finalize the process.

Add products to you app
Add products to your app.

This is the outlook of the dashboard, and from here, you can add products to your app. But for permission, you need to demand the Access Token.

Step 3

Once you have created the app, now time to collect the access token, to get the code, select Tools from the top header bar and then select Graph API Explorer from the drop-down menu.

How to get Facebook access token: Select the Graph API Explorer
Select the Graph API Explorer from the tools section.

You can also visit the page using the link: (

After landing on the Graph API Explorer page, select the Meta App option from the list and choose your preferred app.

Next, select the Get Token type from the User/Page section from three different options. For example, here, we have chosen the Get Page Access Token option. And finally, make sure to provide all the consent you want to share.

Select the get token type and other informations
Select the get token type and other information.

Selecting the Get Page Access Token from the User/Page will redirect you to the below-mentioned page, where you have to accept the Continue button.

Continue your process with your account
Continue the process with your account.

In the next phase, you must choose the pages you want to access from the specific pages.

How to get Facebook access token: Choose the page want to access
Choose the page you want to access.

Now press the continue button to confirm all the requests, and at the end of the moment, you will be connected to the page.

Now click on the info icon next to the token, and a popup window will appear.

Get the access token information
Get the access token information.

The last step is to select the Open in Access token option from the popup window. Then you are ready to get the access token and other necessary access token-related information.

How to get Facebook access token: Debug and extend access token
Debug and extend access token.

You can also find the access token debugger option to debug and extend the access token Facebook by pressing the Extend Access Token button. That’s all about how to get Facebook access token.

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Final words

Altogether Facebook access token is a simple process that needs some technical knowledge and a few steps. The process involves:

  • Creating a Facebook developer account
  • Setting up a Facebook app
  • Generating a token through the Graph API Explorer

Following the three simple steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly obtain a Facebook access token and unlock the full potential of Facebook’s API. Remember to keep your access token Facebook secure and avoid sharing it with third-party to ensure safety and privacy.

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