How to Add Social Reviews on Your WordPress Website (Easiest Way)

Why are social reviews important for your WordPress website?

In the era of digital marketing, consumers hold an authoritative position. Even a few years back, there was a gap between the brand and the users. However, the present scenario is completely different.

Social proofs have created a new aspect of marketing. Furthermore, businesses are not following conventional marketing strategies anymore. Social reviews have replaced traditional strategies like word of mouth marketing.

why do you need social reviews for your website
Social reviews

Moreover, the medium of communication has evolved with social proofs. Along with social chat widget brands make direct contact with their potential clients through social media reviews. And the interesting fact is consumer reviews can increase brands’ conversion rates by 270%.

So your label needs plenty of social reviews from multiple social platforms. This article will teach you the easiest way to add social reviews to your WordPress website.

Topics we’ll cover for social reviews-

Let’s get started.

How do I add social reviews to my WordPress website

When you read a blog, you look for advice, feedback, or a solution, isn’t it? Well, social reviews have been the biggest influential factor for buyers over these years. Statistics say, 97% of consumers state that the online reviews they read help them make purchasing decisions.

Social reviews for WPManageNinja
Social proof

For example, WPManageNinja is known for some of its leading WordPress plugins and themes. The thought processes behind the top products came a lot from their users! And knowing the value of social reviews, they have come up with the most compact social media plugin WP Social Ninja.

In the next segment, we’ll guide you on how to fetch social reviews on your website in 5 minutes!

Google reviews

If your website needs social reviews to boost, you must add Google reviews to skyrocket your brand. Let’s see how to configure Google reviews-

  • Select Google My Business from All Platforms
  • Firstly, you need to obtain Google Access Code
  • To get the access code, click on the Sign In And Get Google Access Code. Here, you might need to select the Email associated with your Google My Business account
  • Continue with your business account
  • Click on Allow to grant access permission
Google configuration
  • Here, click on the Allow button
  • Got your ID Code? Click to copy and insert it on the Google Places Configuration
  • Paste your Access Code to get Google Reviews. Click on Verify Code, and this will take you to the next step
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, select your business location
  • Congratulations! You have successfully managed to get your Google Reviews

Airbnb reviews

Airbnb is a global community for travelers. It is a massive platform for business as well. Airbnb reviews’ set up process is given below-

  • To add the Airbnb reviews on your site you need to obtain Airbnb URL
  • Remember, this part contains two types of URLs
  • For a location, you get the room URL, and for the experiences, you get the experience URL
  • Now, to get the URL, the first thing you need to do is visit the Airbnb site
Airbnb configuration
  • Once you see the URL, copy the URL, and paste it to insert it to download reviews
  • Select the URL as rooms/business_id or experiences/business_id
  • Click on the Save button 
  • You can see the URL is working, and you get the Success message!

Yelp reviews

People value feedback. And Yelp reviews are a great example of it. Embedding Yelp reviews is easy. Let’s see-

  • To obtain Yelp reviews, first of all, you need an API key and Place ID
  • To get the Yelp Places API, follow this URL or click on the Click here button
  • Log in with your Email to get started, or you may sign up to create an account
  • Once you’re logged in, you need to Create a New App. Fill up the boxes with relevant information
  • Next, to get the API Key, you need to provide your credentials like your App Name, Industry, Contact Email, and Description
Yelp configuration
  • Click on Create New App to get the API Key
  • Next, you need to know how you can obtain the Yelp Place ID
  • To obtain your Yelp Place ID, hit on the Click here button
  • Now, search your Restaurant from the search bar
  • From the URL, Copy after biz/ and Paste to insert it
  • And you will get your API Key and Place ID both!

Tripadvisor reviews

Tripadvisor is undoubtedly the biggest travel platform. To add traveler reviews on our site, you don’t need to do much. Let’s check-

  • To add Tripadvisor reviews you need to integrate with the Tripadvisor server
  • You need the Tripadvisor URL to fetch reviews
Tripadvisor configuration
  • Visit the Tripadvisor site. Copy and Paste the URL on Tripadvisor Configuration
  • Click on the Save button, and you will be notified with a Success message

Amazon reviews

Amazon is a giant company with millions of products. And your business gets strong credibility with Amazon reviews. Let’s take a look at how you can configure Amazon on your site.

  • To add Amazon reviews on your site, you need to visit
  • Next, you need the URL to fetch reviews
Amazon reviews
  • Copy and paste the URL on Amazon Configuration
  • Click on the Save button to display your reviews on your site

AliExpress reviews

Aliexpress is the biggest eCommerce platform that needs no introduction. You can add Aliexpress reviews to your website by following the steps below-

  • To fetch Aliexpress reviews on your site, you need the URL
  • Visit AliExpress to get the URL
AliExpress reviews
  • Copy and paste the URL on AliExpress Configuration
  • Now click on the Save button to add Aliexpress reviews on your site reviews

Social reviews can practically make a brand. And if you are in the travel business, is one of the most beneficial platforms to add to your site. Let’s see how you can do this-

  • To display reviews, you need to visit the website to retrieve the URL
  • Next, copy and paste the URL on Configuration reviews
  • Click on the Save button
  • You’ll see a Success message with all the reviews

Facebook reviews

Whether it’s a small business or a big venture, Facebook reviews are somewhat irreplaceable. To add Facebook reviews on your site you need to follow these steps-

  • You need to obtain Access Token and ID to add Facebook reviews to your site
  • To authorize Facebook Configuration, click on Continue with Facebook
  • Click on Continue as {Page Name} to complete the steps
  • Or, log in to your Facebook Account if you are not logged in
  • Once you’re done with the completion of Account Verification, you need to select your Page/Pages
Facebook configuration social reviews
Facebook reviews
  • However, it is possible to select all the Pages by clicking Select all
  • Now click on the Next button to go further
  • Keep all permissions as they are (these are required for WP Social Ninja to work) and click on Done
  • You have linked with WP Social Ninja! Click OK to complete the Authorization
  • Next, select your Page, and you will see your Access Token and ID on the Facebook Configuration page

Remember: Adding social reviews can be slightly difficult for the non-techies. However, our social reviews plugin is specially designed for people that don’t belong to the tech field. In case you still find it confusing, contact our Support team. They are an expert group of people, available 24/7 at your service.

For further queries, check out our detailed articles and documentation.


When you get every essential service you look for on your website, it’s unbelievable. Well, WP Social Ninja is a magical tool! It offers all the leading social platforms under one roof. Moreover, this social reviews plugin comes with social feeds and social chat too! So you don’t have to worry about anything.

social reviews finishing line

Finally, we hope this article has helped you understand how easily you can display your social reviews on your WordPress website. Check out our other resources to learn more about us-

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