How to generate Instagram access token
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How to Get Instagram Access Token in 2 Minutes


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Exhibiting the beautiful Instagram feed boosts your business to stand out and increases your followers count. You can display the social proof right on your WordPress website with a cross-channel promotion.

But how to embed the Instagram feed widget? To do this, you need to create an Instagram access token. Don’t panic. It only takes 2 minutes!

What is an Instagram access token?

To embed Instagram feeds on your WordPress website, you need to use an Instagram API that requires authentication. The requests are made on behalf of the users. To do that, you need to create an Instagram access token generator.

This article will demonstrate how to get an Instagram access token in a few steps.

Why do you need to collect Instagram Access Token?

Access token Instagram collection sounds may sound like a daunting task, but it’s a super simple process. Moreover, Instagram access token WordPress is a secure way to define your IG content and is protected from people who don’t have permission to use your photos.

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So why do you need to collect an access token on Instagram? Sharing third-party photos on your Instagram account is not allowed. So to prove that you have permission, first and foremost, you need to collect the Instagram access token.

It’s basically a set of characters that lets other users get access to your Instagram account to share the IG images to WordPress websites.

How to get Instagram access token for WordPress

To create an access token for Instagram, you don’t need extra plugins. You will only need-

  1. A Facebook Developer Account
  2. An Instagram account with media

Let’s generate an access token Instagram for your WordPress websites. Ready?

Step 1

Navigate to to create an app.

Navigate the site to create an app | access token instagram
Navigate the site

Step 2

Then, click on My Apps to go further.

Create app to generate Instagram access token
Create App

Step 3

A popup button will appear. Next, select Something Else and then click on the Continue button.

Click on something else and then click continue to generate Instagram access token

Step 4

To create the App, provide your App Display Name.

Add app display name to create an app | Access token instagram
Add App Display Name

Now select the Create App button to continue.

Step 5

Before setting up the Instagram Basic Display, click on the Settings from the left side and select Basic.

Settings for access token

Step 6

Next, scroll down and click on the Add Platforms button.

Add platform
Add Platform

Now select the website to go to the next step.

Select platform and click on website
Select Platform | Website

Step 7

Click on the website; you will have to provide your website URL. For demonstration, we will provide our You can put any.

Site URL for Instagram access token
Site URL

Now, click on the Save Changes button to preserve your settings.

Step 8

Next, click on the Products from the left sidebar.

Click on products on generate Instagram access token

From the Products, click on the Instagram Basic Display Set Up button.

Instagram basic display
Instagram Basic Display

Scroll down and click on the Create New App.

Create new app
Create New App

Next, put your Display Name. As we have already provided all the information, the Display Name is visible. Once you are done, click on the Create App button.

Create app for Instagram access token
Create App

Step 9

Here, insert your website URL in the input fields. And click on the Save Changes button.

Save changes to integrate access token
Save Changes

Now to get the token, click on the Add or Remove Instagram Testers in the next step.

Add or Remove Instagram Testers to generate Instagram access token
Add or Remove Instagram Testers

After that, hit on the Add Instagram Testers.

Add Instagram Testers
Add Instagram Testers

A pop-up Add Instagram Testers will appear on your screen. Insert your username and click on the Submit button.

Submit the username

Step 10

Next, you need to manage your Instagram Tester Invitations from your profile’s Apps and Websites section. If you are logged out from your Instagram profile, please log in.

Apps and Websites
Apps and Websites

This will take you to your Instagram profile Settings->Apps and Websites->Tester Invites Section.

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Now click on the Accept button to continue.

Click on accept button

Step 11

To generate the access token goes back to the Go to Dashboard and select Products->Instagram Basic Display->Basic Display.

Basic display
Basic Display

Next, scroll down, and you will see the field Generate Token. Click on the Generate Token field to retrieve Instagram access token WordPress.

Generate token
Generate Token

    Once you click on the Generate Token field, log in with your Instagram credentials.

Login with Instagram credentials
Login with Instagram credentials

Click Continue to go to the next step. 

Click on continue button

Next, to get the access token Instagram, click on the Authorize button.

Authorize Instagram access token

Now tick on the I understand box. If you want to copy the access token, click on the Copy button and hit Done.

Instagram access token generated
Token Generated

And congratulations! You’ve got the Instagram access token.

Last words

So this is how you can generate an Instagram access token and improve your user engagement by showcasing your stunning Instagram videos and posts.

We hope this article was helpful. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more tips and tricks. Also, join our Facebook Community to reach us directly.

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      Hello Raul, glad that you find the piece helpful.Unfortunately we don’t have the second part yet. But we will keep that in mind and prepare a content to help you. Thanks.

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      In the meantime, if you would like, you can generate an Instagram Access Code using WP Social Ninja. Check it out:

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