7 Best Google Reviews Widgets for WordPress (Pros & Cons)

Google reviews widgets

Max has an online business and is planning to bring it to the frontline with the popularity he has owned with his services. And the proof is the good reviews from his Google Business Profile.

Now, how does he strategically bring them to his website? The first thing is to do good research on a plugin that can help him with this. A plugin that can fetch and display his Google reviews on the WordPress website without any hassle fulfils all his needs.

So, how does he systematically bring them on his website? In this blog, we’ve mentioned the best Google reviews Widgets you can use on your WordPress to boost your branding with your Google reviews.

Let’s get started!

Why Display Google Reviews on Your Website?

When it’s about building credibility and trust among people online, Google reviews are the source. These are from your genuine customers, which weighs much more on your reputation than any other online platform.

But why? It’s because potential customers always look for good reviews before buying something. When they see your previous positive reviews and ratings on your website, it gives them confidence; not only this, it may encourage them to suggest others to visit your website, which will increase both your traffic and sales.

So, how to make the best out of it? With the best Google reviews plugin, you don’t need to manually add your reviews to the website. Rather, you can show your positive reviews on any page you wish, whether on your landing page, feature page, demo page, or any other page.

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7 Best Google Reviews Widgets for WordPress

Well, for picking the best Google reviews widgets for your website, you need to know what you exactly need and how the plugin aligns with your requirements. 

Let’s check, then! Here are some of the best Google reviews WordPress plugins:

1. WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja stands out as an all-in-one social media plugin, equipped with advanced features to effectively establish a social media presence on any WordPress website. This multipurpose plugin facilitates the display of Reviews, Feeds, Testimonials, Social Chat Widget, Notification Popup, and a variety of other functionalities.

WP Social Ninja

For adding reviews from Google, you have options to display your reviews according to the 5-star ratings, reviews from multiple accounts, different template layouts, advanced filtering options, and more.

Moreover, you can easily customize the style for every element of your review template. Organize them with the number of posts you want to showcase and a Schema Snippet with your business details.

For more details: How to Embed Google Reviews Widget on WordPress Website

Pros of WP Social Ninja

  • Easy setup process
  • Auto-sync Google reviews
  • Filter the best reviews with specific keywords, best ratings
  • Shortcode supported
  • Responsive on desktops, tablets, and mobiles
  • 24/7 customer support
  • You can use it in the Free version

Cons of WP Social Ninja

The free version will limit you in features. For more advanced features, you will need to upgrade to the pro version of WP Social Ninja.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features


You can start as free. The premium version starts at $44/year (After Discounts)

Taggbox is one of the Google reviews widgets, it lets users create and add Google reviews to their websites using a third-party app. The top features you can explore like real-time updates, a handy UGC uploader, detailed analytics, and tag-based widgets.


Also, this tool serves as a fantastic UGC platform, collects content from 20+ channels, and has features like moderating, customizing, and publishing UGC and social media posts.

Pros of Taggbox

  • Simple interface
  • Create and manage review widgets with manual moderation features
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons of Taggbox

Some users mention that Tagbox might be a bit costly for firms dealing with multiple clients.


Both free and premium versions are available. Premium version starts at $39/month

WP Review Slider Pro, a WordPress plugin, is good for showcasing social media reviews on your website and supporting major platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, and others.

WP Reviews Slider Pro

It offers grid or slider display options and provides multiple customizable templates to match your WordPress theme. You can customize your reviews widget by filtering reviews based on length, rating, source page, and more. Also supports shortcodes, and with the WordPress Cron system, the plugin ensures your reviews stay consistently up-to-date.

Pros of WP Review Slider Pro

  • Multiple review platforms
  • Provides customizable templates
  • Free version available

Cons of WP Review Slider Pro

Some WordPress themes may not align with the provided templates


The premium package starts at $29/year

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Tagembed is another good option for Google reviews widget. And besides adding Google reviews, it provides displaying social feeds from other social media platforms.


With Tagembed, you can show off this cool stuff on your website using special widgets that you can customize to make your site look excellent and trustworthy.

Pros of Tagemembed

  • Easy customizable
  • Also displays social feed
  • Active customer support

Cons of Tagemembed

The Tagembed interface takes a lot of time to figure out the mechanism. Also, some wish it had more options for shadows when you’re customizing things.


The Basic premium version starts at $19/month. Also, free version is available

From easy integration of Google reviews widgets list, Trustindex.io is one of them, that helps you put your Google reviews on your website in no time. It has ready-made widgets that look great and can be adjusted to match your brand.


You can choose the reviews you want to show and highlight the positive side of your business. This will help you when you need to build customer trust and want to boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Pros of Trustindex.io

  • Easy integration process
  • Has eye-catching layouts to organize reviews

Cons of Trustindex.io

  • Setting up Trustindex with Google might be expensive.
  • Trustindex doesn’t offer responsive tech support, which can be a drawback.


Their single license is $65/year

Smash Balloon makes it simple to showcase reviews from Google and other channels on your website. The user-friendly editor lets you personalize the review display deciding the content and layouts.

Smash Balloon

Also, from the customization options, you can filter unwanted content automatically. This lets you integrate the review feed into any post, page, or widget using blocks or shortcodes. This also has automatic updates to ensure your visitors always get the latest customer feedback.

Pros of Smash Balloon

  • Easy set up
  • Auto-sync reviews
  • Negative reviews filtering options

Cons of Smash Balloon

Limited features in the free version


The basic package of their premium plans starts at $98/year

Widgets for Google Reviews is a popular and free WordPress plugin specifically for Google reviews. It’s quick, simple, and has no extra features to give a user-friendly experience.

Widgets for Google reviews

Despite its lightweight design, the plugin provides numerous options with multiple widget layouts and designs. Conveniently, filters allow you to hide reviews you’d rather not display, and with the shortcodes, you can showcase them anywhere on your website.

Pros of Widgets for Google reviews

  • Provides auto-sync reviews
  • Multiple layout types
  • Shortcode integration

Cons Widgets for Google reviews

Limited to Google reviews, does not offer any additional features


This Google reviews WordPress plugin is free

Why is WP Social Ninja the best Google reviews widget?

Now, among all those above-mentioned Google reviews WordPress plugins, which one you should consider for your website? If you ask for expert suggestions, WP Social Ninja would be your best pick.

WP Social Ninja is a complete solution package for social media management. It takes care of everything, so you don’t need to depend on other plugins.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

For social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, social reviews from Google, WooCommerce, Yelp, and more, Chat Widgets from Messenger, WhatsApp, and more, it covers 30+ social channels. Not only that, but for your e-commerce success, you’ll have a Shoppable Instagram Feed and much more.

You can entirely rely on WP Social Ninja instead of installing other social media plugins that come with extra expenses.

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Happy reading!

FAQs about Google Reviews WordPress Plugins

What is the Google Reviews widget?

A Google reviews widget is a tool that lets you display the Google reviews you get from your customers. With a Google reviews widget, you can add those reviews to any specific page of your website.

How do I embed a Google review widget for free?

With WP Social Ninja, you can add a Google reviews widget for free. The free version has two social review platforms- Google Business Profile and Airbnb.

How do I add Google reviews to my WordPress website?

Install WP Social Ninja on your WordPress website first. Connect your account with the easy steps and click on Add New Template. It will take you to the settings panel to customize your reviews template, and after customization, save it. Copy the shortcode and paste it on the page you want to showcase.

Is it possible to filter or moderate Google reviews before displaying them?

Yes, WP Social Ninja has advanced filtering options to customize your feed with the reviews you want to display. You can hide/show reviews with specific keywords and filter by Business/Product or category.

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