AliExpress reviews for your WordPress website

How to Add AliExpress Reviews on Your WordPress Website


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Are you a seller on AliExpress and envisioning to make your business the top choice for your potential customers?

If your answer is yes, the first thing you must do is add your AliExpress reviews to your website!

AliExpress is one of the most popular small business platforms for consumers and businesses. Embedding AliExpress reviews widget on your website helps your visitors better understand your business.

Moreover, adding social reviews can leverage your sales and connect with your customers right away. Your AliExpress reviews are like certification of the quality of your business.

Today, we’ll show how you can quickly add your online reviews to your WordPress website. So, buckle up and join us for this amazing journey.

How to add AliExpress reviews on your website

Social media for business is not just about spending time on social networks. If you want to stay in the minds of your niche, you need a consistent, multi-channel social media plugin.

Moreover, not just AliExpress reviews, you can also add Google or Yelp reviews on your site with an all-in-one social networking tool WP Social Ninja. Let’s see how to integrate AliExpress reviews widget on your WordPress website with WP Social Ninja.

AliExpress reviews configuration

WP Social Ninja is a supreme user-friendly plugin that is jam-packed with advanced features. And fetching all the reviews and ratings from the WP Social Ninja dashboard takes less than 2 minutes. Let’s get started-

In this section, Aliexpress Places Configuration, you have to Create a Template

First of all, visit the AliExpress site to get the business URL.

AliExpress reviews configuration
AliExpress Configuration

Next, WP Social Ninja can collect all the reviews and insert them in one place. Once you provide the correct inputs, you will be notified with a Successful green message.

AliExpress reviews URL
AliExpress Reviews URL

Now, you can see the selected URL. Copy your AliExpress Reviews URL and insert it on the AliExpress Configuration page.

Ali express configuration success message
Success Message

Here you will see, after clicking on the Save button, the Success notification is showing. That means you are done with it and can go ahead and Create a Template

However, sometimes loading reviews could take a few minutes. In that case, you might have to wait until the reviews come back.

AliExpress reviews template layouts

In the next part of this post, we’ll guide you to how you can adjust your template layouts in just a few steps.


In order to create a template, you need to click on the Source button, a drop-down menu will appear.

Select a Source

Here, you can select a platform or multiple platforms. We’ll select AliExpress for demonstration.

Aliexpress reviews platforms

Once you select the platform from the dashboard, all the reviews will come automatically.


Next is Template. If you click on the Template button, a drop-down menu will appear. WP Social Ninja offers three options here.

Layout Type

Three Types of Layout are available right now: Grid, Slider & Masonry. Each layout gives a different outlook to your website.

AliExpress reviews layout type
Layout Type

We’ve selected Grid Layout Type here; you can choose any for displaying AliExpress reviews!

Template Types

Once you’re done, it’s time to adjust the Template Types. At present, WP Social Ninja has nine Template Types.

AliExpress reviews template types
Template Types

Vega, Spica, Sirius, Rigel, Procyon, Pollux, Mimosa, Hadar, and Deneb. Select any Template that perfectly fits your brand.

Number of Columns

The next feature is the Number of Columns. Like the previous settings, once you click, a drop-down menu will appear.

Aliexpress reviews Number of Columns
Number of Columns

Right now, we have 1 Column to 4 Columns. We’ve selected 3 Columns for displaying the AliExpress reviews. You can choose any column options.


When you have a multi-purpose social media plugin like WP Social Ninja, you can organize the smallest details of your website. Let’s take a look at how to do that!

Number of Reviews

Click on the arrow sign, and you can adjust your Number of Reviews.

AliExpress reviews Number of reviews
Number of Reviews

You can select different numbers of reviews for different platforms. For AliExpress reviews widget, you can select up to 100 reviews.

Filters by Minimum Rating

There might be some reviews with ratings so low, you won’t want to display them. So filter your ratings and show off the best ones on your website.

Filters by Minimum Rating

You’ll have six options to choose from No Minimum Rating to Five-Star to display your social reviews. As you can see, we have selected No Minimum Rating; you can pick any.


Want to arrange your social reviews in a particular Order? Click on the Order button, and you’ll get two options.

AliExpress reviews order

Here, you can select Ascending or Descending to display your reviews on your website.

Filter by Reviews Title

Filter by Reviews Title is another robust feature by WP Social Ninja. We have three options for the users. You can choose to select All AliExpress reviews or may Include/Exclude any.

Filter by Reviews Title


If you click on the Include button, a drop-down menu will appear.

AliExpress reviews Include

WP Social Ninja allows you to pick the specific reviews by the reviewer names to display their reviews and recommendations on your website.


Got some reviews you don’t want to display on your website? Click on the Exclude button; you can eliminate the specific AliExpress reviews by their names.


Once you’re finished, click on the Save button to preserve the changes.

AliExpress reviews widget settings

When your social tool can personalize every section of your website, you can decorate your brand the way you want. Let’s see how to adjust your Settings with WP Social Ninja.

Display Rating

To change your Display Ratings click on the Display Rating button, and you can control the ratings on your website.

AliExpress reviews Display Rating
Display Rating

Just turn the button on to display the AliExpress reviews on your website. If you don’t want to display the reviews, turn off the button to hide the reviews.

Rating Style

Next is Rating Style. Here, you can change your Rating Style from the given options.

Rating Style

Three Layout options are available right now. Default, Number Style Rating, and Icon with Number Style Rating

To change the look of your website, pick any from the drop-down menu.

Display Reviewer Name

Like Rating Style, you can take control of your Display Reviewer Name as well. Because a reviewer’s privacy is always important for any website. 

AliExpress reviews display reviewer name
Display Reviewer Name

For demonstration purposes, we have turned on the button. You can turn off the button if you don’t want to display the Reviewer’s Name on your website.

Display Reviewer Image

Privacy is one of the most essential concerns for users. And WP Social Ninja has all the necessary things that can secure users’ privacy. 

In the Display Reviewer Image section,  you can choose not to display the images on the website.

Display Reviewer Image

Turn on the reviewer image button, and the images will be displayed on your site. Turning off the button will hide the image.

Display Platform Icon

The next segment is Display Platform Icon. Here, turn off the filter icon if you want to adjust the platform icon.

Display Platform Icon

In order to do that, click the button to enable or disable.

Equal Height

The next filter is Equal Height. You can adjust it by turning on/off the button.

AliExpress reviews equal height
Equal Height

If you turn it on, all the reviews will be in Equal Height, as you can see in the screenshot.

Moreover, you can adjust the height according to the text. To do that, click on the Plus/Minus button.

Display Review Text

After you adjust your Equal Height, you can change your Reviewer Text and Content-Length too.

Display Review Text

Here, if you disable the Display Reviewer Text button, then you won’t be able to display the Content-Length.

However, if you enable the Content-Length button, then all the text will align in the same horizontal line for your AliExpress reviews section.

Display Date

WP Social Ninja allows you to take full control of your reviews section. Yes, you can control your Display Date from your dashboard.

Moreover, we have four different options to rearrange your Date Format on your website.

AliExpress reviews display date
Display Date

However, in case you don’t like to keep the date displayed on the website, turn the button off.

WP Social Ninja has a lot of features and functionalities. You can also set up your Header Settings from the dashboard and give your website a stylish look.

Header Settings

In this part, four Layout options are available right now; Display Title, Display Rating, Display Number of Reviews, and Display Write a Review Button.

Display Title

If you click on the Display Title, you are allowing the Brand name to display on your Front End.

Display Rating

Next is Display Rating. You can tick mark the box to display the rating. Or untick the box if you prefer otherwise. Moreover, if you select multiple platforms, such as Google and Yelp, the average display rating will appear on your site.

Display Number of Reviews

If you turn on the Display Number of Reviews button, the total number of reviews will be displayed on your website.

Display Number of Reviews

Display Write a Review Button

In this section, a Call To Action button will appear on your website. Your users can give their reviews from the CTA button. Moreover, for multiple platforms, this CTA will take to the individual sites.

Pagination Settings

We’re not done yet!  When you display your AliExpress reviews in smaller portions, it gives your website a smart outlook. For that, you need Pagination Settings.

Pagination Settings

Pagination Type has two options currently. You can pick any from None or Load More. If you select the Load More option, it’ll ask you to adjust your Reviews Per Page number.

Review Per Page

Here, in this Review Per Page, you can adjust the review number for every page on your website from the scroll bar.

There you go! Click on the Save button to keep all the settings unchanged.

Last words

We hope you found this article helpful. Now that you know how to add your AliExpress reviews on your WordPress website, you may also want to try your hand at our other resources to skyrocket sales-

In these posts, we’ve discussed more ways to grow your brand with the power of social platforms and testimonials.

WP Social Ninja

Try WP Social Ninja today and see for yourself!

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