WP Social Ninja is the best Juicer.io alternative.
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Best Juicer.io Alternative: Comparison with WP Social Ninja


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You might have considered Juicer.io for social media integration and stumbled upon some facts that led you to seek a Juicer.io alternative. We understand your concern.

Juicer.io offers many packages. But the prices are high with limited flexibility. Many users seem concerned with issues like slow loading speed, lack of social platforms, and difficulties with updates.

As we have found each other here, you might have been searching for alternatives to Juicer.io, and we have your back. WP Social Ninja can be an excellent Juicer.io alternative.

This WordPress plugin will let you collaborate with 30+ social platforms, including unique features like Notification Popup, Shoppable Instagram Feed, Custom Testimonials, and many more!

The best part is the whole package comes with a single subscription at a reasonable price. In this article, we will show a solid comparison between these plugins that include the key features!

Let’s find out about the best Juicer.io alternative!

How a Juicer.io alternative should be

It’s important to embed social feeds on your website to engage with your audience, make them spend more time, and increase the conversion rate.

We are suggesting WP Social Ninja as a Juicer.io alternative because of its versatility, user-friendly interface, and multiple functionalities that cover almost every corner of a social media plugin.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Ease of use: With a super easy, user-friendly interface, it’s quite easy to operate and navigate WP Social Ninja. All the features are separated with clear segmentation and require no technical knowledge.
  • Customization: Here’s the most important advantage! All features are customizable with WP Social Ninja. You get to decide how you want to show your social media activities. For example, you can choose multiple layouts for social feeds, filter out particular reviews, etc.
  • Fast support: While using any product, it’s natural to face issues occasionally. In that case, WP Social Ninja has a fast-responsive support team available 24/7.

Fundamental comparison: Juicer.io vs. WP Social Ninja

Let’s get this fact straight! You can consider Juicer.io for social media integration. We are not saying you cannot or should not. We are talking about what offers the best value for money.

Let’s take a look at the following table!

FeaturesWP Social NinjaJuicer.io
Social Feeds4+8+
Social Reviews10+1
Social Chat15+N/A
Notification PopupAvailableN/A
Shoppable Instagram FeedAvailableN/A
Social Media AggregatorN/AAvailable
Hashtag FeedAvailableAvailable
Custom DesignAvailableAvailable
Pricing$44 per year for a single-site license$205 per year for a single feed
Comparison between WP Social Ninja and Juicer.io

They both come with Documentation to help out the users and provide customer support. Though Juicer.io provides a social media aggregator tool, considering prices and features, WP Social Ninja is a more suitable option for small businesses.

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WP Social Ninja: The best Juicer.io alternative

WP Social Ninja is an all-in-one social media plugin for any WordPress website. The best thing about this plugin is its versatility. This plugin allows you to collaborate with 30+ social media platforms.

You will get to embed social feeds, display social reviews, add testimonials, create chat widgets, and use many unique features for an effective marketing strategy.

WP Social Ninja, an all-in-one social media plugin.
WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja lets you customize each section and make them suitable according to your brand. You can enhance engagements through hashtag feeds and stay updated with social media activities, making it the best Juicer.io alternative.

From now on, we will discuss the key features of WP Social Ninja and elaborate on their significance. Let’s start.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features

Social Feeds

If you need a social media plugin for your WordPress website, you are definitely handling social media platforms for your business, right?

As we are on the topic, let’s agree that Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most popular platforms. You are probably managing your accounts on them with care, and your feeds are beautifully curated with pictures and interactions!

WP Social Ninja offers 4+ social feed to integrate including Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Social feed platforms

WP Social Ninja can bring your social feeds from these popular platforms with the simplest integration process, show them to your website, and let you customize them to your heart’s content down to the last element!

Social reviews

Reviews show how good your business is. You should show it to your site and tell potential customers that your business is the right choice for them.

WP Social Ninja offers 10+ review platforms to connect with. This plugin can seamlessly import/export reviews from popular platforms like Google Business Profile, WooCommerce, Facebook, Booking.com, Yelp, AliEexpress, and many more!

Social review platforms of WP Social Ninja
Social review platforms

With advanced filtering options, multiple layout variations, reviewer details, auto-syncing, and more handy features, WP Social Ninja can help your business outshine the competitors.

Social chats

WP Social Ninja wants your website to be a dynamic place, a ground for open communication with your existing and potential customers. That’s where social chat features come in.

Social chat widgets of WP Social Ninja.
Social chat platforms

You can interact through Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and many more popular chatting platforms.

Chat widget example made by WP Social Ninja.
Chat widget demo

Instant messaging with your visitors gives a sense of trust, and a personal touch can boost your revenue to a great extent!

Notification popup

This feature will display your important reviews popping up on your site and let your customers notice your excellent service!

Notification popup feature of WP Social Ninja. This feature can hook new audience and create room for engagement.
Notification popup feature

Notification popup is so simple to use yet has a powerful impact. This feature exists to boost the authority of the clients, and they surely do love it!


Powerful testimonials build strong authority, enhance credibility, and make your business trustworthy. But managing an individual plugin for testimonials is just too much, right?

Testimonial feed example made by WP Social Ninja.
Testimonial feed demo

But WP Social Ninja lets you display your precious testimonials how you want! You can manually connect testimonials and select a widget from the pre-built layouts that suit your brand.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

E-commerce is an ever-changing landscape. Things can go north anytime! Here comes a dynamic feature of WP Social Ninja, a Shoppable Instagram Feed!

Shoppable Instagram feed by WP Social Ninja can generate revenue to a great extent.
Shoppable Instagram feed example

With this feature, you can embed Instagram posts to your online product or any link to hook your potential customers. You will come across advanced filter options to display products of specific criteria. You can display posts based on a specific hashtag as well.

Additionally, you can tag your items with a URL in your Instagram post. This will allow visitors to go directly to your business page when clicked.


WP Social Ninja provides multiple pricing plans for the convenience of the users. The pricing plan includes the Single License, Agency License, and Unlimited License.

While the Single License is suitable for individuals or small businesses, Agency and Unlimited is the best suit for large businesses and enterprises.

Pricing plan of WP Social Ninja.
WP Social Ninja pricing plans

The prices of WP Social Ninja are undoubtedly reasonable and affordable compared to its competitors.

The basic plan starts from $44 per year (after a discount). Reasonable pricing and multiple features make this plugin a popular choice among WordPress users.


Juicer.io is a social media aggregator tool that allows you to aggregate and display content from many social media platforms. With this, you create a social wall and display content from multiple platforms on one page.

Juicer.io is a social media aggregator.

Juicer.io lets you collaborate with popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can create a customizable wall and include user-generated content.

Let’s look at some of the key features of Juicer.io.

Juicer Social Media Feed Aggregator

With this feature, you can combine a few social media platforms into a single place. You can curate content, posts, images, and hashtags and display them on any website page.

Platforms supported by Juicer.io for feed aggregation.
Social media feed aggregator

User-generated content is updated automatically, saving your business time. You can easily embed social feeds using HTML or using the plugin for the WordPress website.

Juicer Social Wall

A social wall is a single page containing content from multiple social channels. You can link your social media accounts and customize the design.

A single social wall made by Juicer.io.
Social wall demo

You can filter out the relevant content and analyze viewer activity. With a paid account, you can even create multiple feeds and access in-depth analytics.


The biggest drawback of Juicer.io is its pricing structure. Many users find them a bit too much and not a value-for-money product, considering other Juicer.io alternatives.

Pricing plan of Juicer.io.
Juicer.io pricing plans

It has four pricing plans: Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise. The small plan is free, and other plans are designed to meet the different needs of customers ranging from Medium to Enterprise.

The prices are just too much and not flexible at all. But that’s not the case with WP Social Ninja. With any package, you can access all features and customize them to your heart’s content.

Why WP Social Ninja is the best Juicer.io alternative?

From the above discussion, it should not be hard to realize why WP Social Ninja is the best Juicer.io alternative, right?

Both plugins excel in their respective purpose. No doubt. But from the perspective of an expert, a plugin should be user-friendly, affordable, and cover a wide range of functions at the same time.

WP Social Ninja fits the criteria of an ideal plugin. It is user-friendly, covers every aspect of social media marketing, and is reasonably priced without any hidden schemes.

So, the answer is WP Social Ninja!

Final thought

The choice of WP Social Ninja or Juicer.io completely depends on the necessity of the users. They both are good plugins for social media marketing.

While Juicer.io offers versatile facilities, key features are limited. It’s a great social media aggregator, and if you only need a social wall, it’s a good choice.

But if you want a complete social media solution, WP Social Ninja is like none other. If you are looking for a platform that covers integrating feeds, reviews, social chats, and many more, trust WP Social Ninja, which is the best Juicer.io alternative and the gold mine for social media marketers and small business owners without any doubt.

Win your customers’ hearts with exceptional features

Discover how WP Social Ninja can assist you design outstanding customer experiences.

Discover WP Social Ninja features
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