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Blueprint for a Successful Video Marketing Strategy


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Aiming to grow your company? Then it’s time to start taking your video marketing strategy seriously. Since customers’ attention spans are shorter than ever before in the digital era and competition is severe, small businesses are always looking for new ways to attract customers.

Video marketing has quickly become one of the most effective ways to attract customers, spread important information, and expand a company’s reach online. A proper video marketing strategy may create an emotional connection with potential clients through engaging storytelling and striking images.

This article will serve as your guide to unlocking the full potential of video marketing strategy concepts for your small business, whether you’re just getting started with video marketing or looking to revive your existing efforts.

In the age of the Internet, it’s time to let your imagination run wild, connect with customers, and take your company to new heights.

Video marketing strategy to promote your videos to the customers

Only a good video is never enough to attract customers. The way customers are receiving that content depends on the video marketing strategy which always makes the difference. In this section, a few ways of promoting videos are covered.

Create a short video for the company introduction

Identifying yourself correctly as a small business while competing with other small firms is important. A video introduction seems like the perfect medium for this purpose.

Live Q&A social videos on Facebook, exclusive glimpses at the company’s operations, and company profile videos on the website’s homepage are all examples of introductory videos that can spark conversation with the target audience.

Video feedback from existing clients

Taking your video marketing strategy to the next level means getting creative and encouraging people to share their experiences with the product. Video testimonials and explanations from satisfied customers can be posted on social media platforms as immediate evidence of your company’s worth without coming across as aggressively promotional. A smart way of asking for reviews from existing customers can help to create video testimonials.

An effective video marketing strategy and natural and implicit client reviews within that offer a more genuine glimpse into the product or service’s impact on the target audience. Look for easy video conversations that take place in the customer’s natural setting as a means of increasing video submissions from your clientele. The set-up of the video doesn’t matter as long as the video feels natural and the conversations seem genuine.

Make a video tutorial every week

Your product’s ability to address specific problems is the central theme of the “tip video” series. These are meant for educating about something. The “How to” series can be your key content for making your video marketing strategy work for you effectively.

These videos will help the customers to gain an extensive idea of how to use the product or service, and some inside tips and tricks that will help them to be invested in the product.

Videos of events/seminars

Events or seminars are always effective for refreshment and seeing the party moments can provide visual pleasure to the audiences. Videos of events and seminars are very effective for this.

To fully capture the energy of the company, filming the conferences, events, and other gatherings is a good idea to start. Company dinners, conference panels, and other events should all be recorded for posterity. In this method, you exhibit your company’s prowess and gain recognition in the marketplace.

Homepage with an introductory video

Embedding a video on your brand’s landing page is another great video marketing strategy that any small business can readily adopt. The homepage of your website serves as the first impression potential customers get of your company. 

using landing page for improving video marketing strategy

The quality of your landing page is essential in determining whether you gain your customers’ trust and generate conversions or not. A landing page with video can increase conversions by as much as 86%. Additionally, consumers are more likely to stick around on your website if an interesting video is available to entertain them.

So, embedding an attractive video that describes the value customers can get from the business can be a very good tactic for your video marketing strategy.

The video-making strategy

After setting the perfect video marketing strategy, it is time for small businesses to focus on how the video itself can be made much better. It should be remembered that a better video will attract better reach. So, here are some video-making strategies that these businesses can follow:

video making strategy

Video strategy development

Not all kinds of videos are suitable for all kinds of business. The content of the video, the shooting spot, the environment, the actors, the frequency of publication, and the length of the video, all of these should be determined well before the shooting of the video.

If a company sells health products, the person who will appear in the video must be physically fit. These things attract audiences. If a business sells sports shoes online, it must feature someone running with the shoes in the daytime (as night-time may not show the details of the shoe) on a field.

Create interest

This is a very cheeky way of attracting viewers. The video should be made so that it will create interest in the viewers, and they will be forced to come and take products or services from the business.

Let’s say, someone is telling an amazing thriller story, and all the listeners are giving their full attention. Now, just before the climax or immediately after the big twist what if the storytellers stop and say, “The rest of the story is available for our subscribed users”?

The listeners are already engaged in the story plot. So, they will not hesitate to buy the subscription. So, creating videos that will raise interest in the viewers is a good way of marketing and attracting prospective clients.

Crack a perfect script

While shooting the video there can be some unexpected problems, so, even after writing a perfect script for the perfect video to promote any product or service, it is better to have a plan B or C, just in case.

The small business must make sure that the content and plot of the video align with the goals and objectives of the marketing because if they are somehow not synchronized, the competitors will mock the business and gain strategic advantages over them.

Production and editing

Small businesses must invest most of their budget in this sector. To shoot the scene with a high-quality camera, knowing the perfect angle, and knowing the light-contrast dynamics in a video will make the video more interesting.

Another important part is the music. Music is what gives the video a new dimension. The editing should be done in such a way that the video is short, yet it seems like it delivers all the message the business wants.

Engagement and interactions

The small business must regularly check comments and reply to as many comments as possible. There is an arguable saying “Customer is always right” which can be considered in this case. 

Customers might do negative comments and criticism but the business should never reply with bad words. Rather they will say, it must be a misunderstanding or accept the fault, say sorry and thank the commenter for his/her comment.

This spreads the video of positivity among the consumer base that the business is open to criticism, and they are very responsive to comments and messages. Customers will also feel more attached to the business in this way.

Content ideas

The previously mentioned sections mainly talked about the video marketing strategy and the ways by which the video itself can successfully function as a promotional message. This section will mainly talk about some unique ideas small businesses can use to promote their products or services.

The opening scene should be attractive

While the whole video is important, the opening 5-10 seconds is where the audience decides whether they will stay to watch the full video or skip the ad. There was a trend in YouTube ads where a guy suddenly shows up and yells “So, you are going to press the skip button, right?”

This was a great success as most of the viewers were surprised as they were waiting for the skip button to be enabled. A lot of viewers stayed and watched the entire video only because of this particular line at the start. That is why, the opening scene needs to be attractive.

An example should make it clear. A company will launch a cross-platform app that can paraphrase and summarize paragraphs. So, what will the opening scene look like? In the starting scene, a boss is asking his intern to write all his unorganized statements formally to promote their product and the intern delivers the task within seconds by using a single click of the product.

That is the opening scene. Many viewers would try to figure out what just happened. They would want to know, how that intern was able to do it so fast. In closing, when the boss is offering raise to the intern that can create an adrenaline rush in the viewers for checking out the product.

However, if the video start was like, a boy pasting some writing on one side of the app screen and just pressing the summarize or paraphrase button and the app is improving the writing, this would have not been an attractive start. Many users would leave after the first few seconds.

Influencers and celebrity presence

Statistics show that promotional videos which feature celebrities or influencers usually typically has 43% more views than regular videos. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Rebook are on a lifetime partnership with famous sportsmen. One of the reasons for this is that celebrities have millions of followers and if they post the video on their official page, it will reach millions within a day.

A very famous example of the Louise Vuitton campaign “Victory is a State of Mind” which featured Messi and Ronaldo Playing chess on one of their trunks became the highest liked photo of any campaign, not only of Louise Vuitton but also of any campaign done by any business.

influencer affiliation in video marketing strategy
Louis Vuitton’s Instagram Feed

We see three photos, all of them are promotional photos from the LV official page. The first photo has 48,670 likes, the 3rd photo has 57,141 likes and the middle one, which features two of the most influential celebrities of the present time has 8,405,065 likes. This is the same for the videos as well.

Indeed, small businesses may not get the chance to feature such big stars at the start, but this is just a metaphor to visualize how much celebrities can make any advertising or promotional videos successful.

If there is an e-commerce website that sells gaming headphones, mobile that means electronic accessories, they can have one of the famous gamers of that country tell that he uses these headphones for gaming, and it is good. Some customers will buy those headphones just because their favourite gamer is using them.

Make videos interact with audiences

The video should feel like the audience is experiencing it. Consider an online home décor store’s promotional video example. The video begins with an empty room, representing a blank canvas. The idea of changing spaces and making wonderful dwellings is presented warmly with soft relaxing music. The narrator emphasizes the importance of choosing the right home décor to reflect one’s preferences and create a cosy living area.

The video then displays how the company’s home design products can transform different apartment spaces. The opening image shows a bare home space. The room is smoothly panned to reveal its possibilities. Chic furniture, decorative items, and artwork gradually warm up the space. The transformation is stunning!

The video shows how a simple, uninteresting area may be transformed into a chic, welcoming culinary haven. The emergence of decorative dinnerware, one-of-a-kind kitchen utensils, and creative wall art are all caught on camera, giving the space a unique personality. The video ends by returning to each room that has been changed and capturing the hospitable ambience.

The narrator emphasizes the transformational potential of high-quality home furnishings in constructing a cosy and unique living environment. The video concludes with a strong call to action, urging viewers to check out the company’s website to browse its extensive selection of home decor items. A special reduction or another incentive could be included in the call to action to promote quick participation.

By presenting the video this way, the business can ensure great viewer engagement and increase watch hours. If the video showed just normal furniture and the buying-selling through an online portal, the customers could never feel or visualize the need them buying something for their home.

The bottom line

For small businesses, a video marketing strategy can be a blessing if all steps are maintained correctly. But the business can face a significant loss even for a minor mistake. Small businesses must remember that the other competitors always look for loopholes and mistakes the company will make and establish that as a strategic advantage for themselves to capture the market.

The article has explained some strategies for marketing along with video-making concepts. Some real-life scenario has been presented as ideas and plot contents to make some videos. Though these things depend on many factors which should be considered by the marketers.

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