14 Steps How to Get More Views on Instagram (Expert Opinions)

How to get more views on Instagram

If you are running an Instagram account for a business, then you should know how to get more views on Instagram. Because every user, from a personal to a business account, wants to know this specific question. Even they want to learn the best steps to get more views on social media, especially on Instagram.

That’s why smart brands and marketers start following different steps; among them, embedding the Instagram feed on WordPress websites is one of the key guidance. But embedding social proof isn’t enough to drive more views on your Instagram page.

So, what are the other steps to secure maximum visibility and influence on your followers? In this blog post, we’ll share 14 expert opinions with some basic instructions you can use to beat the algorithm to acquire more Instagram views on your business channel.

Basic instruction for more views

It will not be one-sided to say that Instagram is a highly addictive social media platform with 2.35 billion monthly active users. There is a forecast that by 2025, there will be 1.44 billion monthly active Instagram users, which would account for 31.4% of global internet users.

Therefore, Instagram’s target audience research should be focused more when developing your business’s Instagram marketing strategy.

The following basic instructions can give you a general idea of getting more views on Instagram. Later, we will discuss the main steps for more Instagram views in detail.

  • Find out your niche: Understanding your intended audience will help you grow your following more effectively. That’s why you should find your business niche and its potential followers. Besides, you must know how you need them to engage with your social sites and business.
  • Select interesting and colourful photos and videos for posting: When you post something from your business site, you should focus more on your content that should be engaging, delightful, eye-catching, user-friendly, and more.
  • Don’t force followers to purchase products: Customers are smart enough. Never force followers to buy your product and mention the positive sites of your products. If they find interest on it then obviously they will come back and buy from your brand.
  • Experiment with different content: A wise social media expert constantly experiments with different content. It will work better than anything else because you will get the data about what your audience likes to expect from your site. According to the report, if you can deliver different content, you will get an audience or followers for your site.
  • Follow the latest Instagram trends: Sometimes, following directions and working with them is not a  bad idea. If you can automatically track the trend related to your niche or product, you will get huge followers for your site. Even those followers will stay there to get the same content from your site.
  • Comment on posts: Instagram is not all about posting; it’s also about sharing your thoughts and opinions with others. If you find any insta post related to your brand or any interesting topic at that moment, you can appreciate or suggest something about the content.
  • Work with brand ambassadors: Investing in high-profile celebrities or marketing firms is not always a good idea, especially for small businesses. Instead of it, you can also select hundred or even thousand of loyal customers who really love and support the product. Usually, ambassadors are those who use your product and suggest it to friends and family members as a form of word-of-mouth marketing.

14 steps to get more views on Instagram

How to get more views on Instagram posts? It’s a million-dollar question, but we don’t have any shortcut or solid answer regarding this question. You need to follow the 14 significant steps and implement these simple steps on your account to get the proper result.

Step 1: Share user-generated content (UGC)

79 percent of consumers say user-generated content significantly impacts what they buy. Although there are several advantages to posting user-generated content on Instagram, selecting the relevant posts can be time-consuming and sometimes even intimidating.

The most remarkable thing about Instagram user-generated content (UGC) promotion is that it uses real content made by your audiences; there’s really no overselling or aggressive marketing. Here GoPro’s action camera captured the moments from a different angle and shared them on their business account as a form of UGC.

Furthermore, it is not surprising. It’s a great interaction because it works both ways: brands connect with fans naturally by showcasing their product or service, and fans, in response, are shown, highlighted, and may even establish their fan following.

Step 2: Produce short content

In the upcoming six months, story advertisements will still be used by 96% of US advertisers that answered the survey. A short content plan is essential because it engages followers to meet business goals.

A potent marketing trend for small businesses, content like Short videos is more than just a trendy term. Short-lived content can draw a lot of users since originality is something people want more than ever.

If your brand does not provide short content, your rivals can use this to their benefit.

Step 3: Write engaging captions

More interaction can be generated through compelling captions, which is crucial regarding Instagram’s algorithm. The strong content shapes your brand’s story and personality in your caption, which makes it easier for your followers to understand why they need what you’re offering.

You may be publishing different content on Instagram but not attaching engaging captions with your images or videos means losing customer engagement.

Because if an attractive post can slow the user’s scroll and lock on a specific post, then organized and well-structured captions with a little more data can help the visitors make the decision rapidly.

There are different kinds of Instagram captions available in the market. To make your captions interesting and engaging, you can follow the simple ideas:

  • Ask simple question
  • Share informative information and tips
  • Share interesting story
  • Share memes and quotes
  • Provide valuable resources

Step 4: Focus on the Instagram reels

Instagram reels generate 67% more attention than standard Instagram videos. Because the audience wants short and precise content from your brand, it would be suitable if you could generate a good Instagram real with detailed information. This feature supports a short video, like 15-sec max, for your audience.

How to get more views on Instagram: Instagram reels
Source: Instagram

There are different benefits available to using Instagram reels for your business; among them, the most common are:

  • Captivate your audience
  • Better visibility
  • Increase followers
  • More engagement
  • Boost shareability
  • Go viral

Step 5: Use insta hashtag

Both enhanced exposure and discovery are the key benefits of using hashtags. Instagram shows a collection of the most recent posts that contain a specific hashtag when you click on them.

Hashtags are a brilliant way for those interested in a particular topic to find new profiles to follow since you can then explore all the relevant insta posts from there.

Without it, it will be more convenient for those searching for this product if you utilize the most appropriate hashtags for your brand. Even to promote your products or services, your audience might use those branded hashtags to share their personal experiences.

Insta posts can use up to 30 hashtags and 10 hashtags for stories. Each content can have any number of hashtags, from 0 to maximum. Experiment with different numbers.

Step 6: Utilize Instagram stories sticker

How might your Instagram stories be enhanced? The solution is easy: simply utilize the Instagram stories sticker to get more hooks and turn your narrative from a boring one into something more interesting.

It’s always an acceptable idea to make your Instagram stories more entertaining and engaging because they’re one of the finest ways to stay in touch with your followers. Here, using the IG story sticker would be a perfect approach to accomplish this and increase the number of page followers.

Instagram story stickers are typically personalized animated gifs. Your stories will be more engaging than your rivals if you can make the story sticker more appealing.

Step 7: Share Instagram stories

Instagram stories can also add a customized touch to your post to give the impression that you actively involve your audience in your company. This type of post makes your viewers feel more genuine and approachable.

Typically, it lasts for 24 hours and is a real-time post. However, you can place this story in the highlights section if you want it to be available for a long time.

How to get more views on Instagram: Instagram Stories

Instagram stories aren’t simply for personal use; marketers may also use them if they wish to publish them to grow their businesses. If you’re still not convinced how it provides more benefits, read the list below: 

  • Generate leads
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Interact with audience
  • Get real-time feedback
  • Increase brand tarnseperecy
  • Utilize for marketing
  • Drive traffic to websites

Step 8: Arrange giveaways

One of the best methods to improve your Instagram followers, advertising strategy, and engagement with little effort is to arrange a successful giveaway.

Giveaways naturally allow your audience to interact with your business. In the form of likes and comments, they can certainly increase interaction. But more crucially, they can promote the kind of participation that is impossible to quantify through statistics.

Giveaways can inspire genuine user interaction and help you connect with your audience by showcasing your brand mission and ideology. It boosts general brand awareness online and retail and gets people talking about your brand’s accomplishments on and off social media.

Basic tips for Instagram giveaways:

  • Set your business goal
  • Select the prize
  • Make the participation steps simple
  • Select the proper hashtag
  • Run and promote the campaign strategically 
  • Follow the authentic selection process

Step 9: Go live on big events

One of the most useful methods for establishing a direct and genuine connection with your followers on Instagram is to go live.

Instagram live video is an incredible feature for the event organizer. Because just arranging a live event, business sites will get a noticeable number of new followers. That’s not all, though. Instagram Live is one of the most participatory video platforms on Instagram since it enables your audience to post comments and inquiries in real-time.

How to get more views on Instagram: Instagram live video sample
Source: Adweek

In light of everything mentioned above, Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for marketing your goods, connecting with prospective consumers, and expanding your following.

Step 10: Find the best posting times

The most suitable times to post on Instagram are important for every account because each one has a distinct audience made up of people from various cities and time zones.

Even though every Instagram account must determine when to post, some moments are usually associated with higher Instagram engagement.

There are many ways to succeed on Instagram and gain followers for your business. One of the most important aspects is posting time. If you want to engage the audience with your post, it would be a great technique.

Post engagement time depends on various issues, and all the time is not appropriate for the posting. Even the targeted audience will not be available online always. Here are the main tricks to find the best posting times.

How to get more views on Instagram: Posting times
Source: Later

There are different timelines and structured posting times available on the internet, but we think there is no actual time frame for posts. The best time frame is when you will find most of your followers online.

Even you can follow the general timeline, like 11 a.m to 1 p.m or maybe 2 to 3 p.m. And you should avoid Mondays and weekends simultaneously; you must post comparatively higher on Thursdays.

Step 11: Highlights stories

Instagram Stories Highlights are a fantastic way for brands to display and advertise their products. Your highlights are prominently displayed on your Instagram feed, making them ideal for guiding new users toward learning more about your business.

However, it’s worth the effort to plan and proactively consider how to use them to your benefit, just like your Instagram Stories! The stories are an important part, but it disappears after 24 hours, so if you want to keep and display them on your Instagram business page, then the Instagram highlights option is one of the best features for your site.

Instagram stories highlights section
Source: GoPro

In this section, you can display different content types as highlight stories. You can attach content like images, short videos, FAQs, and other categories. The process is easy here and requires a few simple steps.

Step 12: Post stories consistently

Consistency is the key element for every success. It’s not just applicable for constant stories it’s necessary for all aspects of the business and personal goals. Even it would be a great example of how to get more views on Instagram posts.

Post stories consistently are the most pleasing thing you can accomplish for any social media presence. Finding a technique that is useful for you and following it are crucial. You are not required to post every day.

Your audience will become used to viewing and responding to your material if you post frequently. Regular publishing boosts your probability of ranking on the explore page and keeps you at the top of the feed.

Establishing a content strategy should be your first piece of advice for using Instagram stories. You may maintain consistency with your publishing with the use of this strategy.

Step 13: Analyze Instagram insights

Instagram Insights is an established analytics tool that offers information on the characteristics and behaviour of your followers as well as information about your posting. With the help of this data, it is simple to evaluate campaigns, compare content, and assess the effectiveness of individual posts.

You require a business account to access Instagram Insights. Any content posted after you migrate from a personal to a business profile will have insights visible to you. Your data will be lost if you switch from your business account to a personal one.

Step 14: Work with influencers

Instagram is one of the best social media channels where influencers advertise and promote niche content. Influencers on Instagram are quite prevalent and contribute to the vast supply of high-quality content available there. Every Instagram influencer wants to highlight their particular expertise and content production skills, not only brands.

It makes sense to collaborate with Instagram influencers, especially because 90% of our survey respondents consider influencer marketing to be a useful form of marketing.

Influencers can be anyone with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers on Instagram who regard them as reliable sources, regardless of whether they produce material themselves. Because of their standing and knowledge, they mostly have an impact.

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To clarify, these feature-rich WordPress Instagram feed plugins will assist you in linking with your target audience on one of the most famous social media platforms on the planet. Therefore, don’t miss out on this possibility to increase more views on Instagram and enhance your business through Instagram widgets!

Final thoughts

In summary, getting information on how to get more views on Instagram can greatly aid your business development and ascent up the corporate ladder.

Because your engagement on your Instagram account will be all that matters to get good views, you will run into problems even if you have many followers but don’t interact with your posts or interest them without generating quality content.

Many sites that sell followers also support your business growth and interaction. They keep up the necessary engagement on your account by frequently liking your posts. But in the long run, it will neither provide proper interaction nor generate leads.

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To sum up, you should follow the article and find simple steps to get a satisfactory result on how to get more views on Instagram. For better outreach, you can also read our other blog posts.

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