7 Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing You Might Face

Disadvantages of social media marketing

Disadvantages of social media marketing; Does this really happen when you use social media to market your business?

It certainly does! However, knowing the benefits of social media marketing after putting in a lot of effort, if you believe that there can’t be any drawbacks when promoting your business through social media, you can say that’s the impossible thing you’re thinking about.

You might face difficulties with getting expected results on time, unwanted feedback or some disturbing things, which are part of the disadvantages of social media marketing.

But just like every single thing on the earth has both advantages and disadvantages. Same way, you’ll have to face the pros and cons of social media marketing at the beginning of the marketing of your business.

If you think the dark side of this business promotion through social media marketing will cause your business to fail, let us remind you these are first steps that you can’t ignore, but at the same time, beating those disadvantages of social media marketing will take you ahead of the game!

Let’s see the obstacles then;


The first thing that comes to mind when you attempt to run some business promotion is TIME. And definitely, it’s a matter of concern how much time you’re investing in marketing your product.

But don’t take it as the misconception that social media marketing is free. Nothing comes for free, right?

Then, it must not be legit to think that your social media marketing will cost you nothing. While starting a business, whether small or large, you may take help from the best social media tools available in the market.

Disadvantages of social media marketing-time consuming

Still, it requires you to spend time posting on multiple social media platforms and connecting with your new customers through social media. And the outcome of this whole thing doesn’t seem to come overnight. It takes time to stand out as a brand.

For example, you post randomly and notice your Twitter/Instagram follower fall suddenly. Not maintaining a posting is the main reason behind it.

Find the best time to post on social media: The Best Time to Post on Social Media (2022)

Since the issue of time is unavoidable, at the same time, it’s not even unbeatable!

Social media is all about engagement and staying active to keep your audience updated with the latest news. Just keep consistency on those things; you will see the time it takes will be worth it!

Negative reviews

Again, one of the negative parts of social media marketing is getting negative online reviews, which is unwanted and frustrating to be experienced.

Online platforms are always open for people to throw opinions, good suggestions, or bad things. This has created a chance to exploit, especially for two types of people.

One, there is a group that uses online product/services and share their honest positive reviews. But the other part concerns us, who want to use social media platforms to spread negative comments and leave negative reviews.

Disadvantages of social media marketing- Negative reviews

And you can’t ever ignore this! Marketers and business owners get a little hitched because of online hatred. The effects of negative comments on social media most likely hamper the reputation of a business, though we can fix or can apply some amazing hacks that make the bad feedback down.

Yet, when you start a business and use social media marketing, note down this disadvantage of social media marketing. 

If you want more details about negative reviews in business and how to handle them, you can read this blog: Why Negative Reviews Are Good for Your Business?

Cost breakdown

Next again, one of the most concerning things is ‘pricing.’ When preparing for the disadvantages of social media marketing, make sure you’re ready for this part too!

As you know, social media marketing takes time to get a visible result; you’ll need to run paid campaigns. Though marketing through social media networks is cost-effective in many ways, it will demand a price you need to care about.

When you’re about to start your social media advertisement, it’s mandatory to keep up your patience in getting an expected outcome; the whole process depends on the time and consistency of marketing your brand. 

However, if you want to boost your process and get effective results without a long wait, you must pay for social media marketing. But again, you must remember these things depend on factors like how well your posts reach your audience, frequency, the time it’s taking, and several other things.

But in the end, may whatever it results in, you can’t forget the financial risk your business may experience.  


Another drawback is the low ROI of social media marketing. Return on investment is the slowest process of social media marketing. You may give your hardest effort with time, proper marketing strategies, and money. But it would be best if you did this to get the thing to work.

And the bitter truth you sadly have to accept!

Suppose you have a great community where your business is known to them; you can easily reach them and get massive engagement, as there is a chance you can build up your brand recognition.

But if you are a newbie in business, it’s more likely to daydream of getting a good ROI in the first stage of your social media marketing.

Disadvantages of social media marketing- Low ROI

And most importantly, if you’re a marketer and social media manager, you’ll know how others have been there. Most importantly, if you can’t continue your social media advertisement regularly and can’t keep your audience engaged on your posts, note that you’ll see how dramatically the number of your follower falls. 

But, if you really want improvements in ROI, the only solution is to build a strong brand reputation and establish strong brand awareness. And we suggest you do that before you start your social media marketing.

Not effective for all types of community

Social media marketing is undoubtedly a blessing for businesses, but still, as we are discussing the bad part, its non-effectiveness for all kinds of people is one of them.

Surely, people from all generations adhered dependent on social media. But you need to remember that not everyone uses all social platforms for the same purpose.

Again, not every particular group will be willing to see your post through social media. The usage of social media platforms is defined by age, gender, preference, and area. You can’t forget the group who never uses social media; instead, they believe in word-of-mouth marketing.

So apparently, you cannot focus on a singular social media platform and target all customers.  

“There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market”

– Phillip kotler.

Vulnerable misleading information

Social media is a big source of spreading news. You can say it in a good way that it helps to make good things viral in seconds. And also vice-versa.

Your concern here is the other part, which is mostly considered the darkest side of social media marketing. Social media platforms’ availability makes it easy to create fake news and misleading information.

And if this ever happens to you, unfortunately, the impact of fake news in social media marketing will create misconception and disbelief among the people; even if you try to cover up this kind of incident, getting your customer’s trust back won’t be easy.

However, this whole fact is actually not in your hand if such a thing happens to you because it’s human psychology that cannot filter the actual news among loads of fake news. 

Risk of privacy issue

Lastly, which you cannot skip, is the privacy issue, the most dangerous one of all those disadvantages of social media marketing.

Since you’re completely surrending your business on social media, you must expose almost everything about yourself. And this is normal because you need to get the best result through social media marketing.

But, the thing which is not in your hand is, keeping those data completely safe from hackers and unethical people or malicious individuals who keep waiting for your information and harm your business reputation.

Anyway, for the sake of your business promotion better, you need social media marketing, but at the same time also, you cannot claim that it’s totally safe.


So, in the end, social media marketing can take your business to the next level if you know how to beat the competition. 

But as every single thing has its good and bad side, take social media marketing just like that. Make the negativities as the fuel of your marketing strategy. Because just staying in your comfort zone won’t take you far.

Accept the disadvantages of social media marketing as part of your marketing. So, take the risk, and prepare yourself for the reward on the last line!

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Last words

To have a final summary on this topic, if you ask how can we sum up this issue or the whole fact, how would that be?

Well, let’s consider you’re taking some medication for any disease or health issue; In most cases, it won’t show the final result in the first stage and may lead you to go through many side effects. 

Marketing is also the same; if you want a complete result, you must face the drawbacks of social media marketing. 

And we hope you’ll overcome whatever negativities and disadvantages you experience in your path; you’ll fight them right and run your business like a pro! Good luck! 

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